The Hillary Clinton show

Last night, Hillary Clinton, the New York senator and candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, appeared in Asheville before thousands of die-hard supporters. Along with numerous local and national politicos and former high-ranking military officers, she pumped up a capacity crowd at the Civic Center’s Thomas Wolfe Auditorium.

Here’s a collection of photos from the event; check back soon for more Xpress coverage of Clinton’s visit.

— Jon Elliston, managing editor

About Jon Elliston
Former Mountain Xpress managing editor Jon Elliston is the senior editor at WNC magazine.

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41 thoughts on “The Hillary Clinton show

  1. tatuaje

    When will people stop treating these politicians like rock stars? They are essentially interviewing for one of the most important jobs in the world…a public service job at that. And people line up for autographs? Get a grip people…they’re POLITICIANS….They work for YOU!

  2. undecided voter

    I especially loved the part where I was handed a form to fill out as a condition for getting in. Name, address, email, sure, but at the very top of the form, you were supposed to promise to vote for her and allow them to use your name for public endorsement of her. Uh, no.

    I am an undecided voter, but I am becoming less undecided by the minute.

  3. travelah

    Hillary and solutions for a strong military? That is seriously funny.

  4. Angela Becker

    Hillary is strong. Hillary is my choice.I was there and although I was too far back to shake her hand, I wish I could have. It was exciting to see her!

    QUESTION: WHY IS OBAMA AFRAID TO DEBATE HER HERE OR IN INDIANA? I want a president with guts and transparency. Obama has neither. He just wants to coast in on a vague “change” campaign where he doesn’t answer any questions.

    Consider Asheville. Do you want a man who won’t show himself in public if questions will be asked? Or do you want someone with the courage to do so. Hillary is strong. VOTE FOR HILLARY!

  5. entopticon

    Considering the facts that Hillary has earmarked more money for arms dealers than all of the other candidates combined, and she has taken more money from arms dealer lobbyists than all of the other candidates combined, it seems pretty fair to say she wants a strong military.

    Personally, I think that’s a bad thing. I think we need to support our military, but downsizing is an important first step.

    Hillary was the leading beneficiary of the top five arms dealers in the world; Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, Northrup Grunman, General Dynamics, and Boeing for a reason… she’s a hawk. She has the second worst record of military earmarking of any Democrat in recent history.

    They didn’t give her all of that money out of the kindness of their hearts. She will be in their pockets for the rest of her political career. I hope that’s not long.

  6. Dawnelle

    I am a disabled mother and veteran and I’m offended by the childish and often misogynist comments by SOME male bloggers. Either they’re really 17 and drink a LOT of BS BO KOOKAIDE or their just so inept they can’t follow the REAL news with REAL links!

    shame on ya

    GO HILLARY!!! Lets clean UP this GOP nightmare!
    Odrama sure can’t do it. He’s just an empty suit.

  7. travelah

    It is an interesting choice of words. Armament manufacturers could be considered to be arms dealers I suppose. I seem to recall the Clinton administration having a considerable disdain for the military in general and since she was certainly “co-President”, according to her, she was not exactly their buddy.

    As for downsizing the military, I think a better approach is to “rightsize” it. It’s missions are changing in this world as Sec. Gates as astutely noted and it needs a new focus. When liberal Democrats suggest downsize, they take the Hamas ambassador’s (Jimmy Carter) approach and gut it. Which one of the candidates, Hillary or Obama, is more likely to rely on Hamas (Democrat Pres Jimmy Carter) advice concerning the size and capabilities of our Dept. of Defense?

  8. travelah

    Dawnelle, can you demonstrate with examples the misogynist comments you are referring to? That is a substantial charge to make and it would only be reasonable to request it be substantiated.

    Thank you.

  9. francois manavit

    Clinton should have google Asheville on the web before presenting herself with an army rep and a pro-army banner behind her .
    Fayetteville and Asheville are slighltly different. It show that she really does not care a bit about our city and the values we care for .

  10. travelah

    frqancois, it’s probably pretty likely that she wasn’t targeting your vote as you are already opposed to her. Her targeted audience are those mainstream democrats who are mostly undecided.

  11. Kae

    We need what Hillary stands for not some sockpuppet with no experience who wants to play president like Bush has for the past 8 years. The Clinton years of the 90s were the best in a decade with good jobs with good pay. Low interest college loans and a healthcare, plan the the republicans thumbed their noses at.Go ahead and sip the BO Koolaid and see if things are better after he is annointed. But don’t come crying to me because I will be first in line to say I told you so. Rev Wright is a reverse racist, and until Obama’s arrival on the scene race relations were doing just fine. Now O predicts kaos in the streets if not elected. This is why he arrogantly feels he needs to give no interviews, he has predicted the outcome if he loses. Why waste his time on interviews.

  12. Spartan


    Your post is full of half-truths and unverifiable attacks (“reverse racist”??). Are you part of Operation Chaos, or an actual Clinton fan?

  13. Spartan

    Dear Hillary Supporters:

    Are there really any of you out there, or are all your ‘supporters’ just Operation Chaos foot soldiers?

    Just wondering Angela Becker, Dawnell, and Kae.

  14. travelah

    Kae, don’t you just hanker for the good old days of America’s first black Prez, Uncle Bill? Seriously, the self proclaimed queen of the Democrat Party has been upstaged by a relatively unknown whose spiritual mentor is a racist hate monger and whose circle of friends include unrepentant terrorist bombers. Even then he is going to whup Hillary in North Carolina. … chaos indeed!

  15. Prof. Propaleoconus

    “…until Obama’s arrival on the scene race relations were doing just fine…”


    What country have you been living in? No wonder you like Clinton.

  16. Kae

    SPARTANand any other no believers: Yes I am a ill fan and I do long for the prosperous 90s. BO can’t even debate ans has refused to do a one on one debate before NC election. BO is mixed up in more crooked Chicago mob style politics than you can shake a stick at. Read more at the Sun Times about the latest Rezko revelations. BO keeps denying his close affiliations with the Muslim and Black Panthers but Rev wright threw BO under the bush testerday with his press club speech and guess what, Rev Wright, in a very clever way let us know that the Black Panthers/Muslims were his body guards. Also he wanted the unsuspecting public to know that BO is not the cutie you think he is. Everything I say can be substantiated by using Goole. Sir-google is your friend. wake up NC, the BO show is playing at a theater near you.

  17. Christy

    I went to the church’s website that Rev. Wright has been the pastor of and barack Obama has been a member of for 20 years and I was quite surprised at the 10 point vision that the members of the church are required to abide by. It was alarming to me that number 4 on the list is a NON-NEGOTIABLE COMMITMENT TO AFRICA. This was very concerning to me. I feel the president of the United States should be comitted to one country…THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. you can research this yourself at (Trinity United Church of Christ)

    The Pastor as well as the membership of Trinity United Church of Christ is committed to a 10-point Vision:

    1. A congregation committed to ADORATION.
    2. A congregation preaching SALVATION.
    3. A congregation actively seeking RECONCILIATION.
    4. A congregation with a non-negotiable COMMITMENT TO AFRICA.
    5. A congregation committed to BIBLICAL EDUCATION.
    6. A congregation committed to CULTURAL EDUCATION.
    7. A congregation committed to the HISTORICAL EDUCATION OF AFRICAN PEOPLE IN DIASPORA.
    8. A congregation committed to LIBERATION.
    9. A congregation committed to RESTORATION.
    10. A congregation working towards ECONOMIC PARITY.

  18. travelah

    Christy, that is the antiseptic version of their beliefs. What is actually taught at that church is best expressed by the teachings and absurdities of it’s now disgraced pastor. What remains unexplained is why Obama, who sat under Wrights leadership for 20 years lacked the good judgment to distance himself from these whacked ideas 19 years and 51 weeks ago. That lack of judgment even of personal church matters deems him to be dangerously naive OR a flat out liar about what he actually believes.

  19. isabel

    When it suits his all-consuming political ambitions, at the time …

    By SusanUnPC

    When he’s trying to cover up his current electability problem No. 1, Rev. Jeremiah Wright — and boost his badly flagging poll numbers — Barack Obama distances himself from Wright.

    He repeatedly calls Wright his “former pastor.” He reluctantly proffers pallid pronunciations on Wright’s most outrageous remarks as not speaking for him. Obama’s puppet-master David Axelrod says delicately that Wright’s numerous public appearances are “unfortunate from our perspective.”

    Obama often says he never heard Rev. Wright make comments like that when HE was in church. Thing is, since we’ve all heard Wright’s four speeches and interviews in four days, we know that that is how Wright speaks ALL the time, and EVERY time he is performing his self-aggrandizing stunts.

    Besides — when it suited his political “aspirations” in 2004 during his U.S. Senate run —Obama couldn’t get close enough to Rev. Wright and his church. From the Chicago Sun-Times, April 5, 2004:

    These days, he says, he attends the 11 a.m. Sunday service at Trinity in the Brainerd neighborhood every week — or at least as many weeks as he is able. His pastor, Wright, has become a close confidant.

    If Obama went to church “every week — or at least as many weeks as he is able,” it is laughable for him to claim that he never heard Wright’s outrageous, anti-American, and racist rants since, as I said above, it’s clear as day to all of us who’ve heard a good deal of Wright talking (far more than I’d rather, for sure), that that is how Wright talks ALL THE TIME.

    The laughable excuse that he never heard Wright speak like that suits TODAY’s ambitions. As does his alternate explanation (there have been so many) that he spoke privately with Wright about the statements that bothered him.

    Obama has over-emphasized his Christian faith to fend off accusations from the right that he is a secret Muslim. That suits his ambition to become the Democratic nominee and to become president.

    But, it’s a delicate dance to claim he’s a devout Christian when he also claims that he never heard Wright’s rants — which would LOGICALLY mean that he rarely attended Wright’s Trinity church.

    Which is it, Barack? Did you carefully select to attend only on the Sundays when Wright never railed against America and white people? Or is this another of your cover-ups? Or is it that you attended Wright’s church and listened to Wright’s sermons “every week — or at least as many weeks” as you were able in 2004, when you needed black votes in Chicago to win the U.S. Senate seat?

    Whatever it is, it is a sad muddle of a mess.

    None of us knows what Obama really means.

    And that is not good for a presidential aspirant.

    Especially in a country full of people who like candidates who say what they mean, and mean what they say.

    As for Obama’s constant phrasing in calling Wright his “former pastor,” it must be noted that Rev. Wright only “retired” in January 2008, and some news reports indicated that he is on a sabbatical.

    Read all of “Obama: I have a deep faith,” from the Sun-Times on April 5, 2004 — when it suited Obama to pontificate at length about his Christian faith and reliably regular attendance to hear Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s sermons.

  20. Prof. Propaleoconus

    The last time I checked I was voting for Barack Obama, not the Trinity United Church of Christ.

    So what exactly are you two so scared of?

    Is the economic parity? Education? A commitment to Africa?

    Actually, I think I have a pretty good idea of what really scares you …

  21. It sure is amazing that this Hillary Clinton article seems to be focusing on Obama’s shortcomings.

    Very few pro-Hillary statements, is she so weak that her only attribute is she is not Obama?

    Christy have you looked at similar 10 point vision for Hillary Clinton’s church (United Methodist) or McCain’s church (Baptist),
    I wonder if item 4 on those lists read “A congregation with a non-negotiable commitment to Israel”.
    “None of us knows what Obama really means. And that is not good for a presidential aspirant. Especially in a country full of people who like candidates who say what they mean, and mean what they say.”
    Have we had a candidate that was not a politician?

  22. Kae

    JMAC has drank the BO koolaid and wants all of NC to oblige his wish for the know nothing BO to run Washington. Until a year ago no one knew this BO chartacter. Then the unknown enters politics and right away plays the race card.Did BO really think he could get past the unsuspecting public with Rev Wright, Rezko, and his outspoken wife who has just now suddenly become proud of her country irregardless of all of the freebie ivy league scholarships and affirmative action that put her where she is today. BO finally donated the Rezko funds to charity but why did he keep them for at least a year before donating them? What about his terrorist connections with Ayres/Dohrn? He says he doesn’t know them that well, but he knew them well enough to have them host an afternoon social for his Senate campaign. BO has too many unawnsered questions. Republican money has helped to propel BO this far, that will be cut off soon. What then?

  23. entopticon

    I sure hope that the xenophobic, ignorant rants about Wright are from right wingers pretending to be Hillary supporters, because it would be pretty embarrassing for anyone with that level of cultural ignorance to be calling themselves a liberal.

    Wright isn’t even an adviser on the Obama campaign. He’s not running for office. Hillary has plenty of people in her life who are a whole lot worse, such as Doug Coe, so just get over it.

    Kae, if you aren’t a right wing extremist, you really need to stop reading their asinine websites. The nonsesense you keep spreading is straight from right wing wacko sites like Judicial Watch.

    The claim that Obama is less qualified is particularly funny, because he has 3 more experience in elected office than she does and he has cosponsored much more significant legislation than she has.

  24. Kae

    I am certainly not a RW extremist which is the usual comeback if you are not in the O Cult.I ask you just what you are afraid of, is it the Ayres/Dohrn relationship yet to be hammered out that you are afraid of. Dean & Brazille knew better than to run an unveted rock star for Prez of the US. Yet they forged ahead. I didn’t create Os past, he did a good job of that all by himself. This country is in bad shape economically and O does not have any plans for recovery. Hillary OTOH has laid out her plan. I want the Clinton 90s back with the peace and prosperity that goes with it.The Clinton’s have no baggage except what someone like yourself manufactures in your mind from 16 years ago.

  25. Christy

    Prof. Propaleoconus I would like to explain to you plain and simple what I am afraid of….I am afraid that the commitment Mr. Obama has made to Africa will veer his attention away from the country that he is trying to be the president of…. the country that is in desperate need of a leader that represents all of its citizens. I am aware that your comment suggests that I am afraid of a black man running this country. You are so wrong. I am an American. I am neither black nor white. My family is a family of mixed races. I have no preference to color what so ever. I am on the other hand a United States citizen that has made a non-negotiable commitment to America. I can not believe that you, like the media, take every statement about Mr. Obama and turn it into a racial subject. You say you are not voting for Trinity United Church of Christ you are voting for Barack Obama…well I would like to know why you ARE voting for Mr. Obama? This man was an un-know until he announced he was running for the presidency. He runs on a platform of change yet his pastor of 20 years preaches hate to the young generation. If you think his church is unimportant, you are entitled to your opinion but as an American I feel it is my right to know whom I am voting for including the mans or womans character. Mr. Obama allowed his children to attend a church that does not teach unity and equality but rather division and hate. From the beginning of Mr. Obamas campaign he has spoke of change I for one am concerned about the change that he wants the American people to embrace. He has been a member of this church for twenty years and contributed thousands of dollars so I ask you again Prof. why ARE you voting for Mr. Obama. maybe it is you that needs to examine his political reasonings.

  26. entopticon

    Kae, to answer your question, no I am not afraid of Obama’s connections to Ayers et al. In fact, I think it is absolutely hillarious for you to bring it up.

    Obama lived in the same city as Ayers and was on a board that Ayers was on. Ayers isn’t in any way connected with the Obama campaign.

    Bill Clinton pardoned two of the Weathermen! You are making the accusation that Obama is flawed because he has met one of them, but Bill Clinton pardoned two of them! Unbelievable.

    Hillary Clinton worked to free Bobby Seal! The list goes on and on. Try to twist the facts all you want; it really is entertaining when compared to the truth.

    The Clintons have no baggage?!? That is definitely one of the funniest things I have heard in a while. Thanks for that. Be sure to pass that along to Norman Hsu when he gets out of jail.

  27. Kae

    You say you are not afraid of the Ayres/Dorhn connection but I bet you are. Talk is cheap. You don’t give Hill credit for her plans to help the economy with good paying jobs and decent wages, so… give us an example of Os plans for a robust economy. You say Wright’s preachings of hate don’t matter, but they do. First O knew the rev, then he didn’t hear his preachings, now he disavows him. Can’t make up his mind can he, I thought O was running on his judgement? Don’t know anything about push polls but Hill is ahead in the polls everywhere. And for conversation’s sake, tell the truth about Hill, I tell the truth about Bo and he plans to privatize my social security BTW, this is more RW than anything to date. Go to the BO campaign website, get your facts together, then come back and debate me.

  28. entopticon

    Why on Earth would I be more worried about Obama having been on the same board as one of the Weathermen, when Bill Clinton PARDONED two of them? That is insanely ridiculous.

    I am not going to recite every detail of Obama’s economic plan, but knock yourself out:

    The largest economic undertaking of Hillary’s career has been this election, and it has been a nightmare on multiple levels. She ran out of money because she didn’t plan ahead, she owes a huge amount of money to small vendors who are now taking her to court because she hasn’t payed her bills on time, she has ben far less successful in raising grassroots funds, and she is the only candidate in the race that has taken money from Washington lobbyists.

    Virtually every major economist has criticized Hillary’s gas tax proposal as counterproductive, naive pandering. Obama is the only one who had the good sense and integrity not to buy into that nonsense.

    Read this NY Times article for a concise explanation of how misguided and naive her proposal is:

    My facts are together. Your facts,,,, well, they aren’t actually facts at all. It’s easy for you to say that there is something untruthful in my posts without the slightest explanation, but I dare you to disprove my claims. You can’t, because as opposed to you, I rely on the truth.

  29. Gordon Smith


    You’re a good surrogate for Hillary. Angry, stuck in the past, combative, repeating talking points, and twisting the facts.

    Bring back the ’90’s? That’s impossible. We have to move forward. I hope that when Barack Obama earns the nomination due to having more votes, more delegates, and more states, you’ll get on board and join with the rest of us to move America into something new.

    I just can’t take this same old crap anymore.

  30. Kae

    Entopticon-You are wrong. Ayres/Dohrn did give a social fundraiser for O. Don’t call me a liar without the facts. O is assoiated with some shady people. Dohrn is teaching our students as a U prof after spending time in jail for fraud. Ayres was on a board with O. Go to the O operatives and make them fess up or tell them you will not vote for O. See what rubbish they use for filler to wiggle out of this. We can’t allow this country to go to this kind of candidate and his wife will be in constant trouble with more of her proud country statements. Rezko will sing soon as he is not going down alone. This is why they wanted the others to drop out and O to be installed with the nomination before all h**l broke loose. O is a worried man because he was promised the presidency and hillary will not drop out.The new info is coming to light daily, watch the papers.

  31. entopticon

    Kae, I wasn’t really trying to say you were a liar, although you may be for all I know. What I was saying is that you rely on innuendo rather than fact.

    A social fundraiser!?! Oh no, say it ain’t so!!! That changes everyhting!! Where is the Hillary sign up sheet?

    You have got to be kidding me. Comparing a fundraiser with a former Weatherman with pardoning two former Weathermen? That is almost as funny as it is just plain pathetic.

    Rezko will sing? Where do you people get this stuff from? If Obama was going to be implicated in the Rezko trial, it would of happened long ago. Over 250 independent investigations found no wrong doing by Obama whatsoever. The Rezko thing is just so pathetically desperate, it’s unbecoming of you.

    The thing is, the facts are on my side. I am right, you are wrong. Obama will be the Democratic nominee, Hillary will not. Sorry if the truth stings.

  32. Kae

    Tell me what kind of presidential candidate has a fundraiser with a known terrorist. Try to explain away his Black Panther affiliations. He scrubbed his web site of their large donations. O says he does not take pac money, but he does if the employees of such money donates to him. Why did he vote yea for Cheney’s energy bill. Why was he always listed a “present” on votes, or he mistakenly pushed the wrong vote button. O is not working class, he and his family live in a 1.63 mil mansion. And he does associate with many shady characters like Ayers and Dohrn. O is just a guy who decided he wants the presidency, Dean and Brazille are aiding and abetting him. They will get no more contributions from me for pushing this character to the American people as presidential material.O has thrown his white heritage under the bus when it suits him. His white Grandmother sacraficed to raise him and his best reference to his grandparents and mother is that they are, “Typical White People”. Then when wright became a liability he tossed him aside too. The AA community are expecting O to perform miracles for them if he is elected. I hope they don’t get too excited as it’s all about me me me with Obama.

  33. spartan

    Kae “Obama is a worried man because he was promised the presidency and hillary will not drop out.”

    Promised by whom?

    In my eyes (registered democrat for 15 years) hillary is the one who was promised the presidency by the establishment she represents. She is losing it mentally because Barack is represented by such a popular support base. I will vote Obama because i dont think a healthy democracy has the same two families trading the presidency back and forth for 3 decades. Plus, he is inspiring and intelligent, and takes the high-road when presented with down-in-the-mud debate tactic by the Clinton’s.

    Again, i really don’t think most of the people posting on here in support of hillary (or, more accurately, against Obama) are anything more than Operation Chaos foot soldiers looking to peck away at Obama’s commanding lead in the Carolina’s. Shameful.

  34. entopticon

    Kae, your posts just keep getting more and more ridiculous. How can you say the things you say with a straight face? Or are you joking?

    Hillary worked for the Black Panthers. That is a fact. For you to express indignation over the fact that Obama knows a few of them is ludicrously hypocritical.

    Yes Obama takes money from private citizens who work for companies. To compare that to taking money from payed Washington lobbyists, as Hillary does, is ludicrously hypocritical as well.

    Obama voted for the energy bill because it did a lot to help the environment. It is far from perfect, but many major environmental orgs are extremely grateful that he voted for it because you have to start somewhere.

    The present vote issue is particularly ridiculous. He voted present less than 130 times out of 4000 votes. In the Illinois state senate it is a common practice to vote present on legislation that is good, but needs tweaking, rather than voting against it, which would get the legislation shelved indefinitely. Most of his present votes were at the behest of other Democrats and organizations such as Planned Parenthood, which gave him a 100% approval rating.

    Obama is very wealthy, but for one thing, his house is on the South Side of Chicago. $1.65 million does not come anywhere close to being enoug to buy a mansion in any of the higher end neighborhoods of Chicago. For another thing, the Obama’s are worth less than 1/40th of what the Clintons are worth, so once again, your hypocrisy is astounding.

    If it makes you feel any better, John Edwards’ 28,200 sq ft house is several times the size of the Obama’s house.

    Again, Ayers, for better or worse is a prominent figure in Chicago, so it would be impossible for his paths not to occasionally cross with any Democratic politician there, whether through a fundraiser or whatever else.

    Once again, your hypocrisy is so over-the-top that it is actually laughable. Obama has been at functions that former Weathermen were at. Bill Clinton PARDONED two of them.

    The rest of your points are just so bizarre and bigoted that I am not going to bother with them.

  35. help

    Is America prejudice? The Clintons are banking-on-it while we defend other country’s human rights. I’ve experienced enough prejudice to know. Some media reporters are feeding the flames of hate mongers. Thus, voters use the word “bitter” and Obama’s association to Rev. Wright as a defense of their bigotry. Hillary has said worse than bitter words about small town America, and has been associated to more deceitful characters than Mr. Wright, characters with criminal records. She has been called a deceitful character (See court case CASE NO BC 304174 in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles.) All this time ministers and preachers of mega churches are asking for donations to help other countries without calling a press conference to condemn this bigotry at their back door. If God cried because Adam messed up, I’m sure he is crying now. Even the NAACP is supporting this cover up. I will never, again, be a member of the NAACP unless a white man becomes their president. I’m happy to see that many Black people have shaken off the Willie Lynch Syndrome. (Breaking the Curse of Willie Lynch – The Science of Slave Psychology by Alvin Morrow) It is refreshing to see White and Black people come together for a worthy cause.

    If the candidate’s views are similar, what else would we look for to determine how to vote, a woman and character? A poll of the two democratic candidates revealed that 32% of the voters stated that character didn’t matter. Sad, isn’t it? America would not vote for a Black man of low character. Hillary has to win this election so her court case will go away. Hillary and Bill are charged with Fraud and Deceit, Unfair Business Practice, and Civil Conspiracy in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles (CASE NO BC 304174). You can search the web for anything on Peter Paul and Hillary, or There was an interesting article written by John R. Emshwiller, September 14, 2007 in the Wall Street Journal.

    Also, I believe this is a political cover up. The media is composed of Republicans trying to make sure Hillary wins. If she wins, they will use the court case against her to the fullest as she campaigns against John McCain. By the time they beat her butt and spear Bill, the Republicans will be in the White House again making money from the Iraq war and killing our men.

    I’ve sent this information to over 100 newspapers in Indiana and North Carolina. I revisited the web sites of some and have not seen anything pertaining to this subject.

    Perhaps your country leaders can help us. Help!

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