Educate yourselves about “chemtrails”

Noticed the “Frankensky” over Asheville lately? Those white streaks in the sky are chemtrails (chemical trails), also known as stratospheric geo-engineering. Unlike jet contrails, which disappear in a few minutes, these trails start to expand and cover the sky with a milky white film of a toxic brew of chemicals, mainly aluminum, barium and strontium, and other materials such as arsenic, titanium and thorium have been found in samples.

Geo-engineering has been going on for more than a decade and is accelerating with the U.S. spending billions of dollars on it. The whole sky becomes a criss-cross of white chemical streaks. This aerial spraying is happening all over the world. Why?

The main reason given by geo-engineers is to combat global warming by spraying the sky with particles of these heavy metals to reflect the sun's rays away from earth.

However, other scientists say this blanket of spray is actually keeping heat trapped on the planet. So, why? There are some pretty Machiavellian theories floating around on the Internet. One thing is for sure: The fallout of these heavy metal particulates to earth is making people very sick.

Illnesses and deaths linked directly to chemtrail spraying are numerous and varied, including a horrific disease called Morgellons. These chemicals are in the air you breathe, the water you drink and the soil your food is grown in.

Birds are falling dead out of the sky; trees and crops are dying, and so are we. Educate yourselves — there are numerous websites such as, and Please go to to sign their petition to the White House to stop this toxic spraying.

Wake up, look up, speak up and take action — before it's too late for all of us.

— Joan Deaver

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10 thoughts on “Educate yourselves about “chemtrails”

  1. vj

    Both this email and the websites listed are a very good example of conspiracy paranoia. On the websites listed as proof of the dangers of cam-trails, all of the evidence is opinion and supposition. There is no actual evidence. There are people and studies and agencies mentioned. However, the mentions are merely cursory for the purpose of miss direction. There is no follow through to actual facts proving the points of the conspiracy.
    So thousands of Government and military employees, chemical manufacturing employees, etc., are endangering the people of this country…including their own children, family and friends!! This is only the least of the problems with this conspiracy theory. I also note that the websites listed have links to every kooky conspiracy theory out there.
    I understand how some people just love this stuff, but, does the Mountain Express really want to waste ink (or even cyber ink) on this????? Or, perhaps, the Mountain Express does! It conspired to get me to register on their site so I could respond to this!! Good marketing!!! vj

    • The Pragmatist

      vj…I doubt you really exist, and if you do, you are likely a government plant trying to dissuade people from discovering the truth about chemtrails. We know the relations to HAARP, geoengineering, and the intent to actually warm the planet so the mega corporations can get to the resources on the north pole. Sure it sounds like a fantasy…which is exactly why most people can’t conceive of this being real. There are highly respected engineers, doctors, and researchers who have been studying this phenomenon for decades, and your quick attempt to dispel this as fake tells us what your demeanor is. You are what is called a Type 1 learner…you learn things based on your emotion and stick with your beliefs even in the face of overwhelming evidence that you are wrong. Sadly, if we are right, we all will perish in a horrifying death cycle. If we are wrong, you all can laugh at us. The difference is those of us who are in the know can contemplate this and understand both sides of the argument and know that chemtrails are real, killing off species of animals, bugs, plants and trees, and are the cause of many diseases like autism and Alzheimer’s, which are being shown to be caused greatly by aluminum in the brain. And aluminum is known to be one of the major chemicals in chemtrails. The metals in the air increase the known conductivity of the atmosphere, and allow the HAARP systems to change weather patterns, create hurricanes, cause drought, cause floods, and more. One simply needs to ask questions about all this and get the answers…the answers usually spell out how real this is. For example, one has to ask the question ‘why would Monsanto have gotten a patent recently from the government for seeds they’ve created that will grow in aluminum polluted soils?’ Why not egg nog polluted soils, or perfume polluted soils? There are way too many people who are infinitely more intelligent than you could ever dream of being who are at the forefront of this issue and aren’t backing down. Maybe you should back down and let those of us who know what is going on to try to get something done. Even you will benefit from and changes WE can bring about. Must feel nice to be a freeloader, eh? When the spraying continues to keep getting worse, keep it in mind that maybe it’s not a cold or allergies you have. It might be simply all the metals and salts that are being sprayed falling on us all. If you get sick from this stuff and blame nature, you’re a fool. Good luck with that.

    • Noah

      Take a look at the patents for geo-engineering.

      A US Patent #3630950 created in 1971 for:

      “A combustible composition for generating aerosols for the control and modication of weather conditions consisting of a readily oxidizable substance selected from the group consisting of aluminum, magnesium, alkalimetals and alkaline earth metals.
      (a) inorganic and organic nitrates; special mention is made of sodium and potassium nitrates which have proved particularly useful;
      (b) sulphur or sulphur-containing substances; or also in the following ones:

      (0) alkali-metal or ammonium chlorates and perchlorates;

      (d) chlorinated hydrocarbons such as carbon tetrachloride and chloroform;

      (e) peroxides.


      And just one of the many examples of the US conducting this spraying on its own soil, In 2003 the Kansas Water Office spent $156,000 on weather modification contracts for pilots to release silver iodideinto clouds to reduce crystal formation.

      *Source: Governor’s Budget Report FY-2010 page 328 and “Cloud-seeding gets a failing grade” San Antonio Express-News, October 20, 2003.

    • tony

      your spealing out bs… we very clearly see whats happening in the skys

  2. Robert

    You have fun with that cognitive dissonance of yours and BASELESSLY dismiss all of it as “kooky conspiracy theory”.

    When you’re ready to give chemtrails a honest and objective look, perhaps watch “What in the World Are They Spraying” on YouTube. There you will find actual facts, such as it’s documented effect on soil composition in northern California in addition to info on it’s effect on the health of the general population. In an isolated study, a 4 year old girl born in Hawaii gets checked for levels of aluminum, barium, and strontium in her body.

    The intent behind chemtrails stretches far beyond “Geo-Engineering”. Think Monsanto- the purveyors of genetic modification and how they might benefit from soil being so overloaded with metals that you have to buy their seed- you can’t grow otherwise. Does “Roundup Ready” ring a bell? It’s no coincidence it was introduced in the midst of what would be the worst drought in the continental US in years (summer 2012). Yes, this insinuates that chemtrails tie in with weather modification. But wait- don’t cry conspiracy paranoia there because weather modification is nothing new. Our military was already cloudseeding over the jungles of Vietnam back in the 60’s. This knowledge is unclassified.

    Thousands of people behind a comparmentalized operation can easily adopt the idea that they’re “doing the right thing” fighting against climate change. The real players though, are the elected officials and corporate big wigs who make it possible. Turns out these people aren’t the most benevolent folks in the world. That’s the reality of it and truth is often stranger than fiction.

    Nonetheless, I wish you the best vj.

    Tough crowd Jean, but hey you covered a pretty complicated and controversial topic in a short article. Given what Asheville is all about, I’d imagine there’s probably lots of folks around there informed on this issue. I really do praise you for bringing some light upon it. Thank you. Peace and much love.

    – Robert

  3. Sandra

    So DEC 13th + 14th 2013, the skies are clear over Old Fort about 20 minutes outside of Asheville. This is the first time I haven’t seen chemtails in the sky since I’ve moved here. Makes you wonder who’s in town that they are hiding the truth from. The strange thing is I’ve seen quite a few contrails, and I realized it’s been so long since Ive seen one that it frightened me and made me think they were missiles or something. A couple weeks ago I was driving to work and the sun was reflecting off of a couple of the chemtrails and made it look like the sky was shaking like a strobe light would. I couldn’t look at it because it was affecting my vision and my driving. An epileptic would have surely had a seizure. Maybe this is why more people are having seizures…. hmmm….

  4. Mercedes Martell

    I saw the chemtrails over Charlotte last year 2013. They are clearly distinguishable. Monsanto is not the only one. Bill Gates and his philanthropic foundations geared at reducing the CO2 in the air also contribute to geoengineering. The biggest problem I think, is that the chemtrails come down on organic foods on the ground and Monsanto may be behind it all as they only want their filthy seeds to be a part of everybody. Chemtrails have been designated as toxins by several scientists who voiced their opinion on You Tube and other media. Also, there is the eugenics side of this chemtrail business where Ted Turner and others have professed a need to curtail or depopulate the world by 90%. It is radical Environmentalism at work in the chemtrails.

  5. Mercedes

    The problem is what to do about it. There is nothing we can do. It has been decided for us already.

    • tony

      I think you have to assume the posture of and eye for an eye…. what did the founding fathers of this country do ….

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