Mumpower on manufacturers

Many thanks to the Mountain Xpress for illuminating my difference of opinion with the Manufacturers Executive Association [“Crossing the Line,” Nov. 5] on illegal immigration. Evidently unaccustomed to challenge, these savvy CEOs seem perplexed that a congressional candidate would dare risk alienating his base—the inference being that as a Republican I was expected to walk in lockstep with fat cats willing to rob America. I must have overlooked that item on the list of my party’s principles and thus triggered the wrath of those who view themselves more enthusiastically as victims than champions of industry.

I encourage your readers to share information on those who are employing illegal workers. It will be my pleasure to be a continued reality check for the MEA or others who pretend virtue as they side step fair wages for American workers, exploit an underclass, imported labor pool, and dump the hidden costs on the rest of us.

— Carl Mumpower, Asheville City Council member

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27 thoughts on “Mumpower on manufacturers

  1. Trey

    And hey, there is also a Widespread Panic concert coming up, so get your dreadlock wig on, and get to busting some stoners.

    Oh, and great job on the election Carl.

  2. Carrie

    Mumpower- the people have spoken. GO AWAY! I think you are now desperate and silly.

  3. Chad Nesbitt

    Mumpower – The people have spoken.
    Socialism is on the way and the people are going to need your guidance to get them out of it.

  4. Trey

    Gee, with people like Chad supporting you…. how did you ever lose the election?

  5. Ashevegasjoe

    Socialism is the Fire Dept., Social Security, Medicare/Medicade, Public Schools, the entire tax system, the police, etc. The idea that we have existed without socialism is joke. This country, like all major economies isn’t purely capitalist or socialist. You guys throw that word around to scare people, like you throw around “terrorist” and “liberal”. The truth: you’ve done it so often it’s not scary anymore. This country isn’t going to be turned into a socialist country because there are to many people obsessed with personal wealth. And, this city needs Mumpower like we need another place to buy a burrito or a cup of coffee. LIBERALS HAVE CAPS LOCK TOO!!

  6. Chad Nesbitt

    Actually Trey and Carrie, if you new Mumpower you would probably like him.

    1. Shuler took pac money that will influence his votes. Mumpower took none.

    2. Mumpower said they should impeach Bush for not protecting the border.
    Since when did you liberals not want to impeach Bush. And to my fellow conservatives out there, it is the Presidents job to protect the border. All Mumpower did was call him on it.

    3. Some liberals would say – “Mumpower is a joke. Let us dope.”

    I say Mumpower gave hope to a lot of elderly and children. He helped clean the projects up and made the drug dealers run and hide. Kids felt safe when he was around. How many liberals and stoners do this? Has Heath Shuler ever run a drug dealer off? How about the whole Democrat Party? Take a look at how Mumpower brings people and organizations together at the end of this short video.
    Another short video

    4. HEADLINES – “Mumpower’s son gets in a fight at a bar”. Well big deal. He’s young and in a bar. Wooo Hooo. But Mumpower fired his son from the campaign. That made a lot of people mad.
    More than a lot of you know.
    It cost him campaign contributions.
    But that is his son. And he and only he knows what to expect from his son.
    I don’t care if a kid is in his forties, a parent will raise and scold their child as they see fit.
    And I can respect that.

    5. Do you know how many jobs we have lost to illegal immigrants? How much our health care cost’s have gone up due to illegal immigrants? I could go on but thank you Mumpower for looking after “legal” tax paying Americans, our health care, and our jobs.
    Has Shuler called ICE on any illegals?
    I don’t think so.

    6. “Party Principles”! Trey and Carrie, this is why I think you would like Mumpower the most.
    The man is loyal. He is loyal to what the Republican party sells to conservative voters. And that’s our party platform. He is driven and accountable. If he screws up, he will tell you and apologize. No matter what your party affiliation you can count on him and hold him to his word.
    You don’t see loyalty like this anywhere.

    Trey you don’t like me because I can be a horses ass sometimes on these posts.
    I do that for a reason but I will always tell the truth and shoot to you straight.

    Mumpower lost because he put his
    “Party Principles” before his campaign.
    My Republican party is growing stronger
    because of it.
    In my opinion – He Won!

  7. dave

    Dear Nesbitty-

    You decry this mythical thing you call “Socialism”. I’m curious, what do you call a billion-dollar Wall Street bail-out? Free market values?

    Get a job.

  8. dave

    …in addition, “He helped clean the projects up and made the drug dealers run and hide. Kids felt safe when he was around”.

    What proof do you have of this? I used to live right by those scary ‘projects’ you refer to. Guess what? His political grandstanding did nothing. Creating Jobs gets rid of drug dealers.Not interfearing in police work. All Carl did was buy crack!! He should have been arrested.

    I’m sure ‘your’ Republican party is growing ‘stronger’, as you say. Others might say ‘stranger’. I will presume it will be ‘your’ Republican Party that will run Romney/Plain in 2012?

    Again, Doug Stanhope is the cure to your bizarre fantasy world. ALL CAPSS!!!

  9. Chad Nesbitt


    I am concerned that you are under to much stress (possibly dazed and confused) knowing that you have voted for Obama.

    I am concerned that you do not know the difference between socialism and the roll of government.

    I feel (that deep inside) you really care about the over 3000 people that died on 9/11.
    That you really care about the families of the police officers that terrorist Ayers bombed.

    It’s going to be ok Joe. I promise.
    We at the Carolina Stompers know how to fight this terrible disease you have known as liberalism.

    As you are aware, Dr. Carl Mumpower is a psychologist.
    I would like to take this opportunity to make you an appointment to see Dr. Mumpower.
    I feel certain he can help you cope (if not cure) your pains.

    You need not worry about paying for your appointment. The Carolina Stompers will contact on your behalf the NC Democrat Party so that they may “spread the wealth” for payment.


    Chad Nesbitt
    Founder –

  10. Chad Nesbitt


    I have to make this post short. I have to go to my “third” job, but did you see those videos I posted Dave?

  11. Chad Nesbitt

    Oh and real quick. It’s to easy to buy crack in this town now isn’t it Dave? Wonder why Dave?

    You lived “right by those scary projects”.

    How many of those drug dealers were back on the streets after being arrested?

  12. dave

    “It’s to easy to buy crack in this town now isn’t it Dave? Wonder why Dave? ”

    Well, I’ve never tried to buy crack, Chad. Sounds like you may have. But I would imagine its “so easy” because there is a lot of it being pumped into the town, mixed with very few good economic opportunities for the ‘dealers’. I have yet to come across any coca plantation anywhere in the Carolinas. You do understand that “Crack” doesn’t originate in the US?

    Just like why all your neighbors make meth.

    Good Jobs are the only way to get rid of drug dealers.

  13. Chad Nesbitt


    Dems have been in control of Buncombe and the state for years. Try voting Republican next time. We know how to bring in the jobs.

    Not to mention how to crack down on the crack.

    If we can help your neighborhood call us.


  14. Ashevegasjoe

    Your concern is much appreciated. I am concerned that the stress in your life has lead you to make a lot of frantic, lengthy, incoherent posts. I assure you I am neither under “to” much stress, nor dazed and confused. I merely pointed out several of the socialist programs we all enjoy.
    Your manic jumps between Obama, 9/11, and Ayers, tell me you are suffering from post-election-denial (P.E.D.) Your buddy Dr. Mumpower will tell you that whether he “won” in your opinion, or not– HE LOST. And, the Dems never used the term “spread the wealth”, only right-wing tools. Why was it not “spreading the wealth” when we gave all of those tax breaks to the wealthy, or the no-bid contracts to Haliburton? I mean, we’ve spread the wealth upwards for 27 years, when is it going to trickle down?
    If you Republicans know how to create jobs, why have we lost so many over the last eight years of Republican controlled Washington?
    You don’t need to sign “Chad”, your name is listed beside your frenetic jibber-jabber.

  15. Chad Nesbitt


    You don’t know satire when you see it, do you Ash?
    Your worse off than I thought and I’m serious.

    You said <>Dems never used the term “spread the wealth”, only right-wing tools.<>

    Excuse me but who is this saying
    “spread the wealth”?
    Pay close attention at the end of the video.

    Did you even watch the coverage of the election Ash?

    Dude, I have decided. You don’t need a psychologist.
    You need me. Let me tutor you through these dark day’s of socialistic Obama mania.
    I won’t charge a thing and we can show the NC Democrat party how to save money.
    All I ask is that you cancel your subscription to the Asheville Citizen Times, never dance around Magnolia trees, and never protest a bench with people that drink liberally.

  16. dave

    Chad- Your “Third job” only lasts three hours? Not counting commute time?

  17. dave

    …and by the way, “Chad”, you have failed to explain to me how crack gets to these neighborhoods. The Democrats, I’m assuming? Former Sheriff not withstanding, I suppose. I don’t think Medford was a Democrat, right?

    The world you live in is… interesting. You hate the Republicans, and the Democrats. But then defend the Republicans against someone whose voting affiliation you have no idea about. ….interesting…

    Which is it? I thought you were some sort of “new” republican who doesnt support any of the current republicans. Now you want me to vote a R straight ticket?

    You make me feel better about myself. Like watching a Paris Hilton Reality Show. I think someone like you would even make Paris Hilton feel intelligent. So you’ve got that going for you.

  18. dave

    Oh my God! AND your still harping on Sam the not-really-a-Plumber?? Dude, nobody bought that crap. I work in construction. You know, with real plumbers and stuff. We all laugh at that crap. Ha HA. Sam the wanna be celebrity. McCain lost because he said the “fundamentals of the economy are sound” days before the billion dollar bailout. You are medically delusional.

  19. Gone to Croatan

    The most socialistic thing ever uttered by a US Governor:

    “And Alaska—we’re set up, unlike other states in the union, where it’s collectively Alaskans own the resources. So we share in the wealth when the development of these resources occurs. … It’s to maximize benefits for Alaskans, not an individual company, not some multinational somewhere, but for Alaskans.”

    –Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, which takes 22 times more federal pork than Obama’s state.

  20. Ashevegasjoe

    You do know Joe the Plumber, was neither a plumber, nor in a position to buy that business. He is a registered Republican, who amazingly had an agent and press manager from day one. Seems a little odd that an average Joe would be so media savvy doesn’t. By the way, he just signed a book deal. Dude, I have decided you’ll believe anything FIX News tells you–WOW!
    I also believe the above moment with Obama is the exact same “gotcha” moment that you guys complained about when Palin answered questions in that pizza joint. Obama said it once, but you guys have taken an out of context blurb, and tried to make a call for socialism. Like his call for youths to volunteer, is a call to fascism. This is why you guys lost, your ploys are sad and pathetic, and no rational person buys into it. The only people who buy this crap, are, well … you (and the stompers).
    I don’t read the ACT, as it is a sorry little rag. I don’t dance around trees, but am ecstatic that Coleman isn’t going to be allowed to make money off land the Pack family deeded to the public.
    Lastly, if you call that satire, don’t quit your day job. I know funny, and that’s not it (at least not intentionally). But, great job avoiding answering any of my questions, and making no real points of your own. When we meet, and we will, I will crush you with the truth.

  21. nuvue

    The socialism foisted upon us by the current govt has made me mad as hell. I can’t wait for a little Spread the wealth. Very tired of it spreading to Halliburton.
    Chad, ask Ralph what was in some copters in nam. The CIA did a great job of dope runnin in the 60’s and 70’s.
    And Chad, how do you feel about the people killed by Rudolph? Is he a terrorist or one of your pals?

  22. Chad Nesbitt


    There is no difference between Rudolph, Ayers, and Bin laden.
    All three are terrorists. I would remind you that our new President is good friends with one of these three.

  23. Chad Nesbitt


    I am really worried about you. You need to get out of the landscape business.
    You are breathing in to much pollen and it has impacted your brain.

    Where do you get your information from? Loose change? This election isn’t some kind of 9/11 conspiracy.

    You said –
    <>You do know Joe the Plumber, was neither a plumber, nor in a position to buy that business. He is a registered Republican, who amazingly had an agent and press manager from day one.<>

    Not a plumber? Agent and press manager from day one? Do you know how crazy that sounds to everyone that voted.

    I bet old Hoolie is (standing on a bench, loving on a magnolia tree) and saying
    “gee wilickers…. I’m going to have to get a hold of my liberal friend Ashevegasjoe.
    He is embarrassing our leftist agenda. And in front of a S T O M P E R. Oh my God!”

    Well he probably wouldn’t say “Oh my God”. I’m pretty sure he’s a non believer.
    Hoolie would say ”Oh my Obama”.

    Calm down. Take a Claritin, sniff some Afrin, and be still. All will be well in 2012.

  24. Ashevegasjoe

    An Associated Press article reported that Wurzelbacher does not have a plumber’s license. Local 50 of the United Association of Plumbers, Steamfitters and Service Mechanics stated that Wurzelbacher has not yet completed the apprentice program he began in 2003 (~6 years ago!!). Wurzelbacher’s employer, A. W. Newell, is licensed by the State of Ohio and the City of Toledo. According to Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board regulations, without a separate license his work “is deemed to be under the personal supervision of the individual named in the (contractor’s) license”.

    NOT, a plumber, an apprentice, and a liar. He also said he was going to buy his bosses’ business. But when pressed in an interview, conceed that it only came up in his interview six years before. He has nowhere near the resources to do so.

    This may sound crazy, but it’s true check your facts. The only thing crazy is that you guys thought that giving people fictional monikers would make it seem like you’re the party of the everyday man. Thankfully, few people bought it, and the election proved to be a butt-kicking. All of these ploys to get votes are sad, and ineffective, but please keep it up in 2010 and 2012. You guys are so out of touch with “real Americans”, you don’t even know what your strategy is anymore. I love how you write “everyone that voted”, highlighting that you really think everyone else listened to Joe the Plumber before they voted for Pres. Get a grip man, nobody cares what some FIX news plants says about politics. Even if he were a real plumber, which he is not, why would I want political advice from a plumber?? Your party is quickly turning into the laughingstock of the world. Please keep it up, keep Palin in the news, this stuff is priceless.

    Also, late November isn’t a “high-pollen” time of the year, once again, you are wrong. This is too easy!

  25. dave

    ah, those pesky facts, joe. Chad doesn’t need those. He debates with his hands over his ears, yelling at the top of his lungs whatever thought might wander into his awareness…

    The part I find funny, is that the video in question has Obama laying out, in very understandable terms, for a good couple minutes, some of the basics of his ‘tax plan’. But Chad obviously doesnt understand that part. He just fast-forwarded to the ‘gotcha’ part Obama handed to the Limbaugh crowd at the very end of the tape. Maybe if Obama’s tax-plan was reduced to a sound-bite like “You-betcha”, he could take the time to fully digest it. Instead, it’s got big numbers and percentages and stuff. That’s far too complicated for a guy like Chad.

    So, again for the record, Chad- You hate the Democrats, and the Republicans are embarrassed of you and dont want you. What do you do about that?

  26. dave

    “Not a plumber? Agent and press manager from day one? Do you know how crazy that sounds to everyone that voted. ”

    Uhhh, Chad. Do YOU know how crazy THAT sounds? I suggest cross-referencing your news from someone other than Limbaugh. Sam (Joe the Plumber) Wuzerlbacher was discredited before he got out the gate. I work with REAL Plumbers. We all laughed at Sam-the not-really-a-Plumber from day one. You know, us *actual* working-class folks who are actually intelligent and skilled enough to hold full-time jobs in the industries the Republicans pretend to represent?

    I love your “Real American” strategy, though. It’s doing a great job of getting the rest of the working-class folks out of the Republican Party. Pretty soon all you’ll have left are the Ultra-Rich Elite, and the unemployed on disability and pain-pills. Good Job!

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