Michelle Cann at the Asheville Art Museum

The Asheville Art Museum’s 2012 Pianoforte Concert Series continues on Sunday, Oct. 21, with pianist Michelle Cann. Ever wonder what happens to those brilliant, good-natured teen musicians you hear on NPR’s “From the Top?” Cann was one of them, back in 2007, when she was 18. The AAM offers the chance to experience where such promise leads. (Photo from the artist’s Facebook page.)

Paint by number

Art for art’s sake? According to the 2010 Arts and Economic Prosperity IV study, the benefits to the city and county are much greater — $43.7 million greater.

Conducted by Americans for the Arts, Asheville’s Cultural Affairs department and 38 area arts nonprofits, the study provides numerical evidence of the impact of nonprofit cultural organizations on the local, state and national levels. (Image from the Arts and Economic Prosperity IV brochure.)