EAT THAT: "My love of food comes through eating it," says author Simran Sethi. "I have gardens, I know how to cook, but what I really love is to eat. And I don't think I'm alone." Sethi's latest book, which includes interviews with several Ashevilleans, encourages everyday consumers to partake in food-supply chains that preserve biodiversity and terroir.

Simran Sethi revisits Asheville’s ‘grain-to-loaf’ wheat movement during book release events

Sethi’s book warns readers that a slow erosion of food biodiversity could affect beloved staples like coffee, chocolate, wine and bread. The author returns to Asheville, where she interviewed several members of local food-supply chains, for two tasting events during her book release tour.

Artisan bread lovers alert: Alan Scott’s mill has arrived in WNC-attachment0

Artisan bread lovers alert: Alan Scott’s mill has arrived in WNC

“A mill devoted to NC grains made sense to everyone,” says well known area baker Jennifer Lapidus. “The estate of Alan Scott, is providing our project with the use of his 48” diameter stone-burr Osttiroller gristmill with sifters for one year as a test mill. It was Alan’s work that inspired me to do the work of linking the farmer, miller, and baker in North Carolina. It seems the appropriate measure, a bittersweet story, for Alan’s mill to be used to inspire growers to plant wheat and bakers to buy local grain in North Carolina.”


Each year about this time, the wind in Asheville carries with it the funk of yeast, the tang of sourdough culture and the warm aroma of freshly baked bread. Yes, it’s true: The Asheville Artisan Bread Bakers’ Festival is back, and you’re invited to get a piece. The fourth-annual event begins next Saturday, March 29, […]