I’m not falling for Republican tactics any more

I have yet to hear a Republican offer an apology for what their administration did to this country and its citizens, yet they now want us to trust them again. That's ____. 

I'm 74 and worked hard all my life, and because of the Republicans and their greedy friends, I am now living in subsidized senior housing and having to live off of my [Social Security] funds. When I retired, I had retirement funds, which have disappeared. And today my car was repossessed because I could no longer make payments. I will forever despise the Republicans and their "friends."

— Lloyd Kay

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63 thoughts on “I’m not falling for Republican tactics any more

  1. travelah

    I don’t think Republicans are looking for you to trust them at all. In fact, somebody who has a car repossessed from them at at 74 should look at their own circumstances and actions rather than trying to blame the “Republican” boogeymen for your own poor stewardship. It strikes me as obvious that you have trusted too much in your own stewardship and self-advice and are now tryng to shift the blame for your shortcomings ….. OR .. this is a bogus letter looking to flame sentiments.

  2. Asheville Dweller

    Travelah I agree, just trying to stir the politcal pot, seems to be the Token Politcal Bashing bait letter.

  3. To make travelah’s point crystal clear Lloyd, the rebublicans are responsible for nothing. The rebublicans have never been responsible for anything. Their actions and policies have no effect. That is why you should vote for them because they will do nothing and be responsible for nothing. Rebublicans are firm believers in the “You’re On Your Own Society.” It’s all in God’s hands and the free market, the other God they worship.

  4. travelah

    Christopher, to help make your muddied thought clearer for understanding, George W. Bush is responsible for repossessing 74 year old Lloyd’s car. George W. Bush is responsible for the loss of Lloyd’s retirement funds. George W. Bush is responsible for where Lloyd lives. What victimization would you like to blame George W. Bush for, Christopher?

    Lloyd (if this letter reflects his circumstances) is a victim of his own making. It is absurd to blame Republicans for havng one’s car repossessed, mismanaging retirement funds and living in senior housing. It is as absurd as stating that Democrats are responsible for my economic propsperity, the home I live in, the cars that have not been repossessed and teh retirement I will hopefully live long enough to enjoy.

    Start taking some responsibility for your own life. It is a sure thing the Demoncrats will not.

  5. entopticon

    Don’t let travelah the antichrist get to you Lloyd. No doubt once he gets done sanctimoniously picking on impoverished elderly people, he will move on to kicking puppies and taunting kids with leukemia. Apparently, if he doesn’t break at least one commandment a day, he will catch on fire.

    You made a perfectly valid point Lloyd. The GOP’s unconscionably irresponsible economic policies have clearly had a dire effect on you, and unlike travelah the antichrist, I have great sympathy for you. Funny that even people who don’t consider themselves Christians are more Christian in their actions than travelah the antichrist.

    Christ sure as hell did not rail against the poor or blame them for their hardship. He preached forgiveness and sympathy, and commanded that you give to everyone who begs from you, whether you think they deserve it or not, and anyone who wants to borrow from you, whether you think they deserve it or not.

    It really eats travelah the antichrist up inside that Christ was a bleeding heart liberal. Christ was the anti-travelah. He despised everything that travelah the antichrist stands for. He was a skilled laborer that quit working to hang out and talk philosophy with his friends all day while they bummed spare change for food and wine. Beggars were his people. He didn’t even believe in possessions.

    It really is hilarious how fanatical right-wing extremists like travelah the antichrist love to endlessly rant about taking personal responsibility until it comes to themselves. To deny George Bush’s responsibility in the economic collapse is naivete at its most ridiculous extreme.

    Unfortunately, politics moves slowly, so this system is not going to change overnight. My heart goes out to you Lloyd, and I hope you find the help that you need.

  6. Piffy!

    i agree with trav, also. The author offers some really lame, vague accusations against “republicans”, but the very same things could be said of Democrats.

    Also, i dont see how “republicans” made her lose here car.

  7. entopticon

    It couldn’t possibly be any more straightforward. Like many of us, Lloyd lost his retirement savings because of the crash that the Republican run government presided over. Yes, it can be said that Democrats played a role in it, but to blame the Democrats for George Bush’s financial mismanagement really is ludicrous.

    An elderly man lost his retirement money and he is angry at the person in charge. That doesn’t make him lame, it makes him reasonable. Bush himself was fond of the “buck stops here.” It is personally reasonable to hold the person in charge for his own policies.

    To attack an old man living on Social Security in assisted housing, who lost his life savings and now his car, for holding the political party in charge of the decisions that lead to his situation responsible, is what is lame. Extremely lame.

  8. Travelah it really wasn’t necessary for you to reiterate my point. The rebublicans will not be held responsible for any of the circumstaces that have led to Lloyd’s unfortunate circumstances. We all know that. It is nice to see you agree with me.

  9. T100C-1970

    Like Trav, I suspect Lloyd may be a “seminar writer” just trying to fire people up. But maybe he went to the same stock broker I did around 2003. The broker suggested CFC as a hot stock. It was taking off like a rocket back then. I had lost a little money < 20K on the "rocket ships" of the ninties (VTSS and QWST) and said NO thank you very much. But maybe Lloyd said, "Man I can double my money in two years" (which WOULD have been possible then and invested all his money). But even if he is not a seminar writer he does make a point: If (For whatever reason) you are either not interested or not capable in managing your own life you will most likely fare better under Democrat policies.

  10. T100C-1970

    To entopticon: Your post proves my point. Even if Lloyd had put ALL of his money in a DJIA tracking fund or even S+P 500 he would STILL have at least 70% of his money! The only way to “lose it all” (so far at least) is via a pathological combination of avarice and lack of prescience. I AM a greedy reTHUGlican and have lost no more than 15% of net wealth since spring 2008 because I am risk averse and diversify my investments.

  11. entopticon

    T100fkjhdf1970…. You prove my point… Republicans have absolutely no business calling themselves Christian. Yeah, I can just picture Jesus changing his mind about the poor being the chosen people, to “suckers, they should have diversified their portfolios with a better broker.”

    Lloyd is a 74 year old man living off of Social Security in assisted housing, that lost his life savings to the stock market crash, who just has his fricking car repossessed. What the hell is wrong with you people? It takes the extremely broken mind of a far right Republican to worship a bleeding heart liberal while railing against everything he ever stood for. If you are an anti-Christian Republican, props for continuity.

  12. travelah

    T1, not only that but he should have most of it back now. NOBODY lost all their retirement unless THEY squandered it. My 401K is back where it was last spring. Q3 was a 25% gain. Q4 is looking strong. I think the opening post is a fraudulent letter looking to flame the issues.

    If you are interested in a dull, drab life, surrender yourselves to the Democrats. They will plan your very death and keep you to the plan.

  13. entopticon

    Yeah kids, listen to travelah the antichrist, because nobody knows how to party like right-wing extremist religious fanatics. So what if there is no such thing as a worthwhile right-wing rockstar? Democrats live a “dull, drab life.” Rockstars don’t know how to party like travelah the antichrist. When travelah really wants to let loose he might go bowling, or just stay home and poke a gerbil with a stick while fantasizing about Sean Hannity. Good times.

    So what if there is no such thing as a talented or creative Republican artist? Artists live “a dull, drab life.” And so what if every great comedian in history has been a liberal? Do you think those comedians know the ecstatic joy of an abstinence-only pizza party? Hell no.

    Democratic death panels are coming to get you all. They are going to make you have gay sex and worship Allah, and it will be very boring. If you want real fun and excitement, come to a hell house, because right-wing extremists know fun. And what could be more fun and exciting than watching a fundamentalist nutjob dress up like Pan and pretend to curse homosexuals to eternity in a lake of fire? Oh yeah… the P in GOP is for P-A-R-T-Y!

  14. John B

    Wow. This thread is a party. I’m neither a R or D but I do want to point out a lot of the derivatives deregulation that caused the meltdown happened on Clinton’s watch under Larry Summers. Not to say Bush did a whole lot to correct the situation either but I think everyone’s being a little unfair. I do think it’s a little strange Summers is now advising Obama.

  15. Viking

    travelah, Mr. Kay probably experienced GOP-sponsored corporatism. Corporatism is one of the legacies of modern GOP rule, and one the Dems have few cards left to do anything about. Mr. Kay is just too frustrated and tired to articulate his situation in context, though he has many, many defenders. Defenders like me.

    Corporatism is a reality, though folks like ‘travelah’ and others will spin those realities into mythic, ‘grey area phenomenon/Fox News’ speech. ‘Responsibility’ is also a reality, though the GOP often likes to use the term as cover for moving the consequences of their policies to the helpless.

    If Goldman Sachs, AIG, or whoever insured Mr. Key’s retirement funds, was on an equal playing field as Mr. Key, then the libertarian/GOP rhetoric I see in this thread would ring true. But they are not. They exceeded their ‘circumstances’ as basic human beings (or ‘corporate’ beings) and are now supernatural GOP entities who must be worshiped by all, or so you would have us believe.

    While assailing such rhetoric is often dismissed as ‘socialism’ by Foxian/Glenn Beckian/Ron Paulian types, Mr. Kay left his small record and thoughts on the GOP. Few will be able to say (or at least prove) the GOP helped average citizens over the past 30 years in any significant way. So, in the end, most agree with Mr. Kay’s POV and the GOP is indeed an entity to be feared.

    Not sure what the Tom DeLay/Lou Dobbs/Sarah Palin/Rush/Michael Steele POV ‘revolution’ hopes to accomplish by bashing a fellow like Kay? We notice your viciousness, and we’ll crush you all with extreme, reciprocating prejudice. Is that the point of beating a man like Kay when he’s down? Would you like someone like me to never, ever give the GOP any slack whatsoever, for the rest of my life?

    A small minority trust the GOP. And in the fantasy libertarian world too many promote, no one trusts anyone; or everyone is supposed to naturally trust everyone, and there’s no government intervention, only ‘Magic Trust’. …or whatever libertarian ideology is about. It’s a mystery to all but Ron Paul’s believers.

    If someone were to reach out to people like Kay, understand their situations and offer legitimate solutions; then much of the American citizenry’s crappy opinions might have more positive meaning. Right now the USA is headed down the shitter because of assholes like ‘travelah’ not giving a rat’s ass about folks like Kay.

  16. JWTJr

    Blaming one party for where we are today is just typical partisanship.

  17. JWTJr

    Anybody who is using equity securities or anything that has a fluctuating Par value when they are in their retirement years and has a modest amount to live on needs to blame their investment adviser.

  18. jacob ryan

    you know the story about Lazarus and the rich man? I believe you are a Lazarus. I’m pretty sure justice is waiting in the after life for the Republican party, just look at the way Jesus kicked the crap out of the temple money changers. I’m truly sorry for your loss. I have been fooled too, for two elections, but am happy to say that others are starting to see the truth as well.

  19. travelah

    jacob …. hre is a basic bible lesson for you ..

    … A farmer had some crops that needed to be harvested and he hired day laborers, agreeing to pay them $100 for working a 12-hour shift. The farmer was in a hurry to get his crops harvested, so he went out again two hours into the shift and hired more workers. He continued to look for laborers throughout the day, bringing in more laborers every hour. Finally, at seven o’clock, one hour before sunset, he brought in a dozen more workers to help finish the job.

    He then lined the workers up to give them their pay and he paid first the workers who had only worked an hour. Those who stood, sweat dripping from their bodies from a 12-hour shift, smiled when they saw the one-hour hires get $100. They figured that meant they’d get paid extra. But to their horror, the farmer also paid them only $100.

    They confronted the capitalist with the charges of favoritism and unjust discrimination. Rather than offering arbitration, the farmer responded, “I’m not doing you any wrong. Didn’t you agree to work for $100? Take your money and leave. I’ll pay the people who worked an hour the same as I paid you. Isn’t it lawful for me to do what I want with my own money?”

    Who is this capitalist exploiter of workers who thinks he can pay people whatever he wants? …

    This was quoted from here:

  20. travelah, are you saying this story is your justification for a callous attitude towards a fellow human being who is having a difficult time in his golden years? I just want to make sure, because that’s what it sounds like.

  21. travelah

    I am suggesting that the author of the letter has a callous disregard for the truth and is fostering a victim mentality rather than facing his own failures. Either that or as I also suggested, the author is a fraud and is just flaming the issue. Trying to blame Republicans, or any party for that matter, for his poor stewardship is nothing but a play for undeserved pity.

  22. At 74, what good will facing your failures do? You can’t be expected to go back into the work force and try to right the wrongs. You could dwell on your mistakes, I suppose, but that wouldn’t do much good either. I, for one, hope my government provides me the ability to pursue happiness when I’m 74, rather than expect me to face my failures. You know, life, liberty, and the… Ah nevermind.

  23. travelah

    Facing failures makes tomorrow that much more enjoyable or at least endurable. trying to blame somebody else for your failures just makes you look, well, stupid. I suppose the point not being made well here is that the writer of the letter is a liar. He didn’t lose all of his retirement because of any Republican or Democrat. If he has social security he hasn’t lost a thing. If he had a pension he hasn’t lost a thing. If he had an annuity, he hasn’t lost a thing. If he had a 401K invested in equities, he is now better off than he was not just last year but over a decade ago.

    Read through the lines … there is a bigger story.

  24. entopticon

    It is literally hard to even imagine a person who is less Christian than travelah the antichrist. I have never before seen someone who is so constantly obsessed with railing against Christ’s core messages on a daily basis, Christian or otherwise.

    Christ most certainly did NOT advocate travelah’s despicably shameful attitude here. In fact, he explicitly commanded against it. He preached forgiveness, mercy, and sympathy for the poor. Unlike travelah, he absolutely did NOT blame the poor for their misfortune. Over and over again, Christ railed about how much he despised wealth, and he commanded that you give to everyone in need, whether you are a sanctimonious right-wing blowhard who thinks they don’t deserve it or not. He absolutely never advocated travelah’s unconscionable blame-the-victim mentality.

    travelah truly is the antichrist, and it is both sad and pathetic that he doesn’t even know it. The man that travelah claims to worship is the most famous bleeding heart liberal of all time. Instead of respecting Jesus’s message and emulating it, travelah spends all of his time speaking against Christ’s core messages, which were literally the exact opposite of travelah’s shameful bile.

    Quite the opposite of travelah and other hypocritical right wing extremists like him, Jesus did not ever preach to suck it up and blame people for their poverty. He preached the exact opposite of that. For better or worse, he explicitly commanded that you have sympathy for the poor, and that you give to everyone who begs from you and anyone who wants to borrow from
    you, whether or not you think they deserve it. In other words, the exact opposite of what travelah has been saying here every day.

    Seriously, there are Satnists who are more Christian than travelah the antichrist, and that isn’t even hyperbole. Jesus was a bleeding heart liberal pacifist, travelah. Emulate him or stop pretending to follow him.

  25. jacob ryan

    thanks for the lesson Travs,

    Your insight never fails to illuminate us all. Do you think that is possible that that parable is actually about forgiveness? Jesus talked about that right? Do you think it might be possible that the very parable that you sight might actually be talking about human worth and equality?

    Mr. Kay

    I’m not going to waist anymore time with Trav here, but I just wanted to say that you remind me of Lazarus because he was the only person in all of Jesus’ parables that had a proper name. All others were just farmers, fishers, dads, brothers, etc… He’s special because his name means “God is my hope.” He had an identity. The rich man in the story was just a rich man. He had no real identity apart from his riches, his position, his false hopes. Lazarus dies in the story wronged by this world, in poverty and destitution, but he is vindicated in heaven with honor. I believe you are a good man who has worked hard and been given no thanks. I just wanted to say thank you for your honesty and your candidness. I hope I can grow into being the kind of man that you sound to be.

  26. “I have never before seen someone who is so constantly obsessed with railing against Christ’s core messages on a daily basis, Christian or otherwise.”

    Clearly, you don’t watch Fox News.

  27. travelah

    jacob, the parable addresses the sovreignty of salvation emphasizing that it is by the grace and mercy of God that one is saved rather than through the working merits of men. Of course, I do not expect you to understand that however an accompanying tie in to that is found in Paul’s epistle to the Romans (ch 9).
    My point in drawing attention to it was to show how ignorant the world is when they try to portray Christ as a “bleeding heart liberal socialist”. Such a notion is patently absurd. Socialism is founded upon Marx’ notions of faith being an opiate and his irrational hatred of Christ.

    Back to the opening letter. Do you actually believe any of it?

  28. jacob ryan

    Two things: I agree that Jesus can not truly be called a socialist, however I don’t think he would call himself today a Capitalist, a Republican, or even a Evangelical. How could it be said that he even believed in the worlds politics at all? “My kingdom is not of this world… otherwise my servants would turn and fight for me.” Do you really think Jesus had faith in humanity to “get it right” when it came to how we get along? Esp when it came to government? If Jesus has a kingdom in this world it lays in the hearts on men, not on earth, and it spreads through gratitude, not through bloodshed or slanderous argument, ‘His kingdom” or the projection of our expectations of his kingdom are sadly still being forced today by people who understand it not. Governments stand and fall, but that wasn’t Jesus’ discussion. He was talking about our hearts. Why do you continue to alienate people like barry and others whom God loves in the name of Christ? What kingdom are you promoting Travalah? because it doesn’t look like Jesus’.

  29. entopticon

    travelah the antichrist… you really are a riot. I have seen some convoluted attempts to rationalize the hypocritical conflict between the greed of the far right and Christ’s teachings, but that idiotic tripe from Pajamas Media that you quoted, mangling Matthew 20, really takes the cake.

    The message of Matthew 20, which is hardly controversial, was that the farm owner was not punishing the people who worked harder, he was being generous with the people who didn’t. It was a simple lesson about generosity and envy. The twisted notion that it makes Jesus a greedy, exploited capitalist, rather than the bleeding heart liberal that he was is completely ridiculous.

    Let’s look at the facts… Jesus was a pacifistic, anti-death penalty, anti-public prayer, skilled laborer that quit working to hang out bumming spare change and talking philosophy with his panhandler friends, who he believed to be the chosen people. In other words, everything that travelah openly despises.

    Since travelah was ignorantly foolish enough to actually cite Matthew as an example of Jesus, the most famous bleeding heart liberal in history, of not (!?!) being a bleeding-heart liberal, it will be a pleasure using Matthew to blow that asinine contention to smithereens….

    On pacifism and the death penalty:
    “You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,’ But I say to you, Do not resist an evildoer. But if anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn the other also.” ~Matthew 5.38

    On money:
    “You cannot serve God and wealth.” ~Matthew 6.24

    “Give to everyone who begs from you, and do not refuse anyone who wants to borrow from you” ~Matthew 5.42 (perhaps the ultimate bleeding-heart liberal statement in the history of humanity).

    “Then Jesus said to his disciples, Truly I tell you, it will be hard for a rich person to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” ~Matthew 19.23

    On public prayer:
    “Beware of practicing your piety before others in order to be seen by them; for then you have no reward from your father in heaven.” ~Matthew 6.1

    “And whenever you pray, do not be like the hypocrites; for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners, so that they may be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward. But whenever you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you.” ~Matthew 6.5

    On bleeding heart liberal forgiveness:
    “Then Peter came and said to him, Lord, if another member of the Church sins against me, how often should I forgive? As many as seven times? Jesus said to him, “Not seven times, but I tell you, seventy times seven times.” ~ Matthew 18.21 (in other words, travelah’s attitude towards Lloyd’s predicament is extremely un-Christian).

    And then there was this major doozy of blatantly anti-Christian blather from travelah the antichrist: “it is by the grace and mercy of God that one is saved rather than through the working merits of men.”

    Now let’s see what Matthew has to say about travelah’s antiChristian drivel:

    “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven. On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many deeds of power in your name? Then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; go away from me, you evildoers.” ~Matthew 7.21 (in other words, the exact opposite of what travelah just falsely claimed).

    And the list goes on and on. Jesus is the most famous bleeding heart liberal of all time. travelah may be a lot of things, but a Christian is certainly not one of them, because he obsessively rails against the core teachings of Christ on a daily basis, as I have irrefutably evidenced over and over again.

  30. entopticon

    That’s true Imposter, I don’t watch much Fox News, and that is certainly a repository for extremely anti-Christian rhetoric. Hyper greedy, warmongering right-wing extremist fanaticism could not be farther from Christ’s core teachings.

    I probably should have clarified my statement, travelah is the most extremely anti-Christian person that I have ever seen on this site, with Chad Nesbitt on his tail.

  31. JWTJr

    Imposter – you’re just Chris Matthews incognito. Of course you would want to censor Fox.

  32. entopticon

    It is just too funny that the far right keeps trying to equate MSNBC with Fox, as if that was remotely intellectually honest. Chris Matthews, a former cop, is a center left Democrat, that has even supported conservatives. He even supported George W in 2000. Media analysts have even shown that Chris Matthews’ guest panels are significantly skewed in favor of conservatives.

    MSNBC is owned by a Republican. They air several hours of right wing opinion programming every single day, as does CNN. Conversely, Fox is to the extreme right 100% of the time. Fox news created, advertised, and organized the right wing extremist tea party movement. Their producers were literally busted leading cheers at the events. Fox is not news. It is a laughably transparent right-wing extremist mouthpiece, and nothing more.

  33. JWTJr

    “Media analysts have even shown that Chris Matthews’ guest panels are significantly skewed in favor of conservatives.”

    Source? The Huffington Post?

    Let’s say your correct – which I doubt – he has them on so he can bash them for the ‘thrill’ he gets up his leg.

  34. travelah

    All anybody has to do to see the clear leftist bias of MSNBC is look at the evenng lineup. They are as far to the left as Hannity is to the right.

    The following statement is a complete fabrication.

    MSNBC is owned by a Republican. They air several hours of right wing opinion programming every single day, as does CNN. Conversely, Fox is to the extreme right 100% of the time. Fox news created, advertised, and organized the right wing extremist tea party movement. Their producers were literally busted leading cheers at the events. Fox is not news. It is a laughably transparent right-wing extremist mouthpiece, and nothing more

  35. entopticon

    travelog the liar said: “The following statement is a complete fabrication.”

    So lets break it apart claim by claim. MSNBC is owned by Bill Gates (a moderate Republican) and one of the largest arms contractors in the world, General Electric.

    As opposed to MSNBC, Fox does not have any left-wing opinion shows whatsoever. Fox has no equivalent to Joe Scarborough. 100% of their programming is on the right.

    And here is a CNN report on Fox News promoting, hyping, and even cheerleading at the right wing extremist teabagging parties:

    Once again, the facts leave egg on the face of travelog the liah ;)

  36. travelah

    Yes, let’s break it apart.

    MSNBC is owned by GE, one of the largest promoters of Obama’s green initiatives and quite self serving at that. Jeffrey Immelt has been kissing Oba Mao’s butt since he was elected.

    MSNBC is the home of two of the most dirt smearing commentators around, the mysygonist Oobermensch and the MaddOx of lunatic irrationalism.
    Most of Fox News programming is just that, news. The commentation shows are in the evenings and some during the weekend days.
    CNN, with the departure of it’s last conservative and rational observer Lou Dobbs, is a left of center arm of Democratic powers .. has been for a long time. Their reporting of the “tea party protests” can hardly be deemed unbiased or even honest in any sense of the word. The FOX news organization has never had an organizing role in any of these events. The commentators that air on Fox in the evenings have ben suportive of those events, for the most part.

    I will state this about CNN however, they have recently taken steps to move themselves toward more of a straight news format, according to Dobbs. That may or may not be a good thing. They might have to hire actual journalists to make it work.


    Truth trumps statist fundamentalism always.

  37. entopticon

    Oh traveliar… what would happen if you actually won an argument for once in your life? Would your head explode? Is that why you insist on losing virtually every argument that you have ever been in by using specious information?

    Jeffrey Immelt was a major McCain supporter and is a registered Republican! Apparently the word “truth” means the exact opposite of what you think it does. You really are hilarious.

    Seriously, you shouldn’t use the word misogynist under any circumstances. You supported a candidate with a 0% rating on women’s issues. You’ve never taken a women’s studies class in your life and you have absolutely no idea what the term means. You are just a fundamentalist windbag echoing the ignorant rhetoric of people like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, who never passed a single college course in their lives, let alone women’s studies, but throw around words like “misogynist” with virtually no education on the subject whatsoever anyway, because they know that ignorant fundamentalists like you will gladly parrot their imbecilic tripe.

    And here you are caught in yet another outright lie:
    “Most of Fox News programming is just that, news.”

    No traveliar, that is in fact a lie. According to Fox News, significantly less than half of their programming is news. The rest is opiniontainment. According to Fox, their only news programming is between “9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and 6 to 8 p.m.” It must really suck always being wrong. Fox itself contends that it only shows news 9 hours a day, which makes your statement completely false.

    I guess you didn’t hear that Fox producers were literally caught red-handed cheerleading at tea parties. Sucks to be you.

    Oba Mao statist fundamentalists are coming to force the Koran and homosexual marriage on you, blah, blah, blah, blah. Your delusional paranoia is nothing if not entertaining.

  38. “Let’s say your correct – which I doubt – he has them on so he can bash them for the ‘thrill’ he gets up his leg. ”

    I think you meant “you’re”.

    They are tempting guests to have on, and it’s easy to bash them, because they are wrong.

  39. JWTJr

    Imposter – at least you admit you see nothing wrong with their bias and don’t attempt the futile argument that they aren’t.

  40. travelah

    According to Fox, their only news programming is between “9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and 6 to 8 p.m

    The time frame before the 9AM slot is filled with very much the same type of programming each of the mainstream networks run at that time. The rest of the time as you noted constitutes the majority of average viewing times. Thats 9 hours of news programming vs. 3 hours of commentary programming in the evening, 10 hours when it includes the business report at 4PM.

    That pretty much validates my “lying” statement.

    Most of Fox News programming is just that, news. The commentation shows are in the evenings and some during the weekend days

    There is nobody on Fox News who would ever rate the label mysygonist as Olberman does however what is just as interesting is observing how Maddow, a radical lesbian feminist coddles to Olberman, a man by his actions distincly ooppsed to her notion of the empowerment of women. Well, there a catch. They both hate Bush and therefore it’s all OK.

    The statist fundamentalists rants against Fox News and anybody who challenges their mantra are not grounded in truth but in sheer nonsense.

  41. entopticon

    “That pretty much validates my “lying” statement.”

    Yes traveliar, the fact that Fox specifically states that it only shows 9 hours of news a day, and the rest is opinion, does indeed confirm the fact that you were incontrovertibly lying when you said: “Most of Fox News programming is just that, news.”

    It is amazing how even the most straightforward, fundamental loic completely eludes you as if you were a small child or mentally deficient in some way. There are 24 hours in the day. 9 is less than 12, not more. No matter how you slice it, your claim is fallacious, and if you had even a shred of integrity you would just admit it and move on.

    And here’s a thought for you, Rachel Maddow, a brilliant Rhodes scholar who certainly knows a hell of a lot more about misogyny than a right-wing extremist fundamentalist that never took a women’s studies course in his life such as you, likes Olbermann so much because your claims about misogyny are absolute hogwash.

    Guess what… when you support a candidate with a 0% lifetime rating on women’s issues, you lose the right to be taken even remotely seriously on the issue of misogyny. You don’t even know what the word means. You just parrot what other people with no formal education, such as Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity say about it. It is almost as humorous in its laughable ignorance as it is pathetic.

    blah blah liberal statists blah blah Marxist conspiracy, blah blah immigrants, blah blah radical lesbians, blah blah Kenyan birth certificates blah blah Obama is Hitler blah blah blah. You really are a right wing extremist puppet, or a talking hate doll.

    Apparently like a doll, there is a cord in your butt, that your friend Jimmy Swaggart pulls when he is taking you from behind, and the talking device inside cycles through a greatest hits collection of asinine right-wing extremist soundbites.

  42. travelah

    Swaggart is your kind of guy, not mine … I can only introduce you to him rather than chaparone the little nest of whacked out theological turds you mightr share with him from your Freeman associations ….

    I think anybody who lokks into the clown’s history can see the mysoginist in Oberman. He is nothing more than a jock abuser of women.

  43. entopticon


    Swaggart is my kind of guy? So now I am the conservative evangelical, not you?

    Let’s get this straight…. You know Swaggart through mutual friends, not me. The reason that you know him and even have personal friends in common with him is that he in fact IS your kind of guy. You and Swaggart are the right-wing extremist evangelicals, not me. Your core values, friends, religion, and politics are virtually indistinguishable. It would be all I could do not to laugh in his face.

    And now according to you Keith Olbermann is an abuser of women, and you, a fundamentalist wingnut who voted for a candidate with a 0% lifetime rating on women’s issues, including opposing equal pay, defunding research into women’s health issues, and voting against legislation to protect women from domestic abuse, is calling him a misogynist, a word that you don’t even understand, because a few right wing extremist talk show hosts with no formal education told you to. Now that’s rich.

    Perhaps Larry Craig is the one who pulls the right-wing extremist talking point chord out of your butt while he is having his way with you. Or is it Ted Haggard? You do have so much in common with them after all. Marxist, Marxist, lesbian, immigrant, black nationalist homosexual agenda, yada, yada, yada.

  44. travelah

    With heretics like Freeman as your sources, I thought you might like to add another one to your repertoir however your one man circus act seems to perform well enough without the additional clowns. … statist fundamentalism at work, folks.

  45. entopticon

    Again traveliar… you still don’t get it.

    YOU personally know Jimmy Swaggart. I don’t.
    YOU have personal friends in common with Jimmy Swaggart. I don’t.
    YOU share Swaggart’s political and religious beliefs. I don’t.

    As opposed to you, I have nothing in common with Swaggart. Exactly what part of “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” don’t you understand? Your hypocrisy is truly mind-boggling.

    My friend Anthony Freeman is the polar opposite of Jimmy Swaggart, and he is a friend, not a spiritual advisor. Unlike your right-wing evangelical brethren, he doesn’t smoke meth and crack and have sex with prostitutes, male or female. And unlike Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity, he actually has a college degree. In fact he has two. From Oxford.

    “statist fundamentalism at work folks” Do you suffer from sort of mental damage? I proved over and over and over again that I do not have a fundamentalist belief in the infallibility of the state.

    Over and over I have defied you to provide any proof whatsoever for your imbecilic claim, but you can’t, because you are a liar and it is just another of your embarrassingly disgraceful confabulations.

    To make it clear: F*ck the state. Now let me see you say F*ck the bible.

  46. travelah

    Poor entopticon, I personally know a lot of people I do not agree with and do not support in their philosophy and personal outlooks, including their theology. What is your point? Both men referred to are whacked out heretics theologically and as such seem to be the same types of people you point for your sources. Thats my point.

    I am sure you don’t realize it but statist fundamentalism doesn’t have anything to do with “infallibility”. I am not aware of anybody who considers the State to be infallible whether they are statist fundamentalists such as yourself or conservative ideologues such as I.

  47. entopticon

    OMG, you really do have something seriously wrong with you. You didn’t meet Jimmy Swaggart because of how different you are from him. You met him because you have friends in common. You run in the same circles because you are both right-wing extremist fundamentalist evangelicals. Seriously, it is time to put down the crack pipe already

    In what way is Anthony Freeman, a scholar from one of the top 5 universities on the planet, who works with some of the foremost scientists and philosophers in modern history on a daily basis, the same as a right-wing extremist fundamentalist like Jimmy Swaggart? Taking two people with virtually opposite personal, theological, and political views, and conflating the two is yet another sign of your laughable delusion.

    What the bleep is wrong with you? By definition, infallibility is a priori to fundamentalism. That is not an opinion, it is a fact. Are you really THAT ignorant? There is literally no such thing as fundamentalism without infallibility.

    The term “fundamentalism” was coined by and about conservative evangelicals who espoused a doctrine of biblical infallibility, in the early part of this century. It was later applied by the American media to muslim fundamentalists during the Iranian hostage crisis, as a metaphor for understanding the Ayatolah Khomeni’s followers’ inflexible belief in the Koran. The term is still at times used as a metaphor when it is applied to non-evangelicals, where it refers to fundamentalist evangelical’s belief in inerrancy. Without the tenet of infallibility, fundamentalism would have no meaning. It does not refer to someone who merely supports something. It specifically refers to inerrancy, and that is a fact.

    As I have shown, by definition there is absolutely no such thing as fundamentalism without infallibility, so your tireless crusade to lose every single argument that you have ever been in continues its perfect record.

  48. travelah

    poor entopticon, you can claim no personal knowledge of anybody except the fruitcakes who agree with you? Well I am not surprised. You have a small world.

    I realize it is uncomfortable for you to be considered a statist fundamentalist but by any reasonable understanding of the secular uses of the term, it is just undeniable. You are the antithesis of the religion of the fundamentalist you detest but in reality he is the antithesis of the statism of the fundamentalist you are. Welcome to your own nightmare.

  49. entopticon

    traveliar, you are just talking nonsense, and trying to pass it off as something more. My world is small? I spent a great deal of time and money over the last couple of weeks helping out a right-wing fundamentalist evangelical in need. Have you been spending your time and money on radical lesbians in need lately traveliar, you laughable hypocrite.

    You missed the point. You didn’t meet Swaggart because of what you don’t have in common with him, you met him because of what you do have in common with him, which is an exhaustive list. You are barely distinguishable from him.

    It is not at all uncomfortable for me to be considered a statist fundamentalist by someone who is so laughably ignorant that they don’t even know that the paradigmatic foundation of fundamentalism is infallibility. Calling someone a fundamentalist who doesn’t believe in the fundamental inerrancy of the thing in question is beyond naive; it is complete gobbledy-gook. It has no meaning whatsoever. Your claim is nothing more than idiotically asinine ignorance, and that is the truth.

    That last bit was particularly laughable in its ham-fisted logic and clumsy unintelligibility. Welcome to YOUR nightmare traveliar. It’s called the real world, and it deals with things that you have no room for in your cloistered reality, such as facts.

  50. travelah

    poor entopticopn, you are a walking contradiction. There really isn’t a better representative of the whacked statist fundamentalism on this board then yourself. Keep up the good work!

  51. entopticon

    Let’s get this straight….

    I incontrovertibly proved that the term fundamentalism literally refers to a belief in infallibility. I don’t believe in the infallibility of the state, or anything even close to that, yet you keep saying that I am a statist fundamentalist anyway because the meanings of words and facts have absolutely no relevance for you whatsoever.

    And to make matters worse, you are the one who shares Jimmy Swaggart’s political, theological, and social beliefs, his friends are your friends, you have even hung out with him socially, and you have the outlandishly ludicrous hypocritical audacity to turn around and say that I am the one who is like him?!?!

    And you have the gall to to say that I am the one who is a walking contradiction?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!? The idiocy is just surreal.

  52. travelah

    poor entopticon, LOL you have asserted a lot but you haven’t actually proven anything. You sure are taking a great reach there,entopticon. I am not sure how you came to imagine what you stated but I don’t know the man’s political beliefs and my theology is very distant from his. I’ve met a great many people in social settings and will probably continue doing so. Whether that constitutes hanging out with somebody, well, depends on what picture is trying to be painted with such phrases.

    There really isn’t a better representative of the whacked statist fundamentalism on this board then yourself. Keep up the good work!

  53. travelah

    by all means have the last statist fundamental word on the matter .. the thread is too long and unrelated to bother further.

  54. entopticon

    You really are full-blown nuts. I haven’t actually proven anythin????????????? What else is there to prove? I proved that the term was coined by and about fundamentalist evangelicals in reference to their belief in the infallibility in the bible, and that it is occasionally used to metaphorically compare other people or groups to fundamentalist evangelicals when they have a strident belief in the infallibility of something.

    Were you hanging out with Jimmy Swaggart because of your differences, like a protest perhaps? No. You were hanging out with him because of your similarities. You were the one bragging about meeting him and having friends in common with him, and then you changed your tune when it came back to bite you in the ass. What a joke. Speaking of ass biting, how is Larry Craig doing these days?

    Jimmy Swagart is a right-wing fundamentalist evangelical Christian, like you. He’s not a liberal Buddhist or progressive Jew. The fact that you think that the man’s spiritual and political beliefs are distant from yours, even though you are both conservative evangelicals and he supports the same political party and virtually the same sociopolitical policies that you do, is an absolute riot. You are virtually identical in every way.

    Again, you can call me a statist fundamentalist even though I don’t have a fundamentalist view of the state till you turn blue in the face, but you just make yourself look even more naive and idiotic for stating something that is demonstrably, blatantly false, every single time.

  55. entopticon

    Speaking of misogynistic opiniontainment show hosts… Glenn Beck never fails to live up to that label, and this latest quip is par for the course.

    Glenn Beck on the possibility of running with Sarah Palin in 2012:

    “No, no I’m just saying — Beck-Palin, I’ll consider. But Palin-Beck — can you imagine, can you imagine what an administration with the two of us would be like? What? Come on! She’d be yapping or something, and I’d say, “I’m sorry, why am I hearing your voice? I’m not in the kitchen.””

  56. JWTJr

    Maybe “Leftist Fundamentalist” is a better term than “Statist Fundamentalist”

    The left certainly doesn’t think the the State is infallible if they Right is in charge.

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