APD employee calls Occupy Asheville protesters “dirtasses­” on Facebook ***UPDATED 2:17 p.m.***

In a Facebook post, Lynn Fraser a forensic technician with the Asheville Police Department, called Occupy Asheville protesters “dirtasses” after they complained about police officers recording a march yesterday. In comments on the post, Melissa Williams, the city’s public information and social media specialist, responds with “LMAO” or “Laughing My Ass Off.” In previous post, Fraser also designated Occupiers as a group that “just need a hug … around the neck… with a rope.”

APD arrests four Occupy Asheville participan­ts ***UPDATED 11 a.m. SUNDAY***

The Asheville Police Department has arrested four Occupy Asheville participants today, Nov. 5, for alleged actions on Nov. 2. The charges are resisting public officers, impeding traffic, unlawful assembly and, in the case of one protester, wearing a mask in public. In a statement, Occupy Asheville claims condemns the arrests and claims one of those charged was home sick on the day in question.

City of Asheville seeks community input on hiring new APD Chief

The city of Asheville will hold a series of community input sessions Sept. 8 and 9, seeking input on the hiring of a new chief for the Asheville Police Department. The office is filled by interim Chief Wade Wood, since Chief Bill Hogan retied in May, amidst controversy about missing evidence and the settlement of a harassment lawsuit involving a (still-employed) APD officer.

APD releases details of SWAT team standoff

Yesterday, a short video made the rounds of an Asheville Police Department SWAT team firing into an apartment and advancing. Now the APD has released details of the standoff with Erich Shakir, who police claim barricaded himself inside a North Asheville apartment filled with “a large arsenal of knives, compound bows, dart guns, and battle axes” after fleeing a domestic violence charge. According to the APD’s statement, Shakir was subdued using non-lethal methods, including tear gas and a bean-bag round.

APD looking for suspects in hate crime assault

Early July 14, a group of teenagers, shouting homophobic slurs, surrounded Luke Hankins in the parking lot of the Patton Avenue Ingles; one hit him hard enough to cause three fractures. The Asheville Police Department is looking for the suspects. While the APD has reported the attack as a hate crime, attacks based on sexual orientation aren’t covered under North Carolina’s hate crimes law, so no additional penalties are possible.

Asheville federal building evacuated due to bomb hoax, suspect arrested ***UPDATED­***

The federal building in downtown Asheville was evacuated around noon today, June 21, due to a suspicious package with a “cryptic note” directed at federal law enforcement agencies. Asheville Police Department officers disrupted the package with high-powered water and a blank round. The APD has arrested Ernest McDonald, 66, in connection to the hoax.

Lt. Wally Welch talks to press outside the federal building. Photo by Jonathan Welch

APD is a mixed bag

Respectfully, to Chris Burgher and the citizens of Asheville: The Asheville Police Department is a mixed bag [“The Police are Here to Help,” May 25 Xpress]. You never really know what you will get as a result of calling on them or them calling on you. Congratulations, Mr. Burgher, for having such a satisfying experience […]

APD is helpful — sometimes

I'm writing in response to Chris Burgher’s recent letter to the editor [“The Police Are Here to Help,” March 25 Xpress]. I will certainly give credit and gratitude to whomever it is due. I have had positive encounters with the police and thanked them for their sincere effort to help — but neither my positive […]