A vigil in defense of educationa­l access

If you happened to walk or drive past the Vance Monument in downtown Asheville on Tuesday, Feb. 1, you probably noticed a sign-toting group gathered there. The monument’s a regular spot for protesters and those trying to raise awareness about various issues. In this case, the group was part of a state-wide protest — Vigils in Defense of Educational Access.

photos by Jerry Nelson

Feds arrest 57

The impacts of an Aug. 12 raid on the Mills Manufacturing Corp. plant in south Asheville that netted 57 suspected illegal workers continue to ripple through the community, the plant’s executive vice president and immigration activists say. Your papers, please: A federal raid at Mills Manufacturing, which makes parachutes for the Defense Department, has touched […]

Welcome to the neighborho­od

About every other month, it seems, I hear from a nonprofit that wants someone to represent the Latino community on their board. That’s all well and good, but first, those board members need to ask themselves this question: “Are we really ready and willing to welcome and be receptive to the Latino community and its […]