Letter writer: A reason to be hopeful about Trump

Graphic by Lori Deaton

As a trailer dweller, I still have one big reason to be hopeful about Trump, which is that he will use the presidency to leverage zoning variances to build millions of high-rise apartments in liberal elite places like Montford, thus making the neighboring houses affordable to white workers like me; though to do that he will have to resist the blind trust.

Obama did something similar to Yonkers. I also hope he will bomb Mecca, but that hope is looking more dreamy as his nonloyalist cabinet picks are looking more likely to target Tehran or pro-choice Pyongyang. …

— Alan Ditmore

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40 thoughts on “Letter writer: A reason to be hopeful about Trump

  1. boatrocker

    Ohhhhh kay…is that sarcasm or just some serious Tin Foil Hat Club stuff going on with that LTE?

    I do hope it is sarcasm. Please, let it be sarcasm.

    • bsummers

      To misquote that great movie line, “Forget it, Boatrocker – it’s Ditmoretown.”

      • Lulz

        LOL, i guess you’re gonna need to indoctrinate more useful idiots in colleges because your brand of “liberal democracy” is fading away. And when those same useful idiots only go into such glam jobs as cashier at Starbucks, they get a hard dose of reality. Which means they look around and see everyone else being promoted by race while they’re being scapegoated.

        • Getoutthefunk

          Thank you for that profound and thought provoking contribution….huh! Hail Caes…I mean El Drumfpho…no, the anti-Christ. Oh the way these religious folks have contorted themselves for the emperor with no clothes.

  2. The Real World

    Hhmm, letter is incoherent. The jury is out on Trump, as it is for every new President. Time will tell.

    But, a short list of hypocrisy is good for all to realize:
    1 – people would have gone bonkers if Obama had gotten the thorough trashing that Trump is getting WEEKS before he’s even taken office. And look who has and continues to question the legitimacy of the election, the Democrats. (Let’s talk about the Detroit recount, shall we?)
    2 – Guess what’s happening at this very moment? A wall is being built around the D.C. house the Obama’s will be moving into shortly. How utterly charming and fantastically hypocritical (no surprise).
    3 – The old guard mouthpieces of fake news (ex: Washington Post and NY Times) have learned nothing from this election cycle and continue their blatant partisan reporting. Their revenues will fare accordingly.

    I hope Trump succeeds wildly…..as I wish Obama had.

    • Snowflake (Social Justice Worrier)

      Obama’s wall is to keep out the neanderthals who want to build walls.

    • boatrocker

      “if Obama gotten the thorough thrashing that Trump is getting weeks before he’s even taken office”?

      Really? Did you happen to pay attention alllllll the way back in 2008 or 2012?

      Did quotes like “I hope he fails” just not register or is your fantasy world just puppies and hugs?

      Again for good measure.


      • The Real World

        Wow, your brain is fried. In 2008, a huge portion of America was genuflecting and slobbering all over the place. And, for what, exactly? A 47 year old guy who had never been the manager, owner or builder of anything. He’d never even been employed in the business arena.

        Now, 8 years later, all the dreamers can see how that amount of experience and achievement worked out. They fell for a smooth dude who excelled at reading a teleprompter! I predict history will ultimately rank him lower than Jimmy Carter. At least people have respect for him and believe him to be genuine. Vindictive BO is pouring gasoline and tossing a match as he walks out the door. Good riddance.

        • boatrocker

          Introduce me to your fantasy world one of these days.

          It sounds lovely, as you get to deny everything that does not agree with your strange world view.

        • boatrocker

          Actually, the guy in 2008 you referred to was ’employed’ as a Constitutional lawyer, much like a guy with a funny beard named Abe Lincoln.
          As a matter of fact, he even took the oath of office by resting his right hand on the very same Bible as did Honest Abe.

          • John

            Striking similarities. Maybe he’ll go down in history as Honest Barry.

          • Lulz

            LOL, the loon cost the taxpayers 35 million dollars in vacations alone while the majority of Americans are working part time jobs. As long as people like you’re around to idolize these cronies without nary a critique and all the free passes to do as they please then anything else is just smoke.

        • boatrocker

          1 more

          Jimmy Carter- the administration that did not send our sons to die for unjust wars (Vietnam).
          Not one shot fired for the Military Industrial Complex.
          You should know, as there was also no draft. Thank Carter for you being alive with all your arms and legs.

  3. Bright

    “Whenever I feel afraid,
    I hold my head erect
    and whistle a happy tune,
    so no one will suspect that
    I’m afraid.” Re: comments ^

  4. John Penley

    When I saw the headline I thought you were gonna say you were hopeful Trump was gonna replace the White House with a trailer park so he could live like his supporters do.

    • Snowflake (Social Justice Worrier)

      It’s really a curious and amusing thing to watch the outdated, derogatory stereotypes of proglodyte identity politics. Florida and Texas have the most mobile homes, populated to a large degree by Hispanics and retired yankees, And don’t forget the vast numbers in rural southern counties that are largely populated by poor blacks who voted for Clinton (eg, MS, AL eastern NC).

      • boatrocker

        Funny for in the comments section about ADUs Real World purports to not subscribe to a political party buy has yet own do anything but defend the incoming admin’s dismal track record of cabinet picks for hiring only the ‘cream of the crop’- if malfeasance, outright breaking the law and being charged for it, corruption and ethics/conflict of interest constitute ‘cream of the crop’.

        But hey, build that swamp, right?

        • The Real World

          Moderators, let me ask a question. What does it take for you to define something as trolling? What exactly is your definition?

          Boatrocker is continually attacking commenters directly rather than dispute their facts, reasoning or views. He also outright fabricates (as in: LIES) about what others have said or what they mean. Above he states related to me, “has yet own do anything but defend the incoming admin’s dismal track record”. Hello!! You will not find one statement on this website where I defend ANY politician, let alone one who doesn’t even have a track record yet!

          Enough of the BS. I can troll right back at the imbecilic prattle, if that’s what you prefer. Please advise.

          • boatrocker

            I think you won’t garner much sympathy for continually posting doctored posts from other sites as links which do not subscribe as verifiable sources (aka you can’t omit info you don’t like and call it a source). You have been called out on this by other posters, btw.

            Furthermore, your silence about any other party than your Hillary obsession leads me to state that you do indeed have an agenda. A rather one sided agenda. Trust me, I love reading posts that kvetch about both sides of the aisle. A sense of balance, perhaps?

            In short, many of your posts remind me of a driver who races by you in order to pass, cuts you off almost causing an accident just so he can… slow down in order to stop for a red light.
            Like your’e keeping score or something? And heaven forbid if anyone gives you a toot of the horn as you’d be the first one to get out of your car and scream at them.

            I guess if that is winning, go back and revisit your posts where you resort to personal attacks, shrieky toddler name calling, and then ask who is truly a troll.

            Or not- it doesn’t matter to me- I’ve been on this forum watching the antics much longer and can identify an agenda, whether any mod agrees with me or not for simply taking the time to read the TOA for posting.

            PS the moderators only respond to complaints if advertising $ is at stake, ala new age medicine articles or bad reviews of local restaurants by the way. They left the building years ago.

            Posting time 5:27pm, Monday, Jan 9, 2017 AD.

          • The Real World

            I’ll take the lack of response from the moderators to mean that I’m free to call out Boatrocker’s incessant BS. He wins the 2017 Top Troll of the Year Award and is also the Captain of DF-ery (Snowflake knows what I mean).

            Regarding your second paragraph (stopped reading after that) — Hey genius, did it occur to you that the last 8 years we had a Prez of a particular party with all the attendant cling-ons, parrots, tools and slobbering media? His first year in office it was obvious to anyone with a few brain cells that he was out of his league. Back then, even the adoring media referred to him as Teleprompter in Chief b/c he couldn’t give the briefest speech without one. They were stunned and realized he was beyond his scope. Uhmm, yea.

            Now, we’re going to have a new Prez of a different party. Depending what he (and Congress) does in the first year or two, I may have plenty to say from a negative light. As I have numerous times about Bush Jr. but you are conveniently disregarding that.

            Bottomline: you clearly haven’t recovered from the election, still don’t comprehend what happened, are pouting and spouting like an overly-sensitive 10 year old. Grow up, DF.

          • boatrocker

            I actually correctly predicted who would win this election, and am quite happy about the results. ‘Murica got exactly the election, leader and gov’t it deserves. I personally can’t wait to see what these comments look like after the 1st 100 days.

            May your pockets be overflowing with wealth literally falling from the sky like that hip hop song about raining Benjamins, and such.
            You really should have run for some sort of political office for having all the answers.

  5. Alan Ditmore

    I hope Trump tower Montford drives out the nosebreathers to make Montford more affordable like Atlantic City. Same for Biltmore Forest.

      • Alan Ditmore

        No. I like mouth breathers. I want to repel nose breathers, and a Trump highrise in Montford would help me do that.

          • boatrocker

            Maybe he was never a fan of Harry Anderson, or maybe someone (scary music) does not like living next to….
            “them”. You know, them with the hippity hoppity noise emenating from their cars once you reach the outer reaches of the B+B yoga crowd.

        • boatrocker

          Sigh- mouth breathers like Nicholas Cage and Sly Stallone…are –
          never mind – we all breath through our noses

  6. To the author of the letter… we all have a right to protest in this country, and hopefully we always will. If Trump were leading in a way that brought people together, you would see less protest, but he has decided to be divisive and destructive, thus the many protests. What will become of his actions, we will not know for some time, but one thing is for certain, we may all protest them if we feel they do not represent us fairly.

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