Satire and free speech are difficult and necessary

We must never forget that the South is composed chiefly of Bible-thumping, Confederate-flag-waving, potato-salad-eating, lazy-tongued, illiterate bigots [”Page 46 of the Jan. 4 Xpress Literally Made Me Cry,” Jan. 18 Xpress]. Clara Jones' letter indicates somehow that ethnic slurs and bigotry are unique to the Bible Belt. If she grew up in a working-class neighborhood, […]

It’s time for Edgy Mama to go

First there was the silly article complaining about a PETA billboard [“Edgy Mama: Feeding Kids Meat Doesn't Equal Child Abuse,”May 25 Xpress]. Subsequently, Stewart David gently corrected her uneducated views on meat, protein and health. I'd like to add that Anne Fitten Glenn intentionally took the alleged billboard's message "feeding kids meat is child abuse," […]

Praise for the Asheville Disclaimer

I am consistently impressed by the quality and originality of the quirky news stories that the Asheville Disclaimer brings to light in our region — stories of the little people that might otherwise be overlooked by major media outlets. In the June 1 Disclaimer piece, "Local Company Offers Organic Way to Rid Your Lawn of […]

The Best of WNC Bash was … the best!

Best of Bash
A hearty thanks to everyone who came out and made last week’s “Best of WNC Bash,” the bestest Best of Bash EVER! Here’s a slide show from the awesome celebration, which featured epic sets from Josh Phillips Folk Festival, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, Sons of Ralph and Asheville Vaudeville, as well as an amazing piecemeal feast provided by some of Asheville’s tastiest restaurants. Also in this post: Snippets from host Tom Scheve’s roast of all things “Best of WNC.”

What was she thinking?

Mountain Xpress has already heard from a few readers who were offended by last week’s Asheville Disclaimer page, and we may well hear from a few—or many—more. When the joke’s on you: Asheville Disclaimer founder and coproducer Michele Scheve says “we can’t start trying to protect dumb people from their opinions,” and that the target […]