Keever says experience sets her apart from Bellamy

Rep. Patsy Keever huddled with a group of supporters in downtown Asheville on Jan. 19 to formally announce her candidacy for Congress in the 10th District, which stretches from the mountains to Gaston County. Now she faces Asheville Mayor Terry Bellamy and a host of other Democratic challengers vying to be their party’s congressional nominee against Republican Rep. Patrick McHenry in the November election. Photo by Bill Rhodes.

Dear Occupy Asheville

Dear Occupy Asheville: Here’s a list of ten things you can do that will make more of a difference and be less annoying: 1. Educate yourselves: Read three books on the economic collapse. The Big Short, The Greatest Trade Ever, When Genius Failed and A Colossal Failure of Common Sense are good ones. All of […]

Rep. Shuler and H. R. 1148

On Nov. 13, 60 Minutes reported on a “special privilege” members of Congress enjoy: the ability to buy or sell stocks, bond and other securities based on insider information gained while performing their professional duties. You and I could go to jail — like Martha Stewart — if we acted on insider information for our […]

Behave like statesmen, not politician­s

I have come to understand that many in Congress exhibit black-or-white thinking when attempting to solve state (and national) budget crises. Black-or-white thinking is a common characteristic of adult children of dysfunctional families. To bring our state and national budgets to some semblance of stability will require budget cuts and increased tax revenue, not one […]

Is Asheville ready for the fiscal flood?

In 2004, Hurricane Frances hit Asheville and caused significant flooding and widespread damage. Frances caused nearly $200 million worth of destruction in Western North Carolina. In 2011 there is worse weather headed our way, and it isn’t driven by warm waters in the Atlantic, but [by] an unsustainable burden of debt created by the N.C. […]