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What could be more local than a member of the Mountain Xpress forums weighing the possibility of a run for mayor of Asheville? That’s exactly what forum regular shadmarsh is considering … well, not really. For instance, here’s one of is campaign promises: “My campaign will be green and carbon neutral. No yard signs, only graffiti.”

Other locally oriented threads include yet another URTV drama discussion and a slow-starting thread examining the priorities of infrastructure repair and development in the area.

One of the bigger nonlocal topics this week involved everyone’s favorite likely pandemic, Swine Flu, including a nice collection of conspiracy theories and The Stand references. Other hot topics include the stepping down of U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter, the recent switch in parties for Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter, and the wonderful partisan bickering over the recently passed $3.5 trillion Obama administration budget.

There were many interesting and entertaining threads in the Community section of the forum this week. For instance, here’s a thread that seeks to complete the following sentence: “When I am old, I will …”. Some options include: “Spend time hanging out at the Post Office, looking for new-fangled fashions to outrage my sensibilities”; “play bingo like I was playing poker back in the day when real men knew how to play poker”; and “Get back on nicotine and junk, have the loudest ******* hardcore band in whatever home my niece and nephew stick me in, streak the White House, and jump out of planes until my heart stops from the shear ******* VIVIDNESS of it all.”

Other noteworthy threads include a discussion of the biggest spiritual letdowns we’ve experienced, a query about how mad parents let themselves get at their kids and the ongoing “respeak” thread which is always in a state of chaotic flux.

And all these threads are merely a few of this week’s discussions on the forums. Don’t see a discussion about that burning topic you’d like to talk about? Why not start your own? All registered members of have forum accounts, and if you aren’t a member, joining is easy — just click here.

Steve Shanafelt, forums administrator


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48 thoughts on “Into the Forums

  1. shadmarsh

    to put that first part in context, I meant co-opting existing graffiti.

  2. Bill Barnwell

    The forums have been “catty” this week? Well what else is new. A small clique of vanilla the same people with the same views engaging in small talk. No thank you. I’ll pass.

  3. shadmarsh

    For the sake of clarification: Steve wrote “chatty”, however your comment seems “catty”.

  4. Piffy!

    I am not vanilla.

    more like chubby hubby.

    my guess is bill couldnt board if his life depends on it.

    too serious.

  5. brebro


    Going out of your way to explain how you are way too intellectual and unimpressed to participate in the forums has been done to death.

  6. Piffy!

    i, for one, would like to see more posts that ramble on and on about something no one is really interested in. Preferably long cut-and-paste sections full of entirely undigested information with no context whatsoever.

  7. shadmarsh

    Really? because I can make that happen my friend. Or you can just wait until Thomas is unbanned again.

  8. Ronda Velour

    Bill “The forums have been “catty” this week? Well what else is new. A small clique of vanilla the same people with the same views engaging in small talk. No thank you. I’ll pass.

    Shadmarsh “These forums are beneath me. I have no idea why I participate.”

    I’ve looked at this forum and I’ve got to agree with both Bill Barnwell and Shadmarsh. And for the same reasons. This MX forum is one note, boring, and beneath me.

  9. bobaloo

    A small clique of vanilla the same people with the same views engaging in small talk

    You here that PFK? You and I agree ALL THE TIME. About EVERYTHING.


  10. brebro

    Not only can he not board well, I believe that despite his moniker, Bill cannot even BARN well!

    ^ Do you SEE the kind of bon mots that all you unproven, yet outspoken critical forum snobs are missing out on???

  11. shadmarsh

    Rhonda meet Sarcasm, sarcasm Rhonda. Who knew you two hadn’t previously met?

  12. brebro

    To be fair, the only way she could have know Shad was speaking sarcastically would be if she knew he was a forum regular and that would entail her actually looking at the forums to see that… Oh wait, that’s exactly what she claimed to have done! She is not saracasm-impaired, she is just a big, honkin’ LIAR!!

  13. Rhonda Velour

    You boys sure are hard on a girl. A taste of the nasty attitudes you have on your forums, except here in the mainstream for all to see. Be nice boys. Be nice. brebor, I looked casually at your forum. I didn’t examine enough to see who posts there all the time. I could only stand about 2 minutes there.

    Ta ta. See you here! Not there.

  14. shadmarsh

    You should come in and be condescending to us, we really don’t have enough of that in there.

  15. brebro

    Thanks for getting the Forums recap into the Hot Topics This Week list with all these blog posts, guys!

    Let’s get it all the way to number one now, and show those URTV combatants just what REAL hot topics are like!

  16. Piffy!

    [b]I looked casually at your forum. I didn’t examine enough to see who posts there all the time. I could only stand about 2 minutes there.

    Ta ta. See you here! Not there. [/b]

    Now, that HAS to be sarcasm, or an attempt at irony. The Blogs are and always have been uglier and less informative than the Forums. The Forums are where blog refugees go when they get tired of simpletons rambling on with no sense of humor or the ability to construct complete sentences.

    i miss antineoconus.

  17. Piffy!

    [b]Let’s get it all the way to number one now, and show those URTV combatants just what REAL hot topics are like! [/b]

    Once again this is another smoke screen by you and others to avoid the issues at the Forums…your just so afraid to talk about them and once again you still did not answer the question as to weather you have even read your own freaking rules which says Shanafelt is required to be served on hand and foot…why won’t you answer the question as to why your Admin and cohort willc refuse to do it and stopped doing it when he came to power.

  18. brebro

    Yeah, what he said.

    Please feel free to respond with several concise, yet separate posts detailing any divergent views from those that have been previously espoused here.

  19. Piffy!

    The forums have been “gassy” this week. Well what else is old. A small clique of pork-rind, the same “people” with mildly diverging “views” engaging in hilarious, and often times brilliant sub-textualized banter. No thank you. I’m a fan of comedians that say “get er done!”.

  20. brebro

    We’re gonna need to pick up the rate of useless posting on this one if we ever hope to beat out the chicken and mumpower threads for top Hot Topicness this week.

  21. Piffy!

    I’m working on genetically altering a chicken to make it able to fight off bears. Then, if you have both bees and chickens, you’ll be safe. As long as the chickens don’t breed with the bees. Now THAT would be problematic.

  22. shadmarsh

    how do they taste with bbq sauce? That is really the only question that needs to be answered.

  23. shadmarsh

    Bees don’t taste anything like chicken, they taste like more bee-Y.

  24. Piffy!

    I thought you were familiar with the genetic manipulation process? You basically get a chicken with a stinger and black and yellow stripes. It still cant fly very well though. But the bear-fighting gene is recessive, so you lose that to pollen/nectar-gathering.

  25. brebro

    If bees taste sting-y then what tastes tang-y?

    (This is now #4 on the Hot Topics for the Week list, great job.)

  26. brebro

    If stingy is pronounced stin-JEE, then why isn’t tangy pronounced tan-JEE?

    Also, anyone get the feeling that Rhonda is Cullen?

  27. brebro

    The whole “sweet dixieland” screed is classic Cullen and not Bugg’s style (unless he is doing an homage).

  28. bobaloo

    I know it’s where I go to pick up girls, but beyond that…

    Pedo-bear approved!

  29. brebro

    Indeed, you would think we were a national broadcast network morning show or a 24 hour cable news network.

  30. Piffy!

    Cullen Anderson says:

    I don’t care to even read those forums, and for sure will not post there anymore since i was banned for acting like a total jerk. These complaints about cliquism and small minded banter are only half-true. How about making the forum more meaty. (???)

    And for heavens sake, learn the difference between sarcasm and personal attack. The personal attacks and off subject posts make reading the forum even more of an unpleasant task. I should know, since i post here under multiple fake names, and often attack people who have a different opinion than me.

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