Kwanzaa brings light to the season

This time of year, religion almost seems to corner the market on celebrations of peace and unity, but Kwanzaa offers the opportunity to attune the spirit through a cultural holiday. Many think of Kwanzaa as entirely motivated by a particular religion, but it’s a modern concept honoring seven traditional principles of the Swahili-speaking regions of Africa, and […]

African odyssey

Motherland International Relations’ co-directors plan to spend the next 14 months traveling to Ghana and Ethiopia to facilitate a number of economic, educational and service-oriented projects. Follow their progress and adventures through their blog. Photo from

Greetings from Kenya

Local producer Ben Gradison is traveling through Africa, helping to build studios, deliver equipment, and train youth and adults to create and record music. Follow his work (and listen to the music he’s recording with African groups) on his blog. Photo from the Likoni and Arusha Studio Projects blog.