Hendersonville next stop for Hillary ***UPDATED WITH NEW INFORMATION***

***UPDATE: The state office of the Clinton campaign tells Xpress that Clinton will be making her appearance at noon, though folks will be gathering earlier.***

Another visit by Hillary Clinton is expected for Western North Carolina, this time in Hendersonville. The news comes by way of the Hillary Clinton Army, which popped up on the sidewalk outside Mayfel’s restaurant in Asheville today. The Army, made up of an art car adorned with Clinton’s visage and surrounded by a cadre of Hillary-masked troops, held aloft campaign signs and the signature red blazers favored by the candidate.

According to a flyer passed out by the group, Clinton will appear in Hendersonville on Friday, May 2, at 10:15 a.m. in front of the Old Court House on Main Street. The communication office at the Clinton campaign would not confirm the information on the flyer, saying that details would be released later this afternoon.

Brian Postelle, staff writer


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45 thoughts on “Hendersonville next stop for Hillary ***UPDATED WITH NEW INFORMATION***

  1. NCDem

    entopticon, are you one of the paid bloggers on Obama’s staff? We met this staff in Obama’s Iowa office…nice bunch of young folks with campaign laptops plugging away on blogs all over the WWW. You seem to spend a LOT of time doing this…more time than most working people or even full-time students have to dedicate to blogging. Just curious.

  2. entopticon

    NCDem, Nope, not a paid blogger. I’m not either a working person or a full time student at the moment, just a concerned citizen with a severe physical condition that prevents me from living a normal life, so I have a lot more time to spend blogging than most folks.

    If you saw a bunch of Obama folks blogging, I kind of doubt they were getting paid for it. As someone who has done quite a bit of political blogging on many of the biggest sites, I have seen no evidence of it.

    I have heard reports that the Clinton campaign has payed bloggers, but not the Obama camp. I’m not saying that it isn’t possible; I just haven’t seen any evidence of it. Perhaps you could be the one to break the story. I think it’s more likely that you saw enthusiastic campaign volunteers blogging.

  3. NCDem

    I can assure you the paid bloggers were on Obama’s staff…all lined up in one area with campaign-provided laptops. I can also assure you Hillary does not pay anyone to blog for her. Nice try turning those tables but it ain’t going to work. I see you attempt that one a lot in your postings. I guess that’s something folks do when they don’t really have another good comeback.

    Sounds like you might really benefit from Hillary’s Universal Healthcare proposal…the only proposal that covers EVERYONE and therefore keeps the costs the lowest they can be for EVERYONE. You should really check it out.

  4. travelah

    yes, entop, you are just an enthusiastic Rovianesque “volunteer” for Obama’s leftist world view.

  5. entopticon

    NCDem… I am here, calling you a liar. That’s right, I think you are absolutely full of BS. You made the accusation, now prove it.

    They were all lined up in one campaign area with campaign provided laptops (and made sure that you knew they were campaign provided) and they were blogging for Obama (and made sure that you knew that they were blogging) and getting paid for it (and made sure that you knew they were getting paid for it) and you were privy to all of that? What a load of complete and utter BS.

    You are a shameless liar. What a joke. You can stick your tail between your legs and go crawl back under your rock now, liar.

  6. entopticon

    Yes travelah, I am trying to help Obama rid the world of mouth-breathing Ayn Rand readers to make the world safe for communist domination once and for all.

  7. entopticon

    By the way NCDem.. Hillary’s healthcare proposal would be a possible death sentence for me. There is no possible way her plan could ever make it through the legislative process because the mandates would guarantee that it could never amass the necessary bipartisan support to win.

    The Republicans that she would need to pass it have already made that clear in no uncertain terms, as has the Democratic congressman with the most expertise on the issue, Jim Cooper, and as have many of the nation’s foremost healthcare policy experts, who wrote her a signed letter, pleading for her to take the mandates out of her plan because it could never pass.

    The only thing Hillary’s plan would do is the same thing she did last time. She would set the cause of affordable healthcare back another 15 years, just like she did last time.

    Obama’s plan will provide affordable healthcare to anyone who wants it. More affordable than Hillary’s according to Clinton’s own former secretary of labor, Robert Reich.

    Under Obama’s plan, no one can be turned down for pre existing conditions, which is perfect for me. The notion that I would be better off if I was forced to buy coverage, than if I just buy it on my own is ridiculous.

    This is an issue that I have studied in depth because my life may depend on it. Congressman Cooper is right; Hillary’s plan would stand absolutely no chance of passing whatsoever.

    One bottle of my medication, which is 30 pills, costs $2,500. You may have the luxury to throw away the possibility of affordable healthcare on Hillary’s pandering, unrealistic proposal, but I don’t.

  8. entopticon

    Oooooh travelah….. that sounds deep. Tell me, right wing master of ludicrously misguided beliefs, exactly what is it that I am trying to pretend to be that I am not?

    If anything, I am pathologically honest. I think you should probably remember the adage about people in glass houses, because we both know that your statement applies to you a lot more than it does me.

    You can keep pretending to be full of intelligent insights and knowledge, but your poorly argued, ignorant right wing drivel gives you away every time.

  9. bobaloo

    I have heard reports that the Clinton campaign has payed bloggers, but not the Obama camp.

    Proof please.

  10. bobaloo

    I can assure you the paid bloggers were on Obama’s staff…all lined up in one area with campaign-provided laptops. I can also assure you Hillary does not pay anyone to blog for her.

    Sigh, again.
    Proof please, again.

  11. entopticon

    bobaloo… did I say that I had proof? Did I say, “I can assure you there were paid bloggers”?

    No, I did not, so you can ease up with the self-righteous sighing already. I have heard many times that Hillary’s campaign pays bloggers, but that doesn’t necessarily make it true.

    It’s a fact that Hillary claims to have been instrumental in the foundation of at least two Pro-Clinton advocacy groups that do pay bloggers, which is disturbing, but not direct proof of her campaign paying the bloggers themselves.

    That’s actually disturbing on another level because those PAC groups aren’t supposed to be coordinating with candidates, which is against DNC rules.

    Now you might want to ease up on your sighing a bit.

  12. travelah

    entop, do you think there is anything wrong with internet journalism and commentary as a vocation?

  13. entopticon

    Rumor, but not gossip. I wasn’t speculating about who Hillary has a crush on, just relaying what i had heard in a discussion on the subject. Sighhhhhhhhhh

  14. entopticon

    travelah, if I could get payed for blogging, I would in a heartbeat. I do write for academic journals on occasion, but i have never been payed for blogging.

    My blog posts have been republished on a number of news sources, but I don/t think anyone wants to buy the cow when they can get the milk for free.

  15. travelah

    entop, I would be interested in reading some of your published works. Any references?

  16. entopticon

    travelah, Unfortunately, I don’t think there is much available to read, and trust me, you wouldn’t want to. My specialty is the intersection of cognitive neuroscience and the arts, so it gets pretty jargon specific and boring to most folks.

    I have been pretty burnt out on academia in the last couple of years, so mostly I just help friends with their journal submissions, reviews, and Masters or Doctoral work.

    I used to do more refereeing for academic journals, but I burnt out on that too. Now that my physical condition is deteriorating a bit, I am thinking of getting back into writing, because there is not much else I can do. I’m actually using blogging as practice, but I hope to try my hand at fiction.

  17. entopticon

    I forgot to mention, the Mountain Xpress asked me to submit a piece because they liked a goofy letter that they published a few months ago, so who knows, I may give that a spin soon.

  18. Angela Becker

    I shook Hillary’s hand! I haven’t washed it for3days now. I’ve been touched by the next president of the United States! Thank you Goddess!

  19. dave

    “entop, no, you are here just trying to be something you are not.”

    And this bit of off-topic nonsense adds to the conversation, how…?

  20. travelah

    entop, do not be hasty regarding my reading interests. I would like to read your published work. If you could submit links to it or publication references, I’ll take a look.

  21. entopticon

    travelah, since the academic reading would be pretty boring to anyone without a neuroscience background, I am a little paranoid that you are just trying to track me down so that you can shoot me. Don’t shoot me.

    I don’t know of any of my academic writing that is available to read online. There could be, but I don’t know of anything offhand aside from blog posts etc. Amazon has a listing for a book called Art and the Brain II, which I have a review article in, but I don’t think it is anywhere for free.

    This is an Amazon link for Art and the Brain II, but I can’t say I would recommend buying it unless the aesthetic implications of the neuroscience of visual perception is something you are passionate about:

  22. travelah

    If you have references to published works in academic journals, I would think it would be easy to provide them. Nonetheless, carry on :).

  23. entopticon

    travelah, i just provided one above, so i don’t know what you are talking about.

  24. travelah

    entop, perhaps you did however a review in a published collection is not exactly “published works” in academic journals. But nonetheless, you did offer yourself as one of two gentlemen, one of whom is published in his field although he is not a North Carolina resident. But this is all so many words and we accomplish nothing here.

  25. entopticon

    actually travelah, the review article is a published work in an academic journal. I am sensing that you are trying to play some kind of gotcha game. Sorry, not going to play. Seriously, you must have better things to do and I have no interest in trying to prove anything to you. You have no idea how clueless you are here.

    Shouldn’t you be out trying to deprogram homosexuals or picketing a Harry Potter video or whatever it is that you do with your free time?

  26. travelah

    entop, no games here. I just know how this internet thing works with the ego’s and embellishments of some. The homosexuals can deprogram themselves and I have never paid any attention to the Harry Potter books or movies as I have no interest in such matters.

  27. travelah

    It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas for Hillary if the poll numbers keep sliding. I think the exposure of Obama’s “spiritual roots” and his obvious jettison of Rev. Wright for political expediency has taken a toll both here and in Indiana. Now, what kind of nephew tosses uncle Wright to the dogs just so he can look good to uneasy liberals? A guy in trouble, thats who.

  28. travelah

    If you stop to think about it, the Democrats seem to be in as much of a mess as the Republicans this year. Obama has dirty laundry going back 20 years. Hillary doesn’t give a hoot what experts have to say about her elitist views as evidenced with her comments today regarding unanimous opposition to her agreement with John McCain’s “gas tax holiday”. McCain himself is a driveling mess albeit somewhat preferable to the other two messes. It looks like a one term Presidency again no matter who gets in.

  29. entopticon

    travelah, I don’t doubt that a lot of folks embellish on the internet. I don’t feel like I was doing that. Friends frequently accuse me of downplaying things too much. I think I just try to be accurate as I can.

    Speaking of embellishing on the internet…. Barack Obama is up in the polls here: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2008/president/nc/north_carolina_democratic_primary-275.html

    Homosexuals can deprogram themselves? I wouldn’t hold your breath.

    Harry Potter LOVES you.

  30. travelah

    entop, do you know how to read a chart? There is a 7 point spread today when there was a spead over 15 points just a week ago. There are two more days of mystery. Don’t blink.

  31. entopticon

    Apparently you are the one who doesn’t know how to read polls there travelah. Don’t worry, I forgive you. I am sure you were busy torturing squirrels or whatever it is that you do the day that they taught that in school.

    In the two most recent polls, Obama is up by nine, meaning his numbers are going up, not down. But I am sure up gets mistaken for down frequently in your world.

  32. travelah

    entop, going from 15 to 7 is going up in the polls? .. and you are Ivy League educated? imagine that. If you go to your link this morning, you see that you are lying to people. The spread is now down to 6.5% with still a whole day of bad news for Obama ahead. I am guessing low single digits for Obama coming out of tomorrow (with maybe a chance of Hillary actually beating him). Here’s a taste of reality, entop. If Hillary wins in Indiana and NC is a wash, she has the ‘mo going forward and not Obama.

  33. William P Miller

    You are correct Traveler. The number is 6.5%. And Bill was here yesterday. I’m going to vote for Hillary tomorrow. And Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is going to beat Junior Senator Barack Hussein Obama here in North Carolina. She will also beat him in Indiana, West Virginia, and the other states.

    Get used to it Epticon. President Hillary Rodham Clinton! This is the year of the woman.

  34. entopticon

    Actually travelah, you sweetly intellectually challenged old right wing extremist coot, Obama was up in the polls when I posted that link, meaning that the most recent polls had him at 9 pts, which was up. I know that that is apparently hard for you to understand.

    Tomorrow we will find out if your gloom and doom pronouncements are correct. In the mean time, keep doing the bidding of Rush Limbaugh by creepily lurking around a liberal website, bashing liberals.

    In your case, I think you help Obama a whole lot more than you hurt him because your posts are just that laughably ridiculous, and then some.

    If that is really your intention; if you aren’t really some sort of bigoted right wing extremist lunatic like you present yourself as and you are really just pretending to make people like that look outlandishly idiotic, you are doing a stellar job. Seriously, congratulations, and keep up the fine work.

  35. Dionysis

    While this is not a ‘leftist’ site per se, the majority of posters are of that persuasion. Those very, very few who like to troll here and throw out diversionary ‘opinions’ remind me of an unwanted interloper at, say, a book club meeting. They push their way to the front door, throw it open and loudly break wind to draw attention to themselves, then proceed to argue with everyone about the meaning of the book, having only read the cover and a couple of biased reviews.
    Unless you’re just bored, why bother taking the bait and dignifying such shallow gambits?

  36. travelah

    entop, in case you were not aware, the chart you linked to provides the numbers by day just by moving the cursor. Like most leftists, you would prefer to have opposing voices censored. You made the same objections on Huffington when somebody posted something you didn’t like. The reality is that there are a LOT of people opposed to your leftist agenda and your candidate, Obama. In fact your own party is split right down the middle. I don’t bash liberals. I oppose leftist idiocy. If the Democrats were still the party of Stevenson and Humphry, I would probably still be a Democrat today. Perhaps there are enough sane Democrats left in your party to deal with the unqualified candidacy of Obama. I wouldn’t bet on it :)

  37. entopticon

    travelah, I am sure you would love it if the Dixiecrats came back.

    William P Miller, I can’t wait to say I told you so.

  38. travelah

    entop, one of them is still hanging in there in your party. He is that other racist, Mr. Byrd. You folks don’t have much of a batting average,do you?

  39. entopticon

    Yes travelah, Democrats are all racists, you found us out you wascally wabbit.

    All of the right wing hate groups like the KKK and the Arian Brotherhood just pretend to be entirely made up of Libertarians and Republicans, but they are really Democrats, just waiting for the right moment to come out of the closet and admit they are really liberals.

    You have such a keen eye for spotting our leftist plots.

  40. entopticon

    If there are any Democratic voters that remain undecided, you should see the story about the newly discovered footage of Hillary saying that she agreed with John McCain that we should stay in Iraq as long as it takes, even if that means 50 more years.

    Bad timing for her to be caught in the ultimate flip-flop. First, when her first lady records were released we found out that she had nothing to do with the SCHIP legislation that she constantly claims credit for.

    There was not one single SCHIP related meeting on her schedule, and Orin Hatch, one of the bill’s two main sponsors said she had nothing to do with it whatsoever. The other main sponsor, Ted Kennedy, has remained silent on the issue. Here is a link to the original article:

    From the first lady records that were released, we also found out that her supposed opposition to NAFTA as first lady was a complete lie. The records showed that she convened over at least 3 pro-NAFTA strategy meetings, was the keynote speaker at a major NAFTA lobbying event, and worst of all, they showed that she fought environmental and union opposition to NAFTA.

    Her infamous “shame on you comment” was in reference to Obama’s claim that she had supported NAFTA as first lady. It turns out, the shame is all on Hillary.

    In the CBS news interview, Hillary said:

    “Senator McCain made the point earlier today, which I agree with, and that is, it’s not so much a question of time when it comes to American military presence for the average American; I include myself in this. But it is a question of casualties,” said Clinton. “We don’t want to see our young men and women dying and suffering these grievous injuries that so many of them have. We’ve been in South Korea for 50-plus years. We’ve been in Europe for 50-plus. We’re still in Okinawa with respect to protection there coming out of World War II.”

    Here is a link to the full article:

    For the only option with the honesty and integrity to effect real change, vote for Barack Obama today.

  41. travelah

    entop, not at all. Your candidate’s past 20 years just caught up with him.

  42. entopticon

    His past 20 years have caught up with him? You weren’t even able to name one single racist thing that Obama ever said or done you pathetic blowhard.

    Obama has spent the past 20 years, and more, courageously and kindly working with and for people of al persuasions, particularly the people with the least advantages in this country.

    Your asinine, racist bs, does nothing to undo his extremely admirable life of public service.

    If Obama had such racist views, as you constantly accuse him of, you would have been able to have named at least one. Instead ytou just ramble on with your weak-minded, pathetic drivel about Wright, without offering a hint of proof that Obama has ever been anything but a kind, caring person who haas spent his life reaching out and bridging gaps.

    You are right. Obama’s 20 years of astonishingly courageous public service has caught up with him, and as a result he will be the next President, in spite of racist fools like you.

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