Good ol’ stomp-and-chant

I don’t think I ever recall a challenge for a Spiritual Smackdown [“Let’s Have a Good Ol’ Stomp-and-Chant,” Letters, Dec. 26]—although I fear that someday some loony network will dream up such a premise for a reality show. But here it was, in the Mountain Xpress! In this corner: Lady Passion and her team of broom-riding witches. And across the ring: the Bible-toting brigade led by the Nesbitts. Wow.

Well, seriously, I don’t really think that such vitriol is a very good idea, do you? I mean, brooms and Bibles as weapons? Someone could really get hurt and be none the wiser for it. On the other hand, though, Lady Passion and her cohorts raise some good questions that ought to be answered—hopefully in good humor—by Christians like me.

First, America was founded on a belief that all men were created equal. Created is the critical word in that, I think, and it suggests that the Founders’ basic worldview (being Christians, most of them) informed their political premises. Second, as to whether it’s best to serve one God, no God or many Gods, I can only assume that it’s best to serve and worship the Truth. We can all get together and worship Homer Simpson if we want, but reality is what it is, right? Thirdly, should teens and children be allowed to study witchcraft? Ah, hmmm—I guess I have to ask where? At home or in schools? What you teach your children (being a witch) will be different than what I teach mine (being a Christian). Oh, and no—I don’t have a right to prohibit you from teaching witchcraft to your kids (just in case you wanted clarity on that point).

Lastly, I believe the Bible tells us that man has dominion over the earth but not to trample it. I don’t have a clue where people get this idea. It’s certainly not what Christianity teaches. We have to tend the garden, so to speak. We are created higher than rocks and trees and animals, but that doesn’t lead logically to abuse and destruction.

Okay, then, witches far and wide: I hope this answers some of your questions (without any verbal body slams too). A debate is still a great idea—one that I’d relish. This really isn’t the greatest forum to debate such large truth claims as theism and so forth, but I thought we should start somewhere. Call me and we’ll have coffee or something. 

—  Jason Korol
Greer, S.C.

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16 thoughts on “Good ol’ stomp-and-chant

  1. I support holding the debate. I would even participate. Call me.

    To date, the “stomuz” have tucked tail in the wake of their former adolescent bravado. Quite a contrast.

  2. Rob Close

    the questions those pagans submitted for the debate were fairly crude. good job nullifying them, Jason, since they really wouldn’t be a good basis for such an event. lots of straw-men easily beaten down. now let’s see some real debate with serious questions. and it wouldn’t be too properly representing Christianity unless we get someone from each church in town to show up – 40 different bibles vs 2 pagans. it’d be surreal.

  3. I think an actual formal debate ought to take place instead of a virtual debate online, in the papers, and through emails.

    To date, the “stompuz” are still searching for their spines and mumbling amongst themselves in corners.

  4. Stomper ilk get away with their bigoted spew by relying on liberal’s “can’t we all just get along” timid mentality.

    We, however, are not timid Witches, and are only too happy to defend the sanctity of the Olde Religion we practice.

    The questions we posed are those of perennial interest popular with many from varied backgrounds and viewpoints.

    Our tone was tongue-in-cheek to match The Stompers’ vitriol.

    Thus far Chad and Nancy seem able to dish it out to serve their narrow agenda, but terrified of taking it from their intellectual Pagan betters in a civilized manner in a public forum.

    How typical, if not surprising.

    Soon we will be able to crow in print about their gutlessness!

  5. travelah

    The notion of a political group with a fairly generic and somewhat secular association with Christendom “debating” a couple of rocks and maybe a tree to determine which of the foolish get to wear the idiot’s crown is a waste of time. The stomper politicians are not representative of Christianity any more than the “pagans” are representative of a religion accompanying a raiding and murderous group of “Celtic” invaders of what are now the British Isles. Christ is likely to say “I never knew you” to one group while the “pagan’s” religious ancestors would likely have chopped their foolish speaking heads off and fed their bloody stump carcases to their dogs.

    What a circus Asheville has become.

  6. Thanks, travelah, for favoring us with your own freak-show performance. (Can you bite off some chicken heads next?)

    And Bernard, I would have thought you knew your history better. Republics are a Pagan invention, too — courtesy of the Romans, long before the coming of Caesar and Christ. (From “res publica” — Latin for “that public thang.”)

  7. Apparently travalah can’t read simple print.

    The possible question for debate was Should Man have dominion — as in use Nature as a resourse for his own ends and desires — (as the Bible exhorts, or should humanity treat Nature as equals (as in see and deal with rocks, trees, etc. as having Spirit and worthy care?

    Travalah, you and your willfully stupid ilk are why the world’s in the abysmal shape it’s in.

    Politicians debate, families debate over the dinner table — seems only fitting that loud-mouthed, albeit clueless folk like The Stompers should debate those they claim to be against — us/Pagans — or admit they’re just gutless loud mouths!

  8. travelah

    Lady Passion, I am guessing you lack experience in well moderated debate if reliance on groundless ad hominem attacks is your method. I am curious however as to whether you liken yourself more as a rock rather than a tree? Further, are you not concerned that your every step is causing great groaning in the spirit realm? That strikes me as rather cruel of you to treat your equals in such a manner that you tread on them on a constant basis.

  9. Hopefully

    Thanks travelah, for more of your pinhead commentary. What happened to the great debater? Enough of the ad hominemmmer attacks! And by the way, is there a section in sean hammitty’s new book about Pagans, or are you just wingin’ it this time? You don’t have to believe what they (Pagans & Witches) believe, but you could be more respectful.

  10. It is because Witches are keenly aware of our need of Nature that we revere it so, Travelah.

    Guess we’re left to “debate the likes of you since The Stompers remain conspicuously absent…

  11. travelah

    Lady, you are avoiding a serious inquiry. How do you reconcile the notion that rock is a spiritual being while at the same time stomping all over it with every step you take outside of your home? For that matter how can you endorse the slicing of a tree for the sake of your decor? I do not see any consistency in what you claim as your religion yet you wish to engage in an attack against somebody else’s religion (even when they really do not represent Christianity). I am perplexed at how you deem yourself capable of attacking another when you cannot defend your own beliefs with any logical consistency.

  12. ingarageland

    Travelah, you are silly. Please find something serious to add to the conversation or stay home. These folks are serious about their religion and you should be more respectful. What they beleive in is no more bogus than that jesus b.s.

  13. Tavelah, Witches don’t “stomp” around like ugly Americans — we hike barefoot, and use rocks to help and heal people.

    Witches lament the cutting of trees; we use sustainable materials such as hemp, and often refurbish old homes rather than build new.

    Everything we do has ancient reasons and conscience behind it. If you want to understand the hows and whys of magic, read my The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells For Modern Problems. But you’ll never win a debate by continuing to claim you just don’t get it, for the information’s out there.

    The Stompers have made great claims about their faith, but then bash Witches and Pagans, which seems quite uncharitable of them.

  14. dickyfauge

    Are yall serious are there really witches talking about witchcraft. I did not know this stuff was real. Are yall the kind that kill christan babies.

  15. Wow, you must’ve been hiding under a rock, dickyfauge ;-)

    Witchcraft has been and remains the fastest growing religion in the US for well over a decade, and is projected to be the 3rd largest in the US by 2012 (2001, Survey, Religious Institute).

    Read our The Goodly Spellbook, or our web site ( to learn our practices.

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