Hillary’s my pick

I think everyone wants change in this country, and anyone who doesn’t is either a nonthinker or [is] not paying attention. In listening to the latest TV ads Obama is putting out, all he is doing is talking about how bad off we are—something I think most of us know already. I know I do. What he doesn’t do is tell us how he is going to fix it.

I can’t vote for someone who tells me what I already know and just uses the word “change” over and over. [Obama] smugly insinuates that he is the only one running who can make changes. I don’t believe that, and I don’t believe he truly cares about this country and “we the people” who are hurting so badly. Therefore, I am strongly supporting Hillary, who—I do believe—truly cares.

— Lloyd Kay

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64 thoughts on “Hillary’s my pick

  1. entopticon

    I couldn’t disagree more with Lloyd Kay. If Lloyd Kay thinks Obama hasn’t been laying out solutions, he hasn’t been paying attention. Obama’s plans are every bit as detailed as Hillary’s, and then some.

    Seriously, just go to http://www.barackobama.com and see for yourself.

    If you believe Hillary truly cares, perhaps you could explain why at least three prominent Democratic advisors have confirmed that at a Camp David meeting in 1995, when the subject of what to do about Southern working-class voters came up, Hillary said “Screw em.”

    She went onto to say, “”You don’t owe them a thing, Bill. They’re doing nothing for you; you don’t have to do anything for them.”

    Theda Skocpol, the highly esteemed Harvard political scientist who was a Clinton advisor as well, was at the same meeting.

    Skocpol said of Hillary, “She spoke of ordinary voters as if they were a species apart, and showed interest only in the political usefulness of their choices — usefulness to the Clinton administration, that is.”

    You should also read the new article by the NY Times editorial board on Hillary’s shameful descent into negative smear tactics called The Low Road to Victory:

    Michael Moore expressed similar contempt for Hillary’s descent into fear-mongering and right wing extremist rhetoric in his recent endorsement of Obama. In Moore’s words, “Over the past two months, the actions and words of Hillary Clinton have gone from being merely disappointing to downright disgusting.”

    Hillary would have to win every single remaining contest by huge landslides just to catch up. That is not going to happen. The only way that she could win the nomination is by hijacking the election with superdelegates, which would be catastrophic for the Democratic Party.

    Her continued presence in the race only serves to help John McCain by abbreviating the general election. If John McCain is elected he will appoint Supreme Court justices that overturn Roe v. Wade, make Bush’s tax cuts for the richest 1% permanent, and embroil us in the Iraq war indefinitely costing countless lives and dollars.

    The stakes are too high to risk four more years of Republican rule. It is time for all Democrats to stand behind the inevitable nominee, Barack Obama.

  2. Dionysis

    “What he doesn’t do is tell us how he is going to fix it.”

    Actually, he offers some very specific and detailed plans to ‘fix’ the big problems facing us, many of which are quite similar to Clinton’s.

    “[Obama] smugly insinuates that he is the only one running who can make changes.”

    That’s not what I heard. In fact, he has repeatedly stated that one person cannot change much, but with broad-based, non-partisan support, he could galvanize people enough to effectuate change.

    “I don’t believe he truly cares about this country”

    Based upon what? Hillary’s implications or is this just a ‘feeling’?

    “Hillary, who—I do believe—truly cares.”

    Yes, she truly cares…about doing whatever it takes to achieve her perceived birthright to the presidency. She has demonstrated that she will throw anyone under the bus to accomplish this, will subvert the Democratic Party, will lie like Pinnochio repeatedly, will fawn and praise John McSame with more ardor than his wife, will rant about bombing Iran and continuing an imperialist Middle East policy (‘an umbrella’) and will generally run roughshod over anyone and anything that impedes her goals.

    At least she won’t have to dodge sniper fire when she arrives in Asheville.

  3. travelah

    “At least she won’t have to dodge sniper fire when she arrives in Asheville.” …..

    Let’s hope Obama’s nutcase pastor doesn’t go off the deep end

  4. entopticon

    travelah, I have to admit, I have a lot of trouble understanding why conservatives like to lurk around on liberal media sites such as this.

    I’m a liberal, and I can’t really imagine spending time hanging out around the Asheville Tribune’s website, or some similar right wing site for pleasure.

    Wouldn’t you be much happier hanging out on a site with people who share your values? The Mountain Xpress is Asheville’s liberal weekly. It has the same format, the same comics, and the same type of readership as liberal weeklies all over America. If you think it doesn’t have a liberal slant, you are kidding yourself.

    Why not just hang out at the Asheville Tribune site, rather than coming here and ranting about about things like Obama’s pastor, which is bizarrely out of place here?

    To be honest, there is something about it that seems very similar to a homophobic straight guy that always hangs around gay bars and complains as if it’s a random coincidence. I assume a guy who does that is either not confronting his own sexuality or has some serious issues.

    It’s probably good to check out what the other side is doing once in a while, but a preoccupation with hanging out in a liberal bastion like the Mountain Xpress suggests that there are either masochistic tendencies or latent liberalism at play.

    Wouldn’t you just be a ton happier ranting about stuff like how much you hate Reverend Wright at a right wing extremist weekly’s website like the Tribune, where you could link with like-minded souls?

    give it a shot: http://www.ashevilletribune.com/

  5. Dionysis

    “I have a lot of trouble understanding why conservatives like to lurk around on liberal media sites such as this”

    Just a guess here, but it could be that since the right have nothing but a mess to show for the last seven and a half years, and cannot make a case for themselves factually, they seek to subvert, confuse and denigrate those with other views. It’s all they have. A current example would be the automatons heeding fat chickenhawk Rush Limbaugh’s call to ‘Operation Chaos’. Whether it be wingnut trolls on progressive websites or some other juvenile effort, it underscores the bankruptcy of their positions.

  6. Dionysis

    “Let’s hope Obama’s nutcase pastor doesn’t go off the deep end”

    There is nothing the right-wing would welcome more than to see Wright “go off the deep end…again.” To claim otherwise is, to put it politely, disingenuous.

  7. travelah

    entop, the reason I post here is this is a media serving ALL of Asheville and the surrounding area rather than just the leftist fringe elements such as yourself. In fact, I would state the MountainX is more of a cultural publication serving the area than a political mouthpiece for fringe groups. Contrary to your narrow and bigoted mindset, I am quite libertarian in my social and cultural views while being fiscally and economically conservative at the same time. So you see, you don’t have the big picture at all.

  8. entopticon

    travelah, the problem is, you are wrong, and it is astonishingly easy to prove it. Every week there are liberal comic strips, even Tom Tomorrow! Where are the conservative comic strips? If this was meant to serve all of Asheville, there would be conservative comic strips as well.

    There’s not, and there won’t be, because the paper would lose its readership overnight, because this is a liberal weekly.

    If this was a paper for conservatives as well as liberals, there would be an equal representation among the articles, instead of being virtually 100% liberal. An occasional article on what a nutjob Chad Nesbit is doesn’t make this a paper for conservatives.

    There is nothing wrong with this being a liberal weekly. We appreciate an outlet from our perspective, but if the Mountain Xpress tried to claim it represents conservative viewpoints in a balanced way, they would be lying worse than Fox news.

    Sorry travelah, but the facts are unassailable. The Citizen Times is meant to be a paper for all, if that is what you are looking for. The Mountain Xpress is for liberals, and it would be completely disingenuous to argue otherwise.

  9. travelah

    entop, your focus is on politics and unfortunately for you, the MouontainX is about much more than your leftist politics … get over it.

  10. entopticon

    Yes travelah, on a political blog in a conversation about the political leanings about the Mountain Xpress, my focus is on the fact that it is on politics. Go figure!

    I don’t need to get over the fact that the Mountain Xpress is a progressive paper that covers lots of issues. I am well aware of that fact.

    It doesn’t change the fact that you spend your time lurking around a progressive paper’s website ranting about “the leftist fringe.” Just about every aspect of the Mountain Xpress is from a progressive, liberal perspective. There is no right wing equivalent of Cecil Bothwell et al.

    I’m not talking about whatever you might have to say about restaurant reviews or real estate listngs (which still have a liberal perspective here) I am talking about the fact that you spend so much of your time on a progressive paper’s website complaining about progressives, instead of just putting your intention and energy into a site that reflects a conservative libertarian perspective.

    It makes no more sense for a conservative to come to a progressive paper’s website and complain about liberals, than it does for a supposedly straight guy to hang out a straight bar and complain about gay people.

    There is a conservative weekly in Asheville, it’s called the tribune. Seriously, I’m sure they would love to hear your theories about how leftists are ruining everything. You have the right to share those theories here, it just seems pretty pointless.

  11. travelah

    entrop, are you suggesting that the MountainX censor contributions that are not agreeable to your political outlook? It would seem your viewpoint is typical of the left in that they promote the stifling or censoring of voices opposed to their own. What is it that you actually fear from those who think differently than you?

  12. entopticon

    travelah, not at all. as i mentioned, you have a right to post your rants about leftists etc if you want to. It’s just that people read a progressive newspaper because they want progressive viewpoints. If we wanted to hear right wing rants we would read the Asheville Tribune.

    Mostly, I just can’t understand why anyone who rants about “leftists” would want to spend all of their free time on a website where virtually all of the political, and even the cultural articles are overwhelmingly from a progressive perspective. Life’s too short.

  13. travelah

    I think you are taking much for granted concerning the readership of this weekly and it would seem you are somewhat disheveled at having voices other than those like-minded being expressed on an open forum. Now, having established that it is my privilege to post at MountainX (and not a right), what is your real objection? Secondly, it would be interesting to have you define the word “progress” in order to gain a keener insight into how your mind operates.

  14. entopticon

    travelah, you still seem to be ignoring the fact that virtually 100% of the sociopolitical commentary on the Mountain XPress is from a liberal perspective.

    If this is this is a space that was meant for right wing conservatives as well, where are the right wing articles? Nowhere to be found. Where are the right wing comic strips? Nowhere to be found.

    Yes, I am taking for granted that a liberal weekly with 100% liberal content is aimed at liberals. There are literally no articles or commentary that echo your right wing extremist rhetoric. None.

    There are literally no comic strips here that echo your anti-left viewpoint. None.

    It’s not that I’m not interested in different viewpoints. If I wanted to hear right wing rants I would read the Tribune.

    What pleasure do you get from spending your time around a site for a paper with entirely liberal sociopolitical content? If the Mountain Xpress was trying to court people like you, they would have right wing articles about how bad “leftists” are.

    They don’t. Week after week, virtually all of their content is from a liberal perspective, and that’s just a plain and simple fact. They don’t even try to fake being objective like Fox news.

    Liberals appreciate having a liberal weekly, just like conservatives appreciate right wing media. It seems you just haven’t bothered to look at the content of the paper if you seriously think it is geared at a cross section of liberals and conservatives.

    When the Mountain Xpress starts running articles about how they believe that global warming is a hoax, or how they think liberals are out to turn us into socialists, you will know they are courting to people like you. Until then, you simply aren’t who the paper is written for, so why you waste your time here remains a mystery.

  15. travelah

    entop, I am moderately entertained by your discomfort that people who do not agree with your opinions can actually participate in a forum you seem inclined to wish censored. I have been reading this publication for years and appreciate it’s cultural depth. Now it may indeed be a liberal publication but what does that matter? It has an open forum and is read by people of all political stripes whether you wish to acknowledge it or not. I think it is highly amusing to watch a leftist get worked up about non-leftists countering your foolishness. Perhaps your inclination to engage in open attacks against your favorite politician’s opponent is just another indicator of your anti-diversity attitude. Whether the target is Hillary or myself, you appear to harbor a strong resentment toward diversity of opinion. Perhaps you consider the MountainX to be your particular exclusive domain, one that is intolerant of opposing views.

    Face it, entop, you strike me as an anti-diverse, intolerant bigot seeking some type of enforced censorship but then again what leftist truly isn’t? What you have not grasped yet, apparently, is that I am a libertarian on most counts and the MountainX is certainly a good media organ of cultural libertarian ideals. Perhaps you will come to understand that leftist politics is not a natural bedmate of the libertarian cultural mindset. In fact, historically, the left has been the enemy of cultural liberty.

  16. travelah

    entop .. incidentally, this is the OPINION section of MountainX … get used to it. I certainly have.

  17. entopticon

    travelah, you just don’t get it. I admit, I don’t have a lot of respect for your outlandishly ignorant political insights, but if it floats your boat to hang out here and rant about liberalism and the imaginary “leftists” that you seem to see everywhere, knock yourself out.

    Cultural depth? You have to be kidding me. What do conservative libertarians have to do with cultural depth?

    I have no idea why you think that conservative libertarianism is in any way reflected by the Mountain Xpress, but I am guessing that since conservative libertarians don’t add much to the cultural or intellectual life of Asheville, you don’t have an outlet that meets your needs.

    If it makes you happy to go off on bigoted rants about reverend Wright etc, so be it. You will never see the Mountain Xpress reflect your bigoted views, but keep sharing them if that’s what makes you happy.

    As you said, this is the opinion section of the Mountain Xpress, a liberal weekly. If you enjoy expressing your silly right wing nonsense here, rant away.

  18. Angela Becker

    Hillary is my choice too.

    QUESTION: WHY IS OBAMA AFRAID TO DEBATE HILLARY HERE IN NORTH CAROLINA OR IN INDIANA? My guess is he is afraid of questions about his preacher of 20 years who spews hate for country and blames “white people” for black people’s problems. Or maybe it is the statement he made in what he thought was a secret fundraiser in San Francisco. Then he said “small town America is bitter and that is why they cling to their guns and religion.”

    I’ve got news for Obama. Asheville and the rest of North Carolina IS small town America. And we don’t have friends like Weatherman bomber Bill Ayers either. I guess that is just big northern city “sophistication”,huh?

    Everyone,vote for a strong woman who cares about us and this country.Vote Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  19. chall gray

    “…I’ve got news for Obama. Asheville and the rest of North Carolina IS small town America….”

    Yes, and Obama IS expected (even by Hillary and her camp) to win this state decisively…

  20. sgrier

    I agree Lloyd! Hillary Clinton is more experienced and stronger than her opponents. She has told us specifically how she reverse the damage done by eight years of Republican rule. And she is doing something neither of the other two candidates are doing. She is telling us exactly HOW SHE WILL PAY for her proposals. When George Bush leaves us in January 2009 (and good riddance!), we will have a projected debt of Seven TRILLION (with a T) dollars. I want a President who tells me exactly how she will pay for her programs because we cannot afford to go any deeper in to debt! Senator Hillary Clinton will make an excellent President who will act in the interest of ALL the people.

  21. Spartan

    What do the Hillary supporters think of Operation Chaos?

    Interesting bedfellows.

  22. entopticon

    Angela Becker… If Hillary is so much more in touch with small town Southerners, why did she say this about them: “”You don’t owe them a thing, Bill. They’re doing nothing for you; you don’t have to do anything for them.”?

    Why, when the topic of Southern working people came up at a Camp David meeting, did she say, “Screw ’em”?

    If she doesn’t have connections with the Weathermen, why did Bill pardon two of them? Why did she work on Bobby Seal’s defense?

    Clearly your idea of Obama is completely warped, and you are dangerously underinformed about Hillary.

    sgrier… Hillary cannot win, so it is time to start thinking about how you canbest support Obama.

  23. sgrier

    entopticon, with all due respect of which you have earned none, Hillary CAN and WILL win! Perhaps you should start thinking of how best YOU can support her. :-)

  24. travelah

    entop, I think your candidate has some serious problems himself in trying to distance himself from his racist crackpot spiritual adviser, “Rev Wright”. The latest from the man who thinks aids was a white conspiracy to kill blacks is that his spiritual pupil, Mr. Obama, is just saying what a politician has to say in order to get elected. I haven’t yet determined which is a creepier choice, Hillary or Obama. … maybe it’s just a chaotic mess :)

  25. Eli Cohen

    “T” : What is it that you actually fear from those who think differently than you?

    Answer: That they will elect an a.h. like “w” who will start an endless war and run the economy into the ground, run up record breaking debt and strip us of civil rights… Again.

    And by the way “T”, the reverend wright wasn’t all wrong…the chickens did come home to roost.

  26. travelah

    Big E, what I fear is the impact of liberal and leftist policies on my children and grandchildren’s economic future. What I fear is the starvation of millions of souls because of mindless politically driven “green programs” that move food production into alternative fuels that do not meet the need and spew enormous levels of pollution into out waterways. In a word, I fear ignorance for the impact it has on all of us.
    As for ‘Rev Wright”, the chickens did come home to roost for failing to deal with these extremists when we had the opportunity long before 2001.

  27. Eli Cohen

    “T”, all you’ve done is muddy the waters again with your last comment. You neatly sidestepped my assertion that the biggest problem we have at this time is the gang of criminals in the white house. Let’s hear your defense of them!

  28. NC Granny

    I am one older white woman who most certainly will not be voting for Hillary. She was forced to stop claiming credit for the S-Chip legislation that provides medical coverage for 6 million children, for the same reason she had to quit bragging about dodging sniper fire. Those senators actually responsible for this legislation have now disclosed that she played no part in it. As one credible reporter stated that’s covered the Clinton’s extensively since Bill’s administration, Hillary is a congenital liar. To gain power, she CLAIMS to be for the common man. Why not? That tactic worked well for Bill, although his trade deals have proven him to be “the best Republican the Democrats ever elected.” But at this point to stubbornly continue to believe Hillary’s braggadocio or promises is to demonstrate incredible naivete… or racism. Obama proved his wisdom, due diligence, RESPONSIBLE patriotism and strength of character by opposing Bush’s war. Despite her present denial, the record proves that Hillary backed Bush’s war as well as her husband’s one sided trade deals, which in concert have brought this nation to bankruptcy and near collapse. She CANNOT be trusted to undo the harm that her husband did to this country and further, recently she’s vowed to annihilate Iran. After the last two presidents, we simply can’t gamble on electing yet another deceptive, myopic egomaniac who, given the opportunity, could very well finish off this nation, now at its most vulnerable.

  29. travelah

    Big E, you cannot identify any crimes nor criminals. What you can identify are politicians you disagree with. Why would I defend George Bush?

  30. entopticon

    NC Granny… Spot on assessment! I hope the few stragglers who still haven’t realized that Obama is the clear choice listen to what you have to say.

    For the entire campaign, Hillary touted SCHIP as her crowning achievement even though her newly released White House records show that she didn’t attend one single meeting on SCHIP legislation and the Clinton administration actually fought the legislation early on.

    The two main sponsors of the bill were Orin Hatch and Ted Kennedy. Orin Hatch said Hillary had nothing to do with the legislation whatsoever, and Ted Kennedy has no comment.

    The gas tax debacle is the latest proof of Obama’s integrity and judgement, and Hillary and McCain’s willingness to put pandering for political gain ahead of the good of the nation. The federal gas tax proposal that Hillary and McCain are supporting would be a nightmare for the environment, devastating for the economy, and it would barely help consumers.

    Check out the NY Times editorial board’s new article which clearly states that Obama is the only one with the integrity and judgement to put the good of the nation ahead of pandering for political gain:

    The choice for the Democratic nomination is crystal clear: Barack Obama.

  31. entopticon

    sgrier… Hillary would have to win every single remaining contest by enormous margins just to catch up. No serious political analyst believes that that could happen.

    If you believe that Hillary could win, lay out a mathematically feasable path to the nomination for her. You won’t be able to because there isn’t one.

    It’s time for Democrats to start standing behind Barack Obama for the sake of the party because the issues are much more important than any one person.

  32. sgrier

    entopticon, Barack won’t get the 2025 needed to capture the nomination either, so neither one of them will have what it takes to “win” the nomination of our party. And now Obama seems to be imploding with this Rev. Wright scandal plus the Rezko trial continues and lord knows what new ammo that will produce for the Republicans. Then there is Bill Ayers, Louis Farrakkan…the list goes on an on and renders Barack Obama unelectable. But it’s okay, because Hillary Clinton is far more experienced and will make a MUCH better President. The Superdelegates exist to keep the party from doing something incredibly stupid like nominating this guy who does not stand a snowball’s chance of beating McCain. My hope is that they fully understand their responsibility and utilize it to keep us from losing the White House again. I do have confidence that when they look at what will be the electoral reality in November, they will see that had this been the general election, Hillary would have already won as she has taken every large “must win” state for the Democrats. Mathematically speaking, with the states Barack has taken that will never come to the Democrats in November, he can’t win in a general election against McCain. It’s just a fact entopicon…one I hope you will come to embrace along with Hillary Clinton is our party’s nominee.

  33. emmi

    The hard core base of the Democrat party is the McGovern-style liberals, and they’ve shown that they’re solidly behind Obama. But Obama has the same problem every other Democrat has. He needs more than the hard core base, but the vast majority can’t stand hard core leftists. Obama’s dilemma is clear: how can a hard core leftist not appear to be a hard core leftist?

    Obama’s first attempt has been to simply walk around the dilemma. By talking in warm and fuzzy themes, messages of hope, and promises of utopia, he’s tapped into the desire for people to have a more reasonable political climate. America’s desire for an end to the soundbyte squabbling is masking our usual distaste for leftists.

    However, the mask is starting to crack. Obama’s leftism is starting to leak out. His associations are one part of the leak. The main part is that people are listening to his policies, and they’ve discovered the core of his belief system: equality is more important than success. The normal capitalist system allows inequality, because it rewards ‘winners.’ Obama is unwilling to allow inequality, even if it leaves all of us worse off. He won’t cut the capital gains tax, even though everyone benefits, because everyone benefits unequally. He’d rather everyone stay poor than allow some to be richer than others.

    Americans know how to play capitalism, and they know that Obama’s insistence on equality before success is an immature grasp of the system. The moment they sense that Obama doesn’t understand that, they’ll pat him on the head, and send him to the back of the class.

  34. entopticon

    Apparently sgrier is so desperate to twist reality into a place where Hillary could win the nomination that when pressed, the only rational path he/she could lay out for a Hillary nomination is for the superdelegates to hijack the election from the inevitable winner, Barack Obama.

    Sorry, but it is ludicrously naive to contend that the superdelegates are going to overturn the rightful nomination of the candidate who will have won the most pledged delegates, the most popular votes, and the most states.

    That would be guaranteed suicide for the Democratic party. It may sound like a realistic possibility to someone who knows very little about Democratic politics, but it is not. Not by a long shot.

    Sorry, but Hillary can’t possibly win. I only wish Hillary supporters would put their money where there mouths are and bet on her, even though insiders from her own camp give her less than a 10% chance of winning. I could use the money.

  35. Eli Cohen

    Emmi, your arguments are illogical (and absurd) and are based on a lot of assumptions that are wrong. The communist threat is all gone now, so you can stop worrying about it. Now here’s your pat on the head and you can go to the back of the class and sit with Travelah.

  36. travelah

    Hillary Clinton won in the big states that elect Presidents. Thats a fact. If the Democrat nominating process was the same as the Republicans, Hillary would already have the nomination. What we have instead is a great gift to the Republicans. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t pleasantly surprised. With Obama at the helm of the Democrats, the old coalition of the Democrat Party is imploding whether he wins or loses the general election. I think it would be reasonable to state that if Obama is elected, it will be a one term Presidency with Republicans locking up the executive branch of Government for another minimum 8 years. If he loses, the Republicans will have it for another 8 years in any event. In effect we are witnessing the destruction of te Democrat Party that has existed since the Roosevelt years.

    So, party on Democrats. March, protest, bicker and carry on the good fight.

  37. entopticon

    The “big state” myth is considered to be a joke by virtually any serious political analyst.

  38. travelah

    entop, identify the serious political analysts that would state the “big states” being crucial in a national election is a myth. Please make sure you are bipartisan in your response.

  39. entopticon

    Read Robert Creamer’s excellent articles on the big state myth. I don’t take right wing political analysts seriously, so you are on your own there.

  40. entopticon

    In a delegate contest, the big state myth is just another arbitrary moving of the goal posts that will persuade no one in the end.

    Hillary can keep arguing that the criteria should be changed to help her overcome the fact that she is losing by the pre-established criteria , but it will get her nowhere.

    She can keep making arguments about big states, or states that end in a vowel, or whatever her latest spin is, but it changes nothing.

  41. travelah

    entop, that is pretty much what I thought. You are a short gust of hot air.

  42. entopticon

    sorry travelah, but I just don’t think you are going to find many people who take right wing political analysis seriously here. If we were interested in right wing rambling, we would be on some conservative website, which brings me back to the point that I still can’t imagine why you are so compelled to spend all of your free time at a liberal website if it’s supposedly not your thing.

    Do you go to vegetarian restaurants and complain that there are no meat dishes on the menu? Do you go to women’s clothing stores and complain about the fact that they sell dresses?

    Again, you can, but I will probably never understand why you would want to. Most of us come to a liberal weekly like the Mountain Xpress to get away from the xenophobic, ignorant ramblings of right wingers.

    It is just really kind of funny how liberals are generally happy to avoid conservatives as much as possible, but conservatives constantly spend all of their time clinging to liberal bastions.

    Every liberal city in the US has the same problem. Not much chance you will ever see liberals who are obsessed with Heritage USA or whatever cultureless right wing bastion floats your boat.

    I have trouble imagining what a conservative musician would be like. Is Ted Nugent the only one? In all my years in the arts, I have yet to meet a conservative artist. Not one. I am guessing that Thomas Kincaid might be a right wingere though, and you are more than welcome to him.

    Of course, in acting you have legendary greats like Chuck Norris.

    I have conservative acquaintances, but for the life of me I will never understand why conservatives are so obsessed with constantly clinging to the people and places that represent everything that they supposedly stand against.

    By all means though, keep rambling on with your right wing ramblings as if they were in some way profound. It really is pretty entertaining.

  43. obamasupporter#327890

    Hillary seems to be getting more support from the right these days than the left. Shows where her chicken come home to roost. In karl rove’s pocket.

  44. William PMiller

    obamasupporter666: you’d be better off with an athletic supporter and a vote for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Junior Senator Barack Hussein Obama is toast. He stayed with Wright too long, then told some lies about it.

    Hillary shoots straight and cares about the people.

  45. travelah

    Hillary does not get my support. I want Obama at the top of the Democrat ticket only because he is, as a leftist, the worse thing the Democrats could do. In opening their party nominating process to proportional delegates, they provided the leftwing of their party to commandeer the process and create absolute chaos. Obama MIGHT actually get elected if the economy tanks before November. At that point, the Democrats will have committed political suicide and not even realize it. …. but it’s not likely to happen. Poor Hillary, the only shot the Dems had :)

  46. entopticon

    I can’t believe travelah seriously expects us to believe that even though he spends all of his free time, day after day, bashing Obama and trying to convince people that Hillary is a better choice, he really wants Obama to win the nomination.

    Lies don’t get any more pathetically transparent than that.

    What should we expect from a right wing extremist who spends all of his free time hanging out on a liberal weekly paper’s website.

    If this weren’t a liberal paper’s website, the articles would be 50/50 liberal and conservative, instead of virtually 100% liberal. If this weren’t a liberal paper’s website, the comics would be 50/50 conservative and liberal, instead of being 100% liberal.

    A good Doctor might be able to help you with your obsessive-compulsive attraction to liberals travelah.

  47. travelah

    entop, you are ranting again. Why would you want to censor opposing opnions?

  48. entopticon

    You still don’t get it. It has nothing to do with censoring opinions. Would it be censoring if people at a vegetarian website were annoyed by a guy who kept complaining about vegetarians on their site all day?

    Would it be censoring if people at an evangelical website were annoyed at a Satanist who kept ranting about his hatred of Christians and the virtues of Satan all of the time?

    Censorship has nothing to do with it whatsoever. People come here for the fact that it represents them. People don’t come to a liberal paper’s website to hear right wing ranting any more than vegetarians go to a vegetarian website to hear someone ranting against vegetarians, or any more than Christians go to Christian websites to hear someone ranting against Christians.

    There are sites for such debates, but a vegetarian website isn’t the appropriate place for an anti-vegetarian to rant all day, a Christian website isn’t the appropriate place for a Satanist to rant all day, and the Mountain Xpress isn’t the appropriate place for a right wing extremist to rant about “leftists” all day.

    You know I am right about this.

  49. bobaloo

    So you want an echo chamber or what?

    If you really object to travelah posting here why don’t you just hit the ignore button and, y’know, ignore him?

  50. travelah

    entop, sorry bud but the MountainX is not the headquarters for the Obama-Ayers Leftist Coalition for the Disgrace of America. There are too many moderate Democrats and others not in agreement with your leftist agenda.

  51. travelah

    bobaloo, if he ignored everybody objecting to him and his views, he would be lonely.

  52. entopticon

    bobaloo, that’s a particularly asinine thing coming from you, since I severely disagree with you on many things, and misguided as you are, you are not a right wing extremist.

    Although I think you are exceptionally uninsightful and consistently wrong, I have never questioned why you are here.

    Who said I don’t enjoy banter with travelah? I do find his right wing ramblings annoying at times, but often I am just plain fascinated by the way that right wing extremists such as him are so obsessed with always leaching onto progressive hang-outs.

    I’ve been wondering about the phenomenon for many years, and travelah was just in the right time and place for me to try to figure out what makes people like that tick.

    As a die-hard progressive, spending all of my time hanging out as some right wing extremist website would be like hell on earth for me, so it is honestly very hard for me to understand why they do it.

    Perhaps you should take your own advice. I would be perfectly happy for you not to respond to my posts.

  53. entopticon

    travelah….. you think the Mountain XPress isn’t “leftist,” i.e., liberal?

    You think it is a coincidence that virtually 100% of its content is from a liberal perspective? Either you are ludicrously ignorant or ludicrously disingenuous. Either way, it doesn’t say much for you.

    They have several comics a week, and every single last one of them is from a liberal perspective. Guess what? That sort of overwhelming asymmetry is not just a coincidence travelah. They are….. drum roll please…… liberals.

    If they weren’t a liberal, progressive paper, that would make them outlandishly unprofessional, in which case there would be no reason to read it anyway.

    You will not be seeing right wing articles in the pages of the Mountain XPress….. EVER. If they did, their readership would disown them instantly.

    When they do talk about right wingers like the whack job Chad Nesbitt, they speak of them like some sort of curiosity from another planet.

    Like it or not, you are wrong, and I am right. All of the evidence is on my side. If you have evidence of the Mountain XPress being a right wing paper, show me the right wing articles, show me the right wing cartoons etc. You can’t because as usual, you are wrong.

    Sorry, you lose.

    The only disgrace for America is your bigoted race-baiting exploitation of Wright, Ayers, et al.

  54. travelah

    entop, there is a sharp distinction between moderate liberalism and the sharp leftist radicalism you represent on here with your constant vitriol and incessant accusation. You are a wedge in your own party with your constant attack against members of your own representative group. You are essentially an enemy of your own design and speaking from one who is conservative and libertarian,it is quite entertaining to watch you in action. I do not think you yet realize that when leftist radicals push the nominating process, they alienate the middle. It is a political fact of life. You might overcome it because of an unpopular President but it will be the undoing of the Democrat Party in the long run. In a word, you are fringe and Western NC, contrary to popular myth, is not.

  55. entopticon

    I am the fringe? Name a “fringe” policy that I promote. You love to throw out the silliest nonsense. I am more liberal than some, less than others.

    Most radicals, representing what might be called “the fringe” despise the Democratic party for compromising at the expense of the people. I can sympathize with them, but as I get older, I am more of an incrementalist. I would rather enact small changes, little by little, than accomplish nothing by not compromising.

    Much of Western NC is pretty conservative, but if you think Asheville isn’t dominantly liberal, and frankly at least as liberal as I am, you are delusional.

    As usual, you sidestepped the challenge to prove that the Mountain Xpress is even the slightest bit conservative.

    You have repeatedly disparaged the future President of the United states and you have even repeatedly disparaged John McCain, so for you to challenge Wright or anyone else’s patriotism on the grounds of being anti-Ametrican is hypocrisy at its worst…

    Which seems to be your specialty. What else should we expect from a right wing extremist that spends all of his free time at a liberal website.

  56. travelah

    entop, why would I take on a foolish challenge such as trying to prove MountainX is conservative? I have never made such a claim. I have stated the MountainX serves a diverse community and is not an exclusive radical political rag. As for you, anybody who promotes the notion that Hillary Clinton is a right winger is nothing but fringe. Policy-wise, there isn’t any serious difference between her and Obama. As for disparaging Obama, he has done well enough at that with his 20 year association with Wright and his friendship with an unrepentant terrorist bomber. It seems pretty clear that as a leftist propagandist you cannot distinguish between a conservative libertarian and your mythical “right wing extremist” (anybody including Hillary, that you disapprove of). I do not disparage John McCain and will vote for him in the fall. My preference was for Guilianni.

    In any event, savor your radical leftist victory here in NC. You might even beat McCain in November. but you better start studying the dynamics of American politics.

  57. entopticon

    I better start studying the dynamics of American politics? Where did You study the dynamics of American politics?

    I’m not asking you to show that the Mountain Xpress is conservative; I’m just asking you to give the slightest shred of evidence that it is politically diverse, rather than inarguably being a paper for progressive liberals, which it most certainly is.

    Of course, as usual, you have no case.

    Hillary is not a right winger, but she has most certainly adopted right wing rhetoric and has aligned herself with right wingers.

    Your preference was for Giuliani? Didn’t you hear the news? Giuliani’s lifetime spiritual mentor is a former Nazi Youth that has been involved in the coverup of thousands of child molestation cases, and that’s a fact.

    If Giuliani’s spiritual mentor had been the head of a large company with the same exact history of covering up child molestation cases, he would be in prison serving countless life sentences.

    So much for your guilt-by-association logic.

    If “policy-wise, there isn’t any serious difference” between Hillary and Obama, that makes Hillary an identically “radical leftist” as well. Apparently, you see them everywhere because they are out to get you travelah.

    Watch out for your soup. I hear that radical leftists like to hide in your bowl of soup and jump out when you least expect it.

    I will in fact savor Obama’s victory here in NC, thanks very much.

  58. djresteep

    “If you really object to travelah posting here why don’t you just hit the ignore button and, y’know, ignore him?”

    well, that function doesnt actually work.

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