Does democracy upset Carl Mumpower?

Carl Mumpower seems to be upset that democracy in action in Asheville has resulted in a progressive/liberal majority on City Council [“Mountain ‘X’ Should Change Its Name to Mountain ‘L,’”  Oct. 12 Xpress]. In his letter, he says, "time will find Asheville losing its luster under the watch of a panel of progressive eyes constricted […]

Local Matters: Asheville City Council and Occupy Asheville, Ponderwell and Montford

In this edition of the Mountain Xpress’ local news podcast, reporter David Forbes discusses the most recent Asheville City Council meeting, which covered the Occupy Asheville protest, a development in the Montford neighborhood and the rejection of bid by Ponderwell for the Community Media Development Initiative.

Video of City Council’s deliberati­ons over community-media contract

Yesterday, Oct. 11, Asheville City Council unanimously voted to not authorize a community media contract with web development company Ponderwell. Xpress had also entered a proposal for the grant and was a finalist in the assessment made by a panel of city, county and business representatives. This post features video of Council’s deliberations on the measure.

Mountain “X” should change its name to Mountain “L”

If history teaches us anything, it’s that homogenous groups inevitably self-destruct. That reality applies to the success of Asheville’s liberal majority in championing a conforming City Council — a triumph likely to be repeated in the upcoming election. So much for a feigned interest in diversity. Power has always been the left’s more authentic mission. […]

The Beat

a href=“” Hunt leads pre-election fundraising among Council candidates The latest campaign-funding reports show that two candidates have raised more than $20,000 as of Oct. 4. Marc Hunt led the field with $22,946, but Mark Cates was close behind at $20,011. Some candidates had more than doubled their war chests since the last report in […]

Lael Gray rocks

I have known Lael Gray since 2007. As a friend and colleague, I find Lael intelligent, experienced and honest in her approach to issues that she encounters. I respect her integrity. At one of Lael's fundraiser events I also learned that she has achieved some amazing things in the Asheville community through hard work and […]