No more putting up with Asheville

When my wife and I still lived in West Asheville, I wondered about the sheer stupidity of the semiautomated trash pickup that cost two-thirds of the pickup crew their jobs. Oh yeah, cost saving through labor reduction. At least those two guys would sometimes pick up trash that fell. Now, we’re left with trash littering the streets and cans tossed to the side of the curb to stay however they hit the ground. These sure are an improvement worth the cost savings.

But—“cost saving”? Am I the only person who noticed that the garbage fleet now has to drive up and down every street? Double its fuel cost? Double the pollution spewed into the air? Double the noise? What a good idea.

My wife and I are so glad we moved back to Greenville, S.C., and a place that actually cares about the needs of the individuals. [A place that] doesn’t have busted water lines leaking into the streets and has less expensive utilities, lower taxes and prompt brush pickup.

After putting up with Asheville for nearly 16 years, we have concluded that Greenville is a much more sane place to live. You get way more for your tax dollar in Greenville.

— Carlos Montgomery
Greenville, S.C.

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40 thoughts on “No more putting up with Asheville

  1. lokel

    I hope you all will not mind if we do not throw you a going away party.

  2. travelah

    From a cost basis, automated garbage pickup is certainly less expensive than manning trucks with running crews. Perhaps the problem is with the type of cans used. I used such a service for two years recently and never had a single problem with it. Caros, what will you do when Greenville does precisely the same thing?

  3. Sage

    I am glad you are happier in the hateful Christian Theocracy of a town. Please stay there and never come back.

  4. Unit

    “I moved because I did not like the garbage cans or trucks in Asheville”.

    Sounds like your breed of “sanity” will fit right into Greenville.

  5. mtndow

    West, we put our cans out on one side of the street. Try it. You’ll like it…

  6. Dionysis

    Anyone that thinks Greenville, SC (or anyplace in SC except Charleston, for that matter) is preferable to Asheville after sixteen years is someone who spent sixteen years here too long. As Sage noted, virtually that whole state is a backward, rightwing-nut hotbed of intolerance and goofball thumpers.
    Happy trails to you.

  7. travelah

    Well, Dionysis, in all fairness, NC in these parts seems to be a backward, leftwing cracked pot infested bed of intolerance and goofball fauxprogs. (not to mention a state that elects fake primping breckgirls for Senator)

    See how easy that was?

  8. Sage

    I would rather be in a leftwing area that embraces diversity instead of Greenville home of the proudly racist and homophobic BJU. Each to his own.

  9. E

    I guess Greenville is missing a lot of things that Asheville has plenty of, stinky hippies, homeless people, and dirty streets just to name a few. I can see where Asheville is much better.

  10. travelah

    Sage, left wing Asheville does not embrace diversity except a diversity within it’s own fauxprog ranks. Secondly, Bob Jones University does not define Greenville any more than Thurman University and if your concern is the extent of diversity, it would appear you are considerably intolerant of those groups who do not share your particular view.

  11. Sage

    I refuse to be tolerant of hateful people. Aside from a tiny group of brave open-minded folks Greenville is dominated by prejudiced bible beaters. I respect conservatives that don’t spew hate and homophobia. The majority of Greenville residents are fundamentalist Christian. Sean Kennedy was recently killed there for being gay. As a gay person I don’t feel safe in that city and I would encourage like minded people to move or not visit.

  12. travelah

    Sage, your prejudice against Christians is apparent. While Bob Jones University might be an exception, I do not know any sound Christians, myself included, who hate anybody. As I stated, your animosity towards Greenville is based on an intolerant view of those people you do not agree with. I would go so far as to state that you hold these Christians in as much contempt and hatred as you think they do with you. At the end of the day, your view of Asheville as a tolerant nirvana is as misguided as your perceptions of those who do not view your sexual lifestyle as socially or morally acceptable.
    As for the demographics of Greenville, it is a fact that a majority of the residents there are NOT Christian Fundamentalists. The same is true of the counties surrounding Asheville or any other area. Christian Fundamentalism is not the predominant view of most Christians.

  13. Sage

    First of all it’s not a “lifestyle” you bigot. Anymore than your “straight” sexuality is one. My sexuality simply part of who I am. Being gay is not having a hobby or being bilingual. I am a Reform Jew. So you are right that I am not a Christian. And I know that Asheville is not some nirvana. No place is perfect. But you will have to excuse me if I believe that Asheville is much more welcoming and accepting by comparison.

  14. travelah

    Sage, clearly you have a serious problem relating to people who think differently than yourself and this is an example of the intolerance that falsely presents itself as “progressive”. While as a whole Greenville is decidedly more conservative than Asheville, it certainly is not less tolerant of other groups than the progressives here in Asheville. Your own ad hominem attack towards myself referring to me as a bigot for not agreeing with your perspection of your sexual lifestyle is an excellent example. You have made it clear in three posts that Asheville, as represented by yourself, is not at all more welcoming and accepting of those you disagree with with. Perhaps you should have taken a breath and considered your response before replying. You did yourself no service and did nothing to further your opinion that Asheville holds anything over Greenville in the “welcome wagon department” (as far as the fauxprogs are concerned).

  15. Sage

    I just want to be on the record of not agreeing with your “sexual lifestyle” either. Greenville can keep all of their “hate the sinner love the sinner” BS and you should move there too if you love it so much,.

  16. travelah

    Sage, it’s perfectly fine with me and my wife if you disagree with our lifestyle. We really don’t mind at all. As for Greenville, I actually do like the place in a way but my profession has me here instead and I am quite content to remain. By the time the developers are through with Asheville, it’s likely to be a lot like Greenville in many respects. Maybe a number of those folks in Greenville might want to move here instead. What would you think of that prospect?

  17. Sage, I would say Asheville is still — in its vast silent majority — very much a Christian town. One day, that majority is going to wake up.

  18. Sage

    I don’t have a problem with conservatives that don’t spew ignorant anti-gay bigotry. I can respectfully disagree with them. And you are right that developers eventually ruin everyy place if residents are not careful. Okay….Ralph go get your pitchfork and tar and feather. Then you and all the other villagers can wait for the signal to drive all of us heathens out of town. I am so scared of you….

  19. Sage

    It’s been a long day. And it gets tiresome talking sense and inclusiveness to people blinded by religious dogma. That’s it. I am going to bed. Travelah and company can bask in their insulting judgment of others all they want wherever they want. Ciao

  20. sandra


    Just ignore travelah and ‘ol Ralphy. They both enjoy arguing the same point repeatedly no matter what the person their ‘arguing’ with is actually saying.
    Pseudo-populist redneck Revisionism.

  21. travelah

    Sage, I am not sure how or why you consider the term “lifestyle” to be an insult or a judgment. But in any event, to each their own.

  22. Sandra … you may think redneck a term of insult to us but it’s mislabeling. Too many folk from up North attempt to apply Southern stereotypes to us… but we are not and never have been ‘Southern’ … we are Southern Mountain, an entirely different culture and heritage. It is up to outsiders to understand us, not we you.

    Besides, you getting some of the good ole boys so confused they ACTING like rednecks. Not good.

  23. travelah

    sandra, somebody stole my face in 1973 and my neck turns red after 30 minutes of unprotected sun. Perhaps if you simply re-read the thread you might begin to grasp the topic (which is actually a contrast between Greenville and Asheville not really being much of a contrast at all regarding intolerance) … just as an aside, do you have a clue where the term redneck came from?

  24. Mike

    I hope you like the crime and and grime of Greenville to. Ever watch Fox Carolina news….All the crimes in GREENVILLE. Good luck on your move there rocket scientist. Get real!

  25. Sage

    From my perspective as a gay person “lifestyle” has the connotation of being a “choice”. I was attracted to other males from childhood. I know you believe it’s a “choice” but I disagree so thats why “lifestyle” is offensive to me. To me “lifestyle” means choices one makes in occupation or neighborhood not their sexuality. Gay people don’t go around attacking the straight lifestyle because just like gay people heteros are not defined by their love life. Their is no “gay agenda” or malevolent plot to destroy the world. We are simply attracted to the same sex. Why this is so hard for some people to grasp I will never understand. I am sorry about diverting the topic. To get back on topic…I still like Asheville better HAHA

  26. E

    I agree with Mike, Greenville is a very dangerous place to live, not too long ago someone shot up a child’s birthday party right downtown…oh wait, that was Asheville.

  27. Emily

    who cares if your moving to Greenville. I hope you enjoy yourself there but a public anouncment was not needed.

  28. Nam Vet

    He left Asheville because of the garbage service? Wow. If that’s all you have to whine about, I’m glad you’re gone. Asheville has so many positives. Well come next summer when you’re sweating away down in Greenville, you just may wish you were back here.

  29. jay joslin

    I’m heartened that the exodus has begun. Could the city make a devil’s bargain with Florida to re-accept their legion of complaining, ostentatious and poor driving-skilled masses? Then, once repatriated, the border could be closed and we will never face the scourge of pointing, jumpsuit wearing, sneering and otherwise awful people. That’d be dandy.

  30. Nam Vet

    LOL nice post Jay. And you are right. That tall steel fence they are talking about putting on the Mexico border should be build on the Florida-Georgia border to the south, and on the old Mason-Dixon line to the north. :)

  31. R Bernier


    Dont forget “We Still Pray” the numbers blew away anything that Asheville has ever seen.

    And No, they didnt bus anyone in for the event like the side does…..

  32. Hopefully

    Hey, you don’t move to Georgia for the schools, and you don’t move to Ashville to get away from the hillbillies…what were you thinking Mr. “I’m proud and loud to be gay.” By the way, who cares if you’re gay, you’re going to have to find something else to differentiate yourself. Yes, church people are stupid and superstitious, but it’s not like they’re going out and starting wars or anything. And yes I know that people who are preoccupied with anti gay themes are generally considered to be latent homosexuals, but let’s not prejudge our brothers and sisters in Christ. And finally, I’d love to meet a “stinky hippie” girl, they’re the best!!!

  33. mockeyjew

    hey I just moved here from greensboro and yall got me wanting to move back. I am not a christin hope yall don’t mind. Nor am I a gay vet or amd as heck lighthope. Yall need to litenup. greenville is just a little hicktown please pray for a little tolerants towards other persons of different backgrounds. I just take my garbage to the back of the chicken place and use there dumpters.

  34. quotequeen

    The world is divided into people who think they are right.
    ~ Unknown

  35. Nam Vet

    “The world is divided into people who think they are left, and people who think they are right. The narrow gate is in the middle.”

  36. quotequeen

    The man who never alters his opinions is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind.
    William Blake (1757 – 1827)

  37. Alan Ditmore

    Asheville doesn’t “embrace diversity,” It has ZONING, and no useful environmental policy.

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