Lael Gray rocks

I have known Lael Gray since 2007. As a friend and colleague, I find Lael intelligent, experienced and honest in her approach to issues that she encounters. I respect her integrity. At one of Lael's fundraiser events I also learned that she has achieved some amazing things in the Asheville community through hard work and […]

Your vote is your voice

If you normally do not vote, what would challenge you to go to the polls? Would it be a particular candidate whom you agree with? Maybe the upcoming elections are predicted to be a close race, or there is a hot-button issue that you are passionate about. Dig deep. Think about what galvanizes you. Realize […]

Vote for Marc Hunt — I already did

I am pleased to have voted early in the primaries for Marc Hunt as my choice for City Council. I have had the chance to meet with Marc this summer and I was impressed with his vision and experience as a community leader in public and nonprofit service. Marc’s commitment to improving the health of […]

Chris Pelly has got what we need

What great good news to hear that Chris Pelly is running for City Council. I've known Chris a long time and always been impressed with his ability to pull together a diverse coalition of people toward a common end. We need that more than ever now with all the challenges Asheville faces. We need jobs, […]

The Asheville City Council candidate interviews (and election thread)-attachment0

The Asheville City Council candidate interviews (and election thread)

Over the past week, Xpress has released interviews with the eight candidates vying for three open seats on Asheville City Council. Here are all the interviews, for citizens looking to make their choices for which candidates they’ll support in the primary. Early voting is going on now thru Oct. 8, and Election Day is Oct. 11. Who are you voting for, Ashevilleans?

Real progressiv­es do!

You hear much about “Asheville, the bastion of the progressive,” as in “making progress toward better conditions; employing or advocating more enlightened or liberal ideas, i.e., a progressive community. “Making,” “employing” and “advocating” are all about action taken to achieve progress. The question then is, where’s all this “action”? Few even voted in the last […]

Vote for Chris Pelly

An experienced neighborhood advocate like Chris in City Council can ensure that our neighborhoods needs and concerns are heard! When residents and homeowners have to react to each issue in their neighborhood — inappropriate development, wrong residual zoning, digital billboards, stalled developments with issues of storm runoffs, no sidewalks, etc. — we expect that our […]