Higher calling

Asheville City Council Nov. 9 meeting “Transformational development” incentives narrowly approved Enka Center rezoning OK’d For a proposal to allow cell-phone towers in residential areas under certain conditions, the third time was not the charm. An amendment to the city’s cell-tower ordinance, coming before the Asheville City Council for the third time Nov. 9, once […]

A sidewalk tale: Volunteers set clean-up efforts

Back in October, Asheville City Council members voted to toughen ordinances that require property owners to keep sidewalks clean. Here’s a video — shared with city Council at the Nov. 9 meeting — of volunteer clean-up efforts, led by Z-Link and such government officials as Council member Cecil Bothwell, who narrates. (an Asheville PARC & Z-Links Presentation). Z-Links is planning a Nov. 20, city-wide clean-up.

The Sidewalk Cleanup Story from Bruce Kennedy on Vimeo.

LIVE: Asheville City Council preview: Zoning and updates-attachment0

LIVE: Asheville City Council preview: Zoning and updates

Asheville City Council has a busy agenda for its Nov. 9 meeting, including a bevy of zoning decisions, updates on everything from the city’s carbon to economic stimulus spending, development policies, and considering (for the third time) new rules on cellphone towers. For live updates, follow Senior News Reporter David Forbes (@DavidForbes) via Twitter (#avlgov).

Asheville City Council Meeting: Live Twitter Coverage-attachment0

Asheville City Council Meeting: Live Twitter Coverage

Asheville City Council meets tonight at 5 p.m. on the second floor of City Hall — and our senior reporter, David Forbes, will be there in the front row bringing it to you live as it happens on the Twitter. Get all the latest goings-on by following @DavidForbes, by using the hashtag #avlgov, or by clicking through to the next page where you’ll see a live Twitter feed.

Royal Pines gets reprieve

Asheville City Council Oct. 12 meeting Development-review changes on hold Sustainability incentives narrowly approved Handicapped-parking exemption ends By the time Asheville City Council members reached the final item on their Oct. 12 agenda — appointments to assorted local boards — they were visibly drained. No trace remained of the engaged, highly attentive and seemingly enthusiastic […]

Live Twitter-based coverage of Sept. 28 Asheville City Council meeting

This post includes Xpress Senior Reporter David Forbes’ live Twitter-based coverage of tonight’s Sept. 28 Asheville City Council meeting. Council is set to take up two matters that involve the ongoing debate over how the city should develop: the 100-unit Caledonia Apartments in Kenilworth and extending incentives for workforce housing.

The Beat news roundup: Grand Old Party poopers-attachment0

The Beat news roundup: Grand Old Party poopers

It was a bad week for the Buncombe County Republican Party. The party and its chairman, Chad Nesbitt, were harshly criticized for a 9/11 fundraiser and an associated video; the Board of Elections found their highly publicized complaints over an early voting site to be based on faulty information; and Asheville City Councilman Bill Russell left the party, citing its “antics that demonize people” and “political games.”

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Local Matters: Standoffs and sidewalks

In this week’s edition of the Local Matters podcast, Xpress staffers Jake Frankel and David Forbes discuss the recent police standoff and the special meeting of Asheville City Council to address pedestrian safety concerns.
The reporters recorded the conversation as they huddled at the site of the standoff on Otis Street, between the federal courthouse and the RBC Bank.

Asheville City Council calls for Hillcrest bridge to be reopened

At the Aug. 24 Asheville City Council meeting, covered by Mountain Xpress Senior News Reporter David Forbes, members took the following actions:

• Voted 6-1 to ask that the Hillcrest pedestrian bridge at I-240 be re-opened (Davis voted against).
• Approved a discount tire store for Bleachery Blvd (member Jan Davis, who owns a downtown tire store, was recused from the vote).
• Approved, 4-3, an incentives package for Montford Commons; Bothwell, Smith and Russell vote against it.

Live from City Hall: Council’s Aug. 24 meeting-attachment0

Live from City Hall: Council’s Aug. 24 meeting

Asheville City Council members’ Tuesday, Aug. 24, meeting promises to be a doozy: The agenda is long, and some hot topics include the possible reopening of the pedestrian bridge that connects Hillcrest Apartments with the rest of town. Earlier this year, a pedestrian was killed as he tried to dash across I-240. For live coverage by Senior News Reporter David Forbes, click here or tap the title above — and/or follow the Tweet action with #avlgov.