Faces in the crowd: WNC crowdfundi­ng campaigns

Crowdfunding platforms make it possible for individuals and organizations of any size to harness social networks and raise startup capital for projects that might otherwise fail due to lack of funding. This week: self-reliance through chickens, new adventures at Firestorm Books and a re-published Tarot classic.

Chicken coop for the soul

Airport Road zoning hits snag City Council amended Asheville’s animal ordinance to facilitate keeping chickens in the city but held off on a proposed ban on tethering dogs. Both issues have attracted public attention in the past year or so, as evidenced by the formation of two activist groups: Asheville City Chickens and ChainFree Asheville, […]

How the caged chicken clucks

Instead of a chicken in every pot, some determined Asheville residents would like backyard chickens allowed at every home that wants them—and can keep their coops clean. “We’re advocating for responsible and informed [chicken] ownership,” says Cathy Williams of Asheville City Chickens. No place like home: Urban-chicken advocates emphasize the need to ban noisy roosters […]