Letter: Russian 5G disinformation campaign taking hold in Asheville

Graphic by Lori Deaton

Russian disinformation may well be taking hold here in Asheville, through the Stop 5G Asheville campaign with its meetups, film screenings and rally.

I’m not a fan of microwave technology by any means. Still, The New York Times reports that the whipping-up of concerns about 5G is the product of a targeted Russian disinformation campaign.

Who wants to be used as a tool for Russia’s effort to spread dissension and division among us? Who wants to waste their time, energy and focus on distractions the Russians create?

I call on the people organizing the meetups, film screenings and rally to check their sources.

For The New York Times report [“Your 5G Phone Won’t Hurt You. But Russia Wants You to Think Otherwise”], see https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/12/science/5g-phone-safety-health-russia.html

— Lisa Sarasohn

Editor’s note: For a letter about an Asheville event protesting the 5G rollout, see “Local Rally Joins 5G Global Day of Protest.”

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18 thoughts on “Letter: Russian 5G disinformation campaign taking hold in Asheville

  1. JamieLee

    The members of Stop 5G Asheville base their views on an exhaustive amount of INDEPENDENT scientific peer-reviewed research and we are very careful about not making claims that can’t be backed up since what we are trying to educate people about a subject that can be very scary and upsetting. Many members of our group learned about the harm caused by electromagnetic frequencies after suffering debilitating health affects then being diagnosed by their AMA doctors to be caused by exposure to chronic wireless radiation. We are local members of the community dedicating our personal time and energy to educate people of the potential risks. Unfortunately, the New York Times may have a conflict of interest since they receive a large portion of their advertising funding from the Telecom Industry. I invite you to come speak with us about the sources that WE would site. Or better yet, come to the Rally tomorrow 12-2pm @ Vance Monument. The Precautionary Principle advises to exercise caution when there is potential for harm until it can be proven safe. There are no studies that have proven 5G is safe; on the contrary. Why are we in a “Race” when our health and safety are at stake? Browse BioInitiative.org, MDSafeTech,org, or EHTrust.org for scientific studies.

  2. Digital Disconnect

    Bigoted Russophic propaganda – itself purporting to decry the “whipping-up of concerns” (without irony) – coming to you straight from the daughter of the radio, data processing, and telecommunications bigwig, Project Cadillac operative (military radar systems), and high up IEEE man Homer Sarasohn? “Not a fan of microwave technology”!? You couldn’t make this stuff up!

    The New York Times ‘reporting’ of this issue has been nothing short of a disgrace. See ‘The New York Times’s William Broad is Complicit in Global Corporate Genocide’ FYR.

    Protests/protestors have almost nothing to do with a wilful desire to promote “dissension”, “division”, or “distractions” and are instead motivated by a simple, noble desire to help educate and empower fellow citizens regarding a critical public and environmental health issue: something that major ‘news’ corporations appear to have little to no appetite for in this (highly profitable/politically charged) space.

    In fact, concerns surrounding 5G, and anthropogenic EMFs more generally, originate from a huge volume of international scientific research and other empirical data dating back over 100 years. A large part of the literature up to the 1970s originated from Russian studies (putting us in the West to shame) but as of the 1980s the evidence that has accumulated is far more internationally based, and the voices of caution are by now truly global.

    We call on readers, and the people of Asheville/NC more broadly to read up, wise up, stand up, and join up.

    Reject tyranny. Embrace humanity. #Stop5G

    • pottsvision

      Prescient retort… Have we truly reduced arguments to “russian propoganda”? What truly is the reasoning to support 5g? And as stated – why so russophobic anyway? Why would this be published?

  3. jimglaze

    Anytime someone declares someone else wrong, I’m interested in their proof. I find it notable that the commentators above have not cited a single reputable study to support their position. Saying that the proof is out there is not quite the same as citing a reputable study or even better, multiple studies. I’m reminded of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s recent quote (while talking about Asheville) in the Asheville Citizen Times, “This is for me, a fascinating fact — that the liberal left likes to claim the science high road when they pass judgment on the conservative right’s denial of climate change, while simultaneously embracing an entire portfolio of beliefs that (require) you to reject some or all mainstream science …They’re not immune from science denial, but it’s just a different kind of denial than the conservative right. So it’s fascinating.”

    • Denise Mewbourne

      Jim, I am mystified as to how you can say the commentators above have not cited a single reputable study. Did you read Jamie Lee’s post above, filled with many, many, reputable sources? Did you check them out? Dr. Martin Pall is highly respected, as is Dr. Devra Davis at the Environmental Health Trust, She cited websites with a ton of studies. Did you review thousands of them and decide none of them were reputable? Or is it that you do not want to know?

  4. Ashe Vegas

    Just because RT reports on an issue doesn’t make it “Russian Propaganda” any more than if the NPR reports on an issue makes it “US Propaganda” or the BBC “British Propaganda”, yes they are supported and funded by the Russian government, but some of the issues they raise are already issues before they report on them, they are not just making stuff up and others take it as facts. RT isn’t the best source for news, but just because they report on something doesn’t make it a Putin sponsored campaign of disinformation, remember the biggest owner of NYT is Carlos Slim one of the richest men in the world (he owns a major telecom company btw) by the standard of that article that makes the NYT Mexican Propaganda.

    • Curious

      Carlos Slim only owns 17% of the New York Times, which does not make him its “biggest owner.” The Ochs-Sulzberger family, through several trusts, controls about 91 percent of the stock that elects 70 percent of the company’s board members.
      Ashe Vegas should not be confused with Ashvegas.

  5. Cats Pajamas

    Okay, I am peaked. Why do I want or not want 5G in our town. Just give me thee to four sentences. Not links out to exhaustive studies. We’re neighbors. What makes 5G a good idea or what makes it a bad idea? I really am interested.
    Thanks for being a passionate member of our community.

    • Denise Mewbourne

      5G is extremely complex so putting objections to it in 3-4 sentences is difficult, but I’m going to give it a go. 5G is a bad idea because to do it they are planning on putting “small cell” phased array antennas -which will also contain 4G technology to “pick up” the 5G signals – every 2-5 houses. It will be like a having a cell tower right outside your door, on your street. Another aspect of 5G is irradiating the entire planet from space – the number keeps changing, but at this moment it’s something like 40,000 satellites beaming radiation so coverage is everywhere. This is bad because over 10,000 studies show biological impact of non-ionizing wireless radiation – our bodies are electro-magnetic fields too, so it makes sense. Insects, with their small bodies, are extremely vulnerable to EMFs – and we have seen a massive decline in insects – a recent German study cites 75%. This is happening from 4G technology, so 5G could wipe them out entirely. What will we eat without our beloved pollinators? The National Toxicology Program – considered the gold standard on testing for hazardous substances – found clear evidence of cancer from cell phones. “Clear evidence” is their highest standard of proof. Finally, there are many people – myself included – who are feeling the effects of increasing wireless radiation physically. I got really sick when they installed smart meters on the apartment I was in and had to move and get my own house so I could get an opt out meter. The FCC, who is supposed to regulate the Telecom industry, is a captured agency – the present and just past leaders were both former Verizon executives. The FCC has already stated they don’t care about safety studies on 5G, they know the Telecoms have no safety studies planned, and they’re rolling it out anyway, because of the trillions of dollars of profits will be generated. Lastly, in the 1996 Telecom Act, the industry got legislation passed stating that they have NO LIABILITY for any health damages from their products. Why would they do that? Okay, I could not do this in 3-4 sentences, but there’s actually so much more, so this is relatively brief!

    • JamieLee

      Yes. Unfortunately the previous letter to the editor: “Local rally joins 5G Global Day of Protest” was overshadowed but the posting of “Russian Disinformation” above my letter at the same time. Many claim no proof b/c no studies so I’ve provided studies. Here are the main points albeit un-cited.

      What’s the Problem with 5G?

      • Accumulated Exposure – 5G piggy backs ON TOP of 3G and 4G frequencies.
      • Frequency – 5G uses higher (micro) frequencies (same used for military grade crowd control weapons) affecting superficial layers where metabolism, the nervous system, endocrine system and the reproductive system function.
      • Aesthetics and Property Values – Requires small cell towers to be installed closer together (densification of grid) every 200-400 ft, for smaller wavelength frequencies to relay signals in residential neighborhoods.
      • Deforestation – Millimeter waves are shorter and cannot pass through objects as easily so the FCC ruled telecom companies can remove any obstructions; trees and vegetation on public streets and sidewalks at their discretion
      • Violates Rights – Section 704 of the FCC’s 1996 Telecom Act bans your local municipality from removing or blocking installation of a tower due to health/environmental impacts.
      *Privacy concerns: Hackability and selling of your data to 3rd parties

      • Electromagnetic (microwave) Radiation is an environmental air pollutant
      • Human Guinea Pigs – 5G Being rushed and forced upon the public with no safety testing or precaution. In a February 2019 US Senate hearing, the wireless industry was forced to admit they have no safety studies on 5G, and don’t plan to do any. Meanwhile, there are thousands of independent studies concluding that wireless radiation causes biological harm.
      • Symptoms – from wireless radiation exposure: headaches, nose bleeds, cancer, brain tumors, DNA damage, auto-immune disorders, heart conditions, brain fog, anxiety, behavioral and psychological effects, depression, infertility, sleep disorders, increases in Alzheimer’s and even dementia symptoms in young people
      • Greatest emerging health epidemic – Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity. Many people have symptoms but don’t know why
      • Health impacts causing an increase in health care costs, disability, and homelessness
      • Children are especially vulnerable and we should limit their exposure
      • Damages health of all life including trees, bees, birds…

      What can we do?
      • Join Action Groups – Stop 5G Asheville on Facebook or Meetup.com
      • Keep Learning
      • Sign Petitions
      • Contact elected officials
      • Educate your community
      • In the meantime; mitigate your exposure: https://www.takebackyourpower.net/subscribe-for-free-emf-guide/

  6. Tyrell

    Who the hell wrote this? Is this even considered an article when you’re just regurgitating whatever the nyt says?

  7. Bright

    Seems like it’s judicious to unequivocally prove something’s safe, and then put it into place…rather than the opposite. American way, however, is to put it out for profit first, and then stop the use of it if it’s found to be dangerous…kinda like the drug industry, huh?

  8. cecil bothwell

    From the IEEE International Committee: “Although the interaction of fields with molecular constructs can and has been modeled by theoretical physicists, no theory has been developed or seems to exist that supports the hypothesis of non-thermal effects
    occurring below levels set by international standards and guidelines. This observation is
    consistent with the lack of any confirmed low level effect. ”

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