Watch the “Copwatch” training video

Watch “These Streets are Watching,” the movie recently shown to members of Asheville’s newly formed Copwatch group, which seeks to monitor the Asheville Police Department’s activities, as part of their training.

The film lays out Copwatch’s reason for existing, asserting that monitoring by Copwatch groups is “a small but real deterrent against police misconduct.” It features interviews with founders of Copwatch groups in cities such as Denver, Berkeley and Cincinatti, along with information about basic Copwatch procedures. It also endorses a citizen’s police-review board, a step Asheville City Council balked at earlier this year.

However, Citizen’s Awareness Asheville, the group Copwatch grew out of, has formed their own review board and stated that they will issue reports based on their observance of police conduct.

— David Forbes, staff writer


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37 thoughts on “Watch the “Copwatch” training video

  1. True, but watching the criminals is a whole lot MORE important. Let’s remember which side we’re on; i.e. the side of law and order and not impede the police.

  2. Cheshire

    When the law enforcement is in bed with the criminals, which side is which? Especially in light of the Medford mess, all arms of the law need observation. I like to think I’m on the side of law and order…I just can’t trust those carrying badges in this county to be on that side anymore.
    Impeding the proper enforcement of the law is bloody stupid. However, documentation of and witnessing abuse so people can be held accountable is necessary.

    Personally, I’d love to know how to hold law enforcement accountable for ignoring or refusing to investigate crimes.

  3. here’s your answer, Cheshire:

    there are two main ways, oversight by our elected officials and the investigative reporters of the working press who keep both honest and expose corruption.

    it’s a great system, we do not need vigilantes muddying the water.

  4. Cheshire

    It’s a wonderful system, alright…right up until you need it to work to defend you. Sure, if we’re lucky and wait long enough, someone will get caught abusing or ignoring their sworn duties, but in the meantime many “small potato” individuals will be left to either fend for themselves or bend over and take it.

    Who do you think tips off the reporters, anyway? Yup: the “vigilantes”. Another name could be “whistleblower”, or even “concerned citizen”.

  5. Cheshire… the definition of ‘viglante’ is:

    a member of a volunteer committee organized to suppress and punish crime summarily (as when the processes of law are viewed as inadequate); broadly : a self-appointed doer of justice


    whistleblowers are not vigilantes, just good citizens.

  6. William P Miller

    I agree with Ralph. Watching the criminals is what is important. If Asheville Police Department had a problem with overuse of force, then watching them would have merit. But, there is NOT a brutality problem here in Asheville, or WNC for that matter. The APD is a citizen friendly, professional group. They are pretty liberal when it comes to not interferring with citizen’s rights, even the ‘homeless’ bums that loiter in Pritchard Park.

    Watch the criminals, then report illegal activity to either the APD or the sheriff’s office. I did that in the summer of 2006. I was appalled by the open prostitution activity in broad daylight on French Broad St. Every time I saw prostitutes soliciting, I called it in. I also called in their pimps’ beer drinking in the park as they watched over their “girls”. Guess what? The illegal activity ended. The APD will spend more time patrolling areas that are reported by citizens because they keep track of the reports.

  7. Cheshire

    It’s good to hear that at least someone has gotten help from the police. That has yet to be my experience here.

  8. Trey

    Bwaaahahahahahahhaha…… Ralph… what planet do you live on?????

    I guess I should ask what century.

    “oversight by our elected officials(criminals themselves) and (get this..)the investigative reporters of the working press who keep both honest and expose corruption”

    I mean…. are you serious…. you believe that. This reminds me of something funny my father once said to me….. “Well son, they couldn’t put it on the evening news if it wasn’t the truth!”

    I guess denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

    And William….. so the APD doesn’t harass the “bums” (as you put it) that loiter in Pritchard Park…. why the hell would they.

    It’s a public park…. what exactly does one do at a park besides loiter. I mean, I’m sure a snitching, stick in the mud like you probably has an agenda for everything…. but most people go to a park to “loiter”.

    And of course they wouldn’t harass anyone in plain view of all the lovely tourists.

    Just keep believing the system works guys.

  9. Jimbo

    So what is any of that supposed to be other than a coaching and advocacy organization for those commiting criminal acts? They want to come off as some kind of cerebral rights group, but the only message they send is, “this is how you avoid getting caught when guilty.”

    The presumption they wish to put out there is that the cops are evil and will take any opportunity to violate your rights and lock all us law abiding citizens up for absolutely nothing. Nothing this group or the local whakado wannabe civil right defenders are spewing even remotely represents the truth. Not once is there any consideration given for police procedures designed to protect their personal safety or identify criminal activity. Just more whiney self serving egotist activists taking their childish antics out to complicate the police department’s already difficult job. If anything these clown would suggest were actually true, they’d have their cameras smashed and get locked up for interfering with the police.

    The cops show an unbelievable level of restraint with these clowns who at the very least complicate a dangerous situation where everyone’s lives may be at risk. More likely these ill informed paranoid do gooders will end up criminaly liable when someone gets cut or shot while they make cops devote unecessary attention to their jack ass antics while in the middle of dealing with an armed criminal. Cameras are fine as most of the cops said, but the minute any of these twits get themselves mixed into the scenario like some self annoited media investigator, they should get thrown to the pavement with the other suspects.

  10. caleb

    asheville police deparment uses to much excessive
    force and tasars. Roberts come to Asheville and
    look and learn first hand what goes on in Asheville
    aw enforcement. I guess Bobby medford was a up-sanding law enforcement officers. Servants of the
    city neeed to be observe. The steets are now watching all law enforcemen officers in Asheville
    n.c. We have the right o observe.

  11. Caleb, I HAVE observed both county and Asheville city law enforcement for many years. These guys and gals do excellent and dedicated work. Yes, there is an occasional bad apple, like Medford, but they pay the price.


    To insult them — like a few have, such as the copwatch people — is simply wrong and against the common good.

    SUPPORT your local law enforcement, they are the thin blue line protecting us from the barbarians.

  12. Cheshire

    “…they are the thin blue line protecting us from the barbarians.”

    While I have never been abused directly by officers, I have been a victim of their negligence multiple times, both city, county, and highway patrol. Don’t tell me to support those who don’t care whether I’m alive or dead. I had to learn firsthand (on multiple instances) how important my life was to them. I gave all the branches the benefit of a doubt. I almost ended up dead, no thanks to them.
    I’m not making that mistake again.

  13. caleb

    There have been no insults toward APD only
    docmation of excessive force an injuries and even deaths caused by APD officers. Remember Police should also follow laws and procedures. Documentation,pictures, and valid citizens complains are on file.

  14. caleb

    Roberts the thin blue line within the police force
    shows the unity between police officers. We need
    law enforcement, but they are also public servants
    They worked for the citizens of Asheville and we
    have the right to observe and hold them accountable for their actions. Remember police oddicers are not drafted but applied for a job that comes with rules they must obey, or be fired
    like any other job.

  15. Cheshire

    I wish it were, Ralph. Unfortunately, it’s not. I’ve got the prosthetics and torso full of scar tissue to prove it.

  16. well, I do empathize with that, Cheshire … but in general professional law enforcement officers are our friends; men and women who work hard to keep us all safe. I’ve had some experience in that field and I know first hand the dedication to the common good. … but it is a war zone in places out there (and I have experience in that zone also) and things happen.

    it’s not good when the good get hurt but it’s even worse if the bad NEVER get hurt because busybody vigilantes like Copwatch interfere.

  17. William P Miller

    The police are your friends…when you need them. Only ingrates whine about them when they don’t.

    And Trey, Pritchard Park is for the relaxation of working people, not place for the lazy to squat.

  18. Caleb, I agree with you about citizen oversight … but we already have that through our elected officials. If you have a problem with the police, see your city councilperson or complain to the city manager.

    the police are ‘oversighted’ to death already between city, state, and federal regs and their own internal regs; Copwatch is unnecessary, redundant, and an UNSAFE irritant to our professional officers.

  19. you know, Copwatch and many people I see posting here are missing the whole point…

    criminals cause a lot more injury to people and damage to public and private property than law enforcement. Precisely WHOSE side are you on?

    I support law enforcement.


    Ralph whats depressing about reading your posts, is that I realize there are millions more dumbed down deluded U.S. citizen sheepole, just like yourself out there in la la land, who pull voting levers, attend corporate 501c3 churchs, wave flags, and delude themselves into thinking all is well here on the U.S. plantation control slave grid

    I am going to post this you tube link by a law professor who tells you never never talk, answer, or interact with any police officer under any circumstances.

    This law professor certainly knows more than some rinky dink minor little film maker, with a over inflated, sanctimonious neocon opinion of himself, along with a Rush Limbaugh mentality, operating under some Ozzie and Harriet anachronistic psychotic reaction, while all the rest of us who are sane, are growing alarmed at the ever increasing S.S. police state this nation has become, which is dwarfing Nazi Germany.

    Id tell you to wake up Ralph, but it is not given to you understand anything outside of the parameters of your cage
    Click the links
    Law Professor”Don’t Talk to the Police” by Professor James Duane –

    How to handle a traffic stop< =a>

  21. I hear the buzzing of a one-winged bee off his medication. Nice try at an unnecessary off-the-mark gratuitous insult, albeit you lost it in grouping yourself in with those sane. … and worse, by using the musings of a LAW PROFESSOR to make your case (or in this case, miss the whole discussion by three country miles and a stack of tattered law books).

    my respect for the law does not extend to lawyers.

    talking to law enforcement is your civic duty, NOT talking to them is suspicious and can make you a person of interest.


    Spoken like the true delusional neocon you are Ralph.
    If you had bothered to watch the video, the Law Professor essentially tells you how the police are trained to twist and entrap every statement you make, in conjunction with the prosecution, in order to involve you in their revenue ponzi schemes.

    The Police being rather slow in the brain department are easy pawns in the hands of lawyers and judges who merely use them as pimps to bring business into the admiralty, equity, unilateral contract courts, which are all corporations, listed on Dun and Bradstreet.

    Perhaps you should read a little thing called the constitution especially the 5th and 6th amendments, they are there even for Yay hoo’s like you Ralph.

    Since I am in court almost daily and am involved in this matter in a very pro active manner, I can categorically say you havent got a clue as to what your talking about, which is usually the case with most of your missives.

    Maybe you will would like to tell a man I know in Idaho, all about submitting to police, when they violate of your rights . He was stopped on his ten speed bike for not having a head light. He was accosted by the Hiway revenue thugs, he merely invoked the 5th and 6th amendments, at which time he was tzared 4 times by the thugs. He then attempted to defend himself and hit one of the God like revenue creatures and now is facing major time.

    The whole incident was recorded on video by U.S, citizen bystanders. The thugs then attempted to seize the camera, in an attempt to obfuscate and conceal their criminal behavior. Maybe you think this sort of thing is fine, as your natural inclination and predisposition, as reinforced by the 501c3 church/ religious cult you attend, tells you to lick the boots of tyrants and Nazi thugs masquerading as peace officers, as you have been brainwashed into believing are the higher powers, engaged in the doing of good.

    One hapless COP: had the misfortune of even stopping me recently and proceeded to engage in his revenue/ dry hump extortion scheme. I have a camera and recording devises in my “road machine”. When stopped you should immediately call your council, which means anybody you choose, as the sixth amendment never mentions the private fraternity called the BAR, which is a legal monopoly. Pull over in a lighted public area where there are witnesses
    The situation went as follows

    COP:: Drivers license and vehicle registration

    DR:. What reasonable suspicion do you have that I have committed an illegal act, why have you declared a federal emergency by turning your blue lights on which are only reserved under Federal law for emergency vehicles?

    COP: give me your license now or you are going to jail.

    DR: Do you have a warrant for my arrest? Am I free to go?

    COP:: No

    DR: Am I driving a commercial motor vehicle?

    COP: Give me your driver license now!

    DR: I have a right to know the nature and the cause of your action against me, identity yourself for the camera. What reasonable suspicion to you have that I have committed a crime? Tell me now or I’m calling 911 and reporting a hijacking of my private automobile.

    COP:; you were Driving 15 miles below the speed limit.
    DR: That is not sufficient cause, I have a 3 cylinder car the terrain is steep, I am now quoting and invoking the 5th and 6th amendments on on this illegal Terry stop.

    COP: I do not care about your constitutional rights you don’t have constitutional rights!

    DR: Are you aware you have just committed a crime? You have violated your oath and committed treason, this event is being captured on video and my assistance of council on the other end of this phone line, has witnessed your treason and is making a call to your chief as we speak. How dare you violate the constitution!

    The Moron COP: runs back to his extortion mobile and calls for backup, moments later the biggest black cop Ive ever seen arrives, approx 6’ 8’’tall.

    2ndCOP:: What seems to be the problem?

    DR: I don’t have a problem, you and your department however, have a major problem. Your “officer” made the statements that I have no constitutional rights and he didn’t care about them.

    2ndCOP: Well…. he is trained to think he has control.

    D.R. That is precisely the point, he is out of control!

    2ndCOP:: I know that but he doesn’t know that yet, let me talk to him, you have to understand, we don’t ever have people quote the constitution, so it looks suspicious to him.

    DR: Some how that doesn’t surprise me, most of the people you deal with are moron U.S. citizens slaves, let me assure you, I am very legally competent and I dont work on the federal plantation, if this situation isn’t resolved quickly I’m filing a 42 U.S.C. 1983 tort action aganist all parties concerned in this matter

    2ndCOP:: Let me handle this.

    Minutes later;

    2ndCOP:: Your free to go, have a nice evening

    1st COP If a law enforcement officer ever stops you again you must obey his commands

    DR: You need to go with your superior and get some reorientation, as you would not know the law if it hit you over the head son, you are a liability to your department and a disgrace to your uniform and country, get away from me, you’ve already done enough damage for one night, you mock the thousands of men who have fought and died for the constitution, your a pathetic excuse get away from me.

    If this is the country, which you choose to live in Ralph, then you are more of a bootlicking eunuch than I thought.

    Get a grip on reality Roberts, when just one man’s rights are violated by these low IQ thugs, we all lose!
    Your delusion about interacting with them is about as misguided and smart as playing with a black mambo.

    They are no longer peace officers instead they have morphed into the S.S. while you were asleep worshiping Republican Jesus and supporting illegal wars and the violation of your rights and liberties for a little bit of perceived security and safety, you deserve neither Sir.

    Now go and turn on Rush quickly Ralph, before your programming wears off and cognitive dissonance takes hold and God willing, maybe turns the lights on in your fairy tale world of delusion and ignorance.

  23. caleb

    Ralph cop-watch is neded and are out video-taping
    as we sit here on hese computers. copwatch video from asheville has alreay been down-loaded to calf. showing APD in actions. ALWAYS SMILE
    ROBERTS you may be on video.

  24. Caleb, Copwatch is NOT needed for all the reasons and more already mentioned above.

    What is this ‘calf’ thingie … and I believe you mean ‘uploaded’ to be technically correct.

    As to smiling because I am on video … of course, being ‘Rapid Ralph’ on URTV, I am ALWAYS on video, watch channel 20. ;-)


    Congratulations, you get it, unlike Roberts and Miller who are brainwashed little U.S. serfs, living in a fictitious world circa 1950
    Miller might actually be dumber than Roberts, hard to believe though.
    Trey you are correct, government is nothing more than organized crime engaged in extortion.

    I thought here on the U.S. slave plantation, you were innocent until proven guilty, how is it then the Bier Garden lost its license, as the case hasn’t gone to court yet? So much for the fairy tale innocent plea status until proven guilty

    What morons like Roberts and Miller don’t understand is that government operates under administrative public policy and not constitutional or even statutory law.

    Government is nothing more than a myriad of interlocking public trusts set up as corporations operating under administrative law IE the laws of agencies. All de jure government ceased to exist when the nation went bankrupt in 1933 with the Federal bankruptcy and when all the gold was seized under executive order. No lawful currency means NO LAWFUL GOVERNEMENT. The sheep people like Roberts and Miller have not discovered the true nature of the matrix that controls them, instead they grovel at the feet of their servants and agencies, rather than accepting their role as sovereigns, they serve government rather than the other way around.
    Its amazing, pseudo conservatives, like Roberts and Miller vilify those that do not bow down to organized government crime, by the asserting of their constitutional rights.

    Conservatives by true nature, should applaud those who assert unalienable rights and question government and law enforcement, after all, didn’t the fathers say the price of freedom is eternal vigilance and the monitoring of government abuses? Roberts and Miller are not Americans, they are neocon fascist’s imposters, who have an aberrant understanding of law, freedom and what it means to be an American. These are the most dangerous people on the earth, because they operate from a delusional self righteous false pyridine, which amounts to nothing more than the product of government brainwashing, imposed on these simpletons by government run churches and schools.

    If simpletons such as Roberts and Miller ever understood the matrix they lived in, I believe that they would simply be unable to continue to live, as they would suffer a breakdown, they live under delusion, when that delusion is exposed, their comfort zone and reality is destroyed. People like these will be unable to make the next step in human evolution coming by 2012.
    The next epoch of humanity will deal in truth, those elite who gravitate to positions of power, like Bush, will shortly be exposed as the plaque on humanity they have always been, government, as we know it will soon be dismantled, as the people wake up to the truth about the vermin who have ruled over them for millennia.

    Roberts and Miller will not make it to a higher level; they are the minions, who neo said are the dumb unself- conscience sheep, who actually defend the very powers that enslave them. Pity them

  26. david

    “what we really need is a deterrent against criminal action.”

    True. Like good paying jobs, health care, functional housing, etc.

    Good video.

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