CAN/Ashevi­lle bring on a new community organizer

Barb Verni-Lau, recently named as the new low-income-community organizer for Asheville Parks and Recreation in tandem with the Coalition of Asheville Neighborhoods, says her goal is to assist residents in making positive changes in their neighborhoods of their own volition. Making connections: Community Organizer Barb Verni-Lau, at left, with West Asheville resident Pearlie May Dixon. […]

Asheville City Council

The Asheville City Council chamber has seen its share of controversy … but helmets? Scores of people wore protective headgear to Council’s Feb. 26 meeting—not because of physical danger, however, but to show support for a new city bicycle plan. On a roll: Helmet-clad cyclists showed up in droves to support Asheville’s bike plan at […]

No change

It’s been a year since professor David Owens of the School of Government at UNC-Chapel Hill formally presented the Asheville City Council with the results of his detailed review of three controversial development projects (see “Asheville City Council,” Aug. 30, 2006 Xpress). Council members had asked Owens to assess the situation after the Coalition of […]

Neighborho­od activists have CAN-do attitude

Over the past two decades, the Coalition of Asheville Neighborhoods, composed of residents and local business owners, has repeatedly come down in favor of thoughtfully regulated development, simultaneously embracing increased commercialization along corridor roads and decrying lapses in enforcement of the city’s Unified Development Ordinance. Pedestrian friendliness: CAN has been a major mover in slowing […]

The (non)enfor­cers

“The Planning and Development Department staff respects the Unified Development Ordinance and makes reasonable interpretations within the authority entrusted in them.” – Planning & Development Director Scott Shuford Looming problem: Use of the Greenlife loading dock requires large trucks to park illegally within a UDO-mandated sight-visibility triangle. photo by Jodi Ford A review of three […]

Overseeing the overseers

A growing movement toward citizen oversight has emerged in Asheville that could foreshadow a significant change in enforcement of Asheville’s development regulations. Increasingly, activist groups are tackling development along the Merrimon Avenue and Haywood Road corridors, where road traffic is being matched by burgeoning e-mail traffic within neighborhood organizations such as the Montford and Five […]