Why not trophy hunt each other?

I don’t know folks. Cover stories on wrestling and now taxidermy? Why not give the cover story to way more worthy causes, such as the excellent article on the Rev. Amy Cantrell bringing to light what is happening to homeless people in Asheville, or even the documentary on the Stephens-Lee High School? I didn’t read the wrestling article when it came out—so not interested. I did manage to make myself read the taxidermy article because I wanted to see if anything was mentioned about the morality of killing gorgeous animals for sport and having their bodies or body parts put on display as something decorative.

I find sport hunting, for the sole pleasure of stalking (often from the comfort of a vehicle) and killing a beautiful animal so it can be mounted in one’s home as some measure of pride, abhorrent. Mr. Fuchs said the animals are scarcer now, so must be treated with more respect!? Yeah. Thanks to us humans, many are facing extinction! In fact, it is the blatant disrespect for all other life on this planet—and the planet itself—that has us in a life-threatening mess! Only humans kill for sport or financial gain, disregarding the Life they are snuffing out. … We deem it immoral to kill another human, but for some reason God’s other remarkable creatures are exempt. …

So why not just trophy hunt each other!? What’s wrong with mounted human heads staring at you in a fixed scowl, laugh or cry? No different from doing it to any other animal. Why not have hollowed-out human bodies in striking poses, with light bulbs in them to show off the translucent skin and doing handy things like providing a tray for stuff or an arm to throw a coat over? All in the name of respectful art, right? Better yet, all the sports hunters can pay top dollar to be sent to an uninhabited island, and they can hunt each other! There is even a book about this theme: The Island of Dr. Moreau. This way they can experience the thrill of both being the hunter, and what it’s like to be fighting for one’s life as the hunted! With their own high-powered rifle in hand, they’d still have more advantage than when they hunt defenseless wildlife they claim to admire and respect as they blow them away for the “fun” of it.

— Troy Amastar

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17 thoughts on “Why not trophy hunt each other?

  1. Ashevegasjoe

    I don’t agree with sport hunting, but the law states that it is legal. Hunting people is not. It may not be moral, but it is the law. Troy’s arguement is outrageous.

    Also, it seems like he argues that the Mountain X only publish articles that he approves of. I agree that some of the cover articles are outlandish and questionable, but isn’t that why so many different kinds of people read it? Sometimes, I hate the cover story, sometimes I love it, but I read every issue. If the cover story was on vegetarianism and animal-rights every issue it would not have the following that it does. The mountain X doesn’t always cover human-right issues, or issues of global catastrophy as it is often a periodical that provides entertainment, and local news. I just don’t think it would have the same success if it was always putting serious issues on the cover. There are plenty of periodicals that do, and if that’s what you want, they are easy enough to find. I don’t agree with taxidermy, but I read the article, and it was interesting if not disturbing.

    Also, if you think only humans hunt for sport, I welcome you to come watch my cat play with dead moles daily.

  2. AshaKasha

    Well, there you go cats (and orcas, by-the-way) do it, so why the heck shouldn’t we?

    Actually, my father was a professional hunter/fisherman for all of his adult life. He was a guide, and people paid him tens of thousands of dollars to come to our state and kill animals.

    After he died, my mother told me that my father had come back from a trip to Cambodia (he lived in Cambodia and Thailand 6 mos of every year)and told her that there was a group of super-rich hunters over there that invited him to an island where they actually hunted people. He said they would offer poor villagers great pay to come over to the island and wait on them hand and foot, then, when they got there, they would give them some time to run and hide, then go hunt them. No kidding- that’s what my mom swears my dad told her. She said my dad was all worked up and even cried because some of his buddies were involved in it. Hmmm. I can’t say whether its true or not…but holy shit!

  3. Ashevegasjoe

    I don’t reccomend doing something because cats do it, as I wouldn’t have sex with my sister. I’m just saying animals hunt for fun and sport. I don’t agree with trophy hunting, but it is legal, whereas hunting people is not. I don’t really know if that’s what you’re getting at ashkasha, but your story certainly is disturbing.

  4. AshaKasha

    All I’m getting at is that this story, and the folks in the story, are disturbing. I’d say I can’t believe there are people out there that think and behave this way- but I can’t- my dad was one. Elmer Fudd syndrome.

    As to the story my dad shared with my mom- just thought it was interesting to share.

    And I’m not so sure I agree with your argument that if its legal, its OK.

  5. AshaKasha

    An after thought…

    Corporations are bound by law to consider only profit. So, all the shenanigans they engage in is also legal…far from OK- in my book.

  6. Ashevegasjoe

    ashakasha– I am not saying if it’s legal it’s o.k. There are a lot of illegal things that I would say are O.K. I can’t believe people do this either, but it is within the confines of the law. The author of the post suggests mounting human heads, and that is not within the confines of the law.
    Whether something is morally acceptable and whether something is legal are two different issues. If you want to smoke pot, it is illegal, but I don’t think it is reprehensible, or inherently wrong. The people who head hunt are morally reprehensible, but totally legal. I am not here to defend their actions, and I don’t want you to think that I feel if something is legal it is right. However, they are within the confines of the law, right or wrong.

  7. craig

    It seems to me that the letter writer understands that hunting is legal and is using that as a basis for making an exaggerated point for shocking, if not humorous, effect.
    I have to agree that it’s good for a periodical such as Mountain X to showcase different points of view, even — or maybe especially — with cover stories.
    People being hunted for sport in Cambodia?! For real? Seriously? Oh, I’m so gullible …

  8. I think the mountain X should only use pictures of kittens on their cover. I love pictures of kittens.

  9. AshaKasha

    Craig- you are no more gullible than I- I’m not sure whether it is true or not, but I can’t imagine why my mom would make up such a thing- and I definitely can’t imagine my dad doing so!

    Considering everything else that happens over there (and, well, even here, really)- maybe it ain’t so hard to believe!! Yikes!

  10. Troy, we DO trophy hunt each other, it’s called ‘war.’ I did it for 15 months in Vietnam, others are doing it more recently in Irag and Afghanistan.

    I am not against hunting for food, as in birds, rabbits, squirrels… I am not against hunting for other humans if you are protecting your country… I have even been known to hunt for bargains.

    Hunting is a basic instinct humans have had for thousands of years, a survial trait. Hunting is not bad, just make sure you do it for moral reasons such as eating or protection.

    so… yes, I guess I do agree with you on sport hunting.

  11. AshaKasha

    Hmmm…Ralph…it appears we are in agreement on something. How bizarre. My exception: moral reasons such as hunting animals when you NEED to. I’m always on the hunt for a bargain…

  12. quotequeen

    The early bird gets the worm.The early worm… gets eaten.
    Norman Ralph Augustine

  13. Chip Kaufmann

    For The Record… The H.G. Wells novel THE ISLAND OF DR MOREAU is not about hunting humans but trying to medically turn animals into humans. There are 3 film versions (The classic 1932 version w/Charles Laughton known as ISLAND OF LOST SOULS, 1977 w/Burt Lancaster, and 1996 w/Marlon Brando).
    The short story about hunting humans on an uninhabited island is THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME written by Richard Connell which was made into a celebrated film (also in 1932) w/Joel McCrea and a pre-KING KONG Fay Wray. There was also a low budget 1961 drive-in version called BLOODLUST with a pre-BRADY BUNCH Robert Reed.

  14. Laurel Asheley

    Actually, hunting is usually ambush shooting. I am only in favor of this ‘sport’ if thetargeted animals have an equal chance. Support the right to arm bears! Like Crocodile Dundee when the kangaroo fired back at the ambushers, make the hunters run for a change!

  15. tkress

    Grow up…. We do hunt each other, its called war.
    If you’re against hunting animals stop building your homes in their habit, stop running over them with your car. Unless you’re a vegatarian you pay someone else to do your killing for you. By the way, are plants not alive?

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