Shedding light on Asheville’s third shift

Third shift can be challenging to acclimate to — whether it’s learning to sleep during the day, finding a healthy work-family balance or forgoing the social components that are more readily available to those who work traditional hours. But as those who spoke with Xpress note, it has its perks, too. Along with empty streets and a less harried work pace, workers tend to come across colorful personalities at night.

Hogan’s a hero

I am very distressed that Asheville Police Chief Bill Hogan has decided to retire. This is a clear signal to me that [city staff] does not know the quality character of this city official or the workings of the Asheville Police Department. I suggest that each of [them] become better informed. At 64 years old, […]

APD officer demoted in wake of sexual harassment case

Personnel records released by the city of Ashevile reveal that police Sgt. Eric Lauffer, the target of a sexual harassment suit by former Officer Cherie Byrd, was demoted in June to a police officer’s rank. In defenses filed last week, the city admitted that Lauffer sent lewd text messages to Byrd, along with ones she regarded as racially offensive, though it denies any wrongdoing.

Putting in work

Paul Mazzola was walking home from The Rocket Club last August when a car pulled up and a man leaned out the window, showed a chrome-plated gun and demanded his wallet. Community is key: Education and opportunity are crucial to preventing gang violence, says at-risk youth educator DeWayne Barton. Photo by Michael Mauney Mazzola gave […]