Bent Creek study tests method for reversing oak decline

Economically and ecologically valuable, oak trees dominate the forests of our region. But forest experts say that when the mature oak and hickory forests are cut, they are increasingly being replaced by fast-growing and aggressive yellow poplar. Researchers have been seeking solutions to the problem for decades, with little success. A new study in Bent Creek hopes to change that.

Bent Creek Experiment­al Forest burn set for Thursday, Aug. 11

The Forest Service says it will conduct a prescribed burn it’s been planning at Bent Creek Thursday, Aug. 11. The targeted area includes forest stands near the Lake Powhatan Recreation Area, adjacent to Forest Service roads 479 and 664. The burn will take place if weather and other environmental conditions continue to favor it, according to an agency checklist; the desired conditions are in the local weather forecast for Thursday.
Photo by Jonathan Welch