Asheville School alu­m looks back at racial integratio­n

Editor’s note: This article was submitted by Asheville School. On Thursday, Sept. 21, Oliver G. Prince Jr., class of 1971, addressed the Asheville School community on the 50th year of racial integration at the school. Prince and his classmates, Al McDonald and Frank DuPree, were the first three African-American students enrolled in Asheville School in 1967. […]

Leadership in his bones: Sen. Floyd McKissick recalls growing up in Asheville

Among many who fought for equality, Asheville native Floyd McKissick Jr. and his family have been on the front lines of the Civil Rights struggle for more than a century. McKissick gave the keynote speech at the second Annual African Americans in WNC Conference, at which he offered numerous examples of what it was like growing up, when, many nights, his porch had to be protected with armed guards.

Justice for all

I am an American. This country was founded on the principle that all people are created equal. As an American, I value this principle and will fight to defend it. This country is great because it guarantees those rights. That is why women are now able to vote, because that is their right. That is […]