Earth Day on pavement?

If anyone questions the validity of the Huffington Post's recent article regarding the fluff which fuels Asheville's reputation, then you should look no further than the absolutely preposterous Earth Day celebration which was auspiciously sited on the rolling , um, pavement of Lexington Avenue. Yeah, that’s right: an Earth Day celebration on pavement. Had the […]

Praise be to public art

I would like to express my enthusiasm for the new mural currently going up at Magnolia Park on Magnolia Avenue at Flint Street in north Asheville. The talented artists have created a beautiful and professionally executed piece of imaginative illustration that will delight children and entertain their parents. It is a great spot for a […]

Bravo, Reed Creek Greenway

I'd like to take a moment to recognize all those who made possible the Reed Creek Greenway and thank them profusely for their efforts. As a north Asheville/Five Points resident, I have used the completed Phase I consistently as a lunch spot, a dog park, a bike lane and a place to poke about in […]

Asheville City Council

Council members debate scheduled raises City accepts parkland donation With its budget-writing chores nearly done, Asheville City Council members spent the bulk of their brief June 17 work session addressing odds and ends. Most of the conversation centered on how best to tackle the city’s youth gangs. Sign of the times: In this file photo, […]