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46 thoughts on “Trumeleon

  1. Negrodamus

    It’s truly a curious and remarkable thing to watch people afflicted with Trumpophobia.

      • Negrodamus

        Negrodamus say, “Those who admire and place confidence in diseased, broken cankles cannot stand and cry, ‘An evil clown tripped me!'”

        • bsummers

          You don’t have to admire or place confidence in Hillary to know that Trump is a huge threat to this country.

    • boatrocker

      Or, in the normal world, it is simply an illustration showing a man willing to say anything, change his opinions day to day and attempt to rewrite history through vapid and blustery tirades.

  2. The Real World

    “that Trump is a huge threat to this country.” — you could very well be right about that. But, at this point, it is purely a speculative statement.

    However, what is a voter to do when a VAST amount of history proves that HRC is a virtual threat? I don’t need to list her astonishing number of transgressions as anyone paying attention, not in denial and with an IQ over 50 knows and abhors them. Her government would be a level of federal corruption the likes of which this country has not seen in a long time, if ever.

    (Pls, dear God, I hope no thinks that when she’s at the ultimate levers of power, she’ going to ‘change’. More like “Katie, bar the door.”)

    • boatrocker

      But…. the cartoon is about Trump. Not Hillary, or do I just not get it?

      • Lulz

        LOL, you don’t want to get it. Charlie Manson would garner your vote as long as he ran as a democrat.

        • Val

          Yup just like trump gets your vote; cuz you’re both REPUBLITARDS

        • The Real World

          Yup, all sorts of enabling excuses, distractions, factual manipulations …on and on…..would be made for Charlie.

          “He didn’t mean to kill anybody”. “He’s not a bad guy, just misunderstood.” “He’s not psychotic and dangerous, he just needs some anger management classes so why doesn’t health insurance cover that. It’s so wrong!”

          LOL LOL LOL

  3. Val

    Drove back from Myrtle Beach this am; stopped in Columbia for GAS. As I’m waiting in line for the restroom. A man walks into the gas station YELLING at the clerk who was Indian? Pakistani?; “WHY is the gas pump not pumping out gas!!!!?”
    “We just ran out sir; no more gas here”; says the clerk
    “Why don’t you write it on the tanks!!? Can you even write in English!!? HERE IN MURICA WE TALK AND WRITE IN ENGLISH!!! That’s why I’m voting for Trump! To get you all the HELL outta here!” says the customer
    it went back and fourth, but you get the point

    NOT an isolated incident; happening all across the country!

    • The Real World

      By golly Val, you are evidencing yourself a true intellectual giant. Pls comment more often as we don’t have enough of these wise and thoroughly helpful comments. Maybe you and that boat guy can make joint comments.

      • Val

        Just sharing a horrible experience myself and the average German did in the 30’s when they were shopping at a Jewish merchants…..

        • bsummers

          No need to take TRW seriously. He’s demonstrated a severe lack of honesty, and is verging off into “Dey took er jobs!!” territory. He recently even tried to gloss over the Gov. of Kentucky’s call for righwingers to prepare to commit violence for political ends, by selectively editing the quote. Just ignore him.


          • Lulz

            LOL, that’s right. Don’t take anyone who says something that actually is like reality serious. BTW speaking of Germany, how is Merkel’s party doing in the recent elections? Sinking pretty fast because people are about tired of being labeled vile crap by a bunch of lunatics. And being told their heritage is bad. By the insane, the worthless, the crony media, and by the same politicians who are in effect committing and carrying out genocide upon the citizens of their own nation.

          • The Real World

            Nice Alinsky tactic (accuse others of what you yourself are doing, to deflect from your actions). You ARE clamoring for a post on Hillary’s team aren’t you? Here, in case you haven’t read her thesis, you can hone your tactics further: http://www.hillaryclintonquarterly.com/documents/HillaryClintonThesis.pdf The title of it alone curled my stomach and I only got more nauseated from there reading her psychotic, idol-worshipping gibberish.

            As stated previously, you presented the Gov’s qualifying, secondary statement as his primary premise. Epic FAIL, fundamentally dishonest and so very tabloid. When you got called on it, you devolved into a petulant child. And you were engaging in that charade after Hillary had fallen apart like a rag doll for all to see and there was no more denying she has serious medical problems. So, you start pointing fingers elsewhere, mis-representing statements, anything to distract from that train wreck.

            Otherwise, you have committed a macro-aggression by trying to influence others about me and I’m not feeling safe so I need whatever the special treatment du jour is and will adopt the shrieking toddler behavior that is all the rage until I get what I deserve, dammit!

  4. Negrodamus

    Trumphobia. Such a curious phenomenon. Can any of those who are afflicted with it quantify why the man is so evil? Yanno, things like having undermined national security by playing fast and loose with classified US communications, or having facilitated a gun running operation to foreign jihadists in Syria that resulted in the deaths of US gov’t officials, or the pay-to-play selling of ambassadorships, or having 25% of his campaign financed by one of the largest sponsors of jihadist terrorism (Saudi Arabia). Yanno, things that should land a person in jail. Or how about things that are not evil, but that disqualify him from serving as president. Like having Parkinson’s disease, or some similar neurological disorder.

    Or are Trumphobes just herd animals who think viscerally and simply repeat what they’ve heard (ha ha pun intended) and can’t verbalize rational responses why the man is so evil?

    • boatrocker

      Oh my goodness, have you ever actually fact checked the guy when he opens his mouth and ‘the best words’ come out?

    • The Real World

      Negrodamus – I believe you got your answer. Fair, substantial and direct articulation will not be forthcoming. But, tip of the hat for trying.

      • boatrocker

        Really? The Drumpf has never spouted off BS?

        The only thing you do better, Real World than froth at the mouth whenever Hillary’s name is mentioned is cover for the Donald.

        • Able Allen

          Let’s please avoid attacking each other personally. Thanks.

          • boatrocker

            Naaaaamaste for that fair and equal job you do for moderating here, by the way, once the post count reaches an amount that folks pay attention to. Community.

        • The Real World

          Boaty – you couldn’t be more wrong. Yet another fantasy fabrication….and it’s only Tues! Whew, so many more days in the week.

          • bsummers

            What do you care? Anonymous algorithms operating in Air Force trailers in Abu Dhabi don’t experience time like us real human beings.

          • The Real World

            LOL, you are swilling some good stuff tonight. The second sentence was hilarious. What’s that libation called?

            I just got back from the Southwest and didn’t procure any peyote. My bad! I’ll bet my trolling commentary would have been brilliant with that!

    • luther blissett

      “Can any of those who are afflicted with it quantify why the man is so evil?”

      He stiffs the people who work for him, he stiffs the cities where he builds his fugly piles, he stiffs every taxpayer by cheating on his taxes.

      He’s a cheap con merchant with sociopathic delusions of grandeur who at best will raid the US Treasury for personal gain and at worst will take offense at someone calling him names and start a nuclear war.

  5. Jason

    This cartoon would be better if it had both Clinton and Trump drawn. They’re both schmucks.

    • Lulz

      Well actually loony tunes, you’re worthless cretins in the county commission love to bribe people to relocate here. But that’s OK because it’s the government and so they’re like pure and good. LOL,

  6. bsummers

    Any real American with a brain will acknowledge that a candidate for President who repeatedly “jokes” about the assassination of his opponent, is unfit to be Commander in Chief. But sadly, really really stupid people are allowed to vote. Is this a great country or what?

  7. KingKudzu

    All the back and forth here over our Presidential candidates. I saw this scrawled in dirt on the back of a truck on the highway:
    “Orange Hitler VS. Grandma Nixon”

    Yeah, those are our choices. Either a demagogue with a proven god complex, or a paranoid corporatist.

    Personally I think Grandma Nixon is a better bet to keep us out of World War III.

    Good luck all, apparently these are the candidates we deserve.

    • Negrodamus

      “Personally I think Grandma Nixon is a better bet to keep us out of World War III.”

      Shirley, you can’t be serious. She is the one running headlong towards it.

    • The Real World

      We do deserve many of the politicians we vote into office. But, at the top of the heap? It has far more to do with who Deep State wants, as they have the big interests to be protected. I figure both candidates are in their pocket. That’s how to consistently win, by owning both sides.

      Trumpenstein is a wild card, no doubt, and it is a concern b/c so was Obama and look how weak he’s been (of course, Bush Jr was known / had a track record and that turned out lousy too!) Hildabeast knows the political ropes better but you’ve got to have concern for the amount of unpaid favors she owes many foreign govts, including hostile ones, for all of their “charitable” donations to the Clinton Money-Laundering Foundation.

      Either way, I’m not optimistic about 2017. The one upside I see is that whoever wins, I’ll be breezing past TV “news” whenever the Prez is on because I don’t want to hear the BS either one has to say.

      • boatrocker

        It continually blows my mind how your ability to use euphemisms allows you to have yet to acknowledge any of the fact checking that goes on after Drumpf opens his mouth (and the obvious and verifiable false statements made by him) and ignore it, and yet focus solely on Hillary’s record.
        No bias there, eh?

        more run on sentence time:
        They’re both sleazy, yea, I get it and you’re the only one who has any sense and can look up sources, yea, I get it and only having 2 viable candidates is awful, yea, I get it but it would help me to at least stop doubting your sanity if you at least addressed the lack of concrete policy and truly spiteful and vile things that pop out of the guy’s mouth instead of referring to him as merely ‘a wild card’.

        • boatrocker

          You do know that one can look up your records for posts, right?

        • Tracy Rose

          Name-calling = not OK on this forum. This post will be deleted.

          • The Real World

            I figured using the word ‘vapid’ would get me busted. But, it was worth it because it’s so true.

            In fact, it is a descriptive word not inherently derogatory. Merriam-Webster says: not lively or interesting ; dull or boring. Yep, that sounds right!

  8. Trump isn’t returning to his true, prochoice colors even though it is now obviously to his political advantage to do so; so he’s not Trumeleon enough!

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