Hillary Clinton in Asheville this Thursday

In a press release that arrived via e-mail this morning, the Hillary Clinton for president campaign announced that the Democratic candidate, who is in a tight race with Sen. Barack Obama to win the party’s nomination, will visit at least three North Carolina cities this Thursday, April 24. So far, Jacksonville, Fayetteville and Asheville are on the itinerary. Joining her on the campaign trail will be former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Hugh Shelton, Ret.

Specific details such as locations and times have not been announced. Stay tuned to MountainX.com, where we’ll post details as they become available.

— Jon Elliston, managing editor

About Jon Elliston
An Asheville-based mountain journalist: Former Mountain Xpress managing editor. Investigations and open government editor at Carolina Public Press. Senior contributing editor at WNC magazine.

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16 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton in Asheville this Thursday

  1. francois manavit

    The hypnotizers are coming . Make sure youve got your glasses to see life in 3d . Unique show ! More real than reality . Having your picture taken with the directors guarante you to go home with a Clintonite.
    Don’t worry symptoms like flu , tighten jaw and obsessive empty smiles will disappear in few days !

  2. entopticon

    Let’s hope that plenty of Asheville’s best and brightest show up to ask her the tough questions that need to be asked, such as why has she sunk to so many of the worst Rovian tactics such as her constant barrage of guilt-by association smears.

    The NY Times’ editorial board just published an excellent new article called The Low Road to Victory that calls Hillary to task for her shameless use of fear-mongering and smear tactics.

    In their words, “It is past time for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to acknowledge that the negativity, for which she is mostly responsible, does nothing but harm to her, her opponent, her party and the 2008 election.”

    It is a very compelling article that all Democrats should definitely read:

    Michael Moore also cited Hillary’s negative right wing tactics for his endorsement of Obama. In Moore’s words, “Over the past two months, the actions and words of Hillary Clinton have gone from being merely disappointing to downright disgusting.”

    Hopefully these issues will be raised if she comes to town because someone needs to call her on her shameless use of ultra right wing rhetorical tactics.

  3. Matt Mercy

    What do you expect? She’s got Rupert Murdoch and Fox News behind her.

  4. Jimbo

    “Let’s hope that plenty of Asheville’s best and brightest show up to ask her the tough questions that need to be asked.”

    I agree with you about Hillary, but; “Asheville’s best and brightest?” How are you supposed to find those two people among all the faux hippies, artards, and self appointed masters of all they survey?

  5. entopticon

    Jimbo, if you think that little of the people here, and you continue to live here anyway, it says a lot more about your shortcomings than it does theirs.

    Seriously, there is no shortage of housing in Greenville, or Oklahoma City, or whatever right wing bastion you deem as sufficiently free of artistic people.

    It makes absolutely no sense to live in the most artistically oriented city for hundreds of miles and then complain about all of the artists.

  6. sharon

    Hillary will stand up for America she isnt afraid of anything!!! She could be one of the best Presidents this county has had in many years.

  7. Ms. Mott

    I support Hillary Clinton because my beliefs on the issues parallel hers. She has been scrutinized and analyzed for decades. Her supporters include a wide diversity of people because she has proven that she cares about the issues that are important to Americans. Hillary’s life has been an open book- what do we REALY know about Obama?

  8. Elizabeth

    Right on Sharon! I definately agree with you on that statement! Hilary can definately help and save this country from the “Bushisms” we’ve suffered. Why are all of you commenting on her visiting Asheville if all you’re going to do is be closed minded about the campaign in general? We still have a week before election and that’s plenty of time to listen to the great things she’s planning on doing for this country and decide to be pro-Hilary. For such an “open” city…ya’ll are very closed minded and giving Asheville a bad name with your harsh comments..

  9. Prof. Propaleoconus

    I can’t wait to hear her sniper story again. I’ve heard it’s riviting.

    Will she get mad if she’s asked the first question at her own rally?

  10. entopticon

    To answer you question Elizabeth, I cannot answer for others, but I for one have certainly not been closed-minded about Hillary. It is safe to say that I know a whole lot more about the specifics of Hillary’s plans than the vast majority of her supporters.

    Frankly, if they knew more about her, and more about Obama, most of them wouldn’t still support her.

    To Sharon, I strongly disagree. Look at the a few facts about the current situation:

    Hillary would have to win every single remaining contest by colossal margins just to catch up. There is not a legitimate political analyst in the world who believes that could happen, because it won’t.

    No matter what happens, at the end of the race, Obama will be ahead in pledged delegates, states won, and the popular vote.

    What Hillary and her surrogates aren’t telling you is that there is absolutely no chance that the superdelegates would overturn those results and hijack the election for her, because that would be suicide for the Democratic Party.

    It would be an absolute catastrophe for the party, which would take years, if not generations to recover from, so there is no chance whatsoever that they would purposely destroy the party just for the sake of Hillary Clinton’s unfulfilled career ambitions.

    Hillary’s continued presence in the race serves no one except John McCain. If he is elected President, you can expect countless women dying from back alley abortions because Roe v Wade will be overturned, Bush’s tax cuts for the richest 1% will be made permanent, and countless lives and dollars will be lost because we will remain embroiled in the war in Iraq indefinitely.

    If I sound harsh, it is because the stakes are so high, and Hillary has lost sight of the fact that the good of the nation is far more important than her personal career aspirations.

    The statement that was just issued by the NY Times editorial board, who formerly supported Hillary, sums it up well:

    “It is past time for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to acknowledge that the campaign’s negativity, for which she is mostly responsible, does nothing but harm to her, her opponent, her party and the 2008 election.”

    If Hillary Clinton has a shred of compassion or integrity left, she will put her ruthless ambitions aside and do what is best for the sake of the nation.

    In the last debate, Hillary spent the first hour wallowing in the tabloid muck of scandal issues. After she was finally asked one herself, Obama spent his entire response time defending her. There is a night-and-day difference between the two.

    Her persistent use of despicably Rovian tactics such as her fear-mongering ad with images of Osama bin Laden, and her shameless guilt-by-association smears against Obama have to stop before she takes the party down with her into the gutter.

    For a new direction, away from the shameful tactics of lobbyist funded Washington insiders such as Hillary, vote for the candidate with the integrity to stand up for what is right, Barack Obama.

  11. EmBim

    OMG! people hello what is all the debate about??? i mean people everywhere are ready for change who cares where it comes from. i myself am all for Hillary but really who cares we just need to get rid of the old ass politicians of yore. aka John McCain. well maybe not im pretty sure he was around when the constitution was written maybe he has some insight or maybe not he probably just has dust between his ears now. CHANGE IS WHAT WE ALL NEED just vote for someone who i will do it!

  12. Elizabeth

    entopticon:… you DEFINATELY need to get better sources for your information… If it was impossible for her to win, then she wouldn’t still be in this race. Obviously you haven’t been paying attention to our history..Nothing is impossible in politics! i.e. People said we’d never even have a woman candidate for president! let alone her actually winning!..which she has a GREAT chance of doing. I went and watched Hillary in Asheville yesterday..she did an awesome job and touched base on many great topics that are important to this region. She has a lot of support in Asheville and I can’t wait to see how the primary is going to turn out..especially if Obama doesn’t get out here to start campaigning in NC. Any one of the 2 democratic candidates are suited to run this country over McCain…but Hillary is the one that knows how to do it right! “Best way to tell what someone will do, is to look at what they have done.” and “What didn’t people like about the 1990’s? The Peace? or the Prosperity?” -Hillary Clinton, Future Pres. of the US, 2008

  13. Gordon Smith


    Unless Hillary wins all of the remaining states with over 68% of the vote, she can’t catch up on pledged delegates. Unless the convention counts Michigan, where Obama wasn’t even on the ballot, Hillary can’t win the popular vote (not that it would matter procedurally). Unless Hillary gets superdelegates to overturn the will of the delegates and the popular vote, she can’t get the nomination.

    If you want to support undermining the Democratic process, keep talking. Hillary can’t win. That doesn’t mean she shouldn’t stay in the race. That’s her prerogative. It’s a free country. We’re registering millions of new voters due to the extended primary, so there’s the silver lining.

    Hillary’s willingness to attack the likely nominee with right-wing talking points while rattling her saber against the middle east, leads me to believe that if she can’t win, she doesn’t want any Democrat to win.

    Her chances in 2012 would be much better if Grandpa McCain wins the Oval Office. Maybe that’s why she continues to throw the kitchen sink at Barack Obama.

  14. entopticon

    Elizabeth, Gordon’s reply was spot on. In fact it gets even worse… If Hillary wins by a few percent in Indiana, and Obama only wins NC by 10%, she will have to win every remaining contest by more than 80% just to catch up.

    That is simply not going to happen. As Arianna Huffington so aptly said, John McCain should go on vacation because Hillary is doing his job for him. It’s bad for the Democratic Party and it’s bad for the nation. No good can come out of her continued candidacy.

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