Ethan Wingfield: Conservati­ve or fraud?

Twenty-six-year-old Ethan Wingfield is running for the GOP nod for the 11th Congressional District as a conservative businessman. Since he has not held office before, one can only judge the depth of Wingfield’s conservatism on his political activism as a young man in college. Unfortunately for Western North Carolina conservatives, Ethan’s record is one any […]

Raise a glass of Kool-Aid for our current City Council

Congratulations are due to Asheville’s liberal socialist progressives for their success in eliminating all meaningful diversity of thought from our City Council. Comfort is certainly preferable to the distress of exposure to multiple angles of view. Simplicity and a gentle buzz are assured by our city’s commitment to seven flavors of the same Kool-Aid. Though […]

A council of Mumpowers

I was thrilled to read that Carl Mumpower intends to endorse a liberal slate of candidates in the 2012 state and federal elections [“Mountain ‘X’ Should Change Its Name to Mountain ‘L,’” Oct. 12 Xpress]. Of course he's right. There are far too few liberals in almost every area of elected representation throughout the U.S., […]

Does democracy upset Carl Mumpower?

Carl Mumpower seems to be upset that democracy in action in Asheville has resulted in a progressive/liberal majority on City Council [“Mountain ‘X’ Should Change Its Name to Mountain ‘L,’”  Oct. 12 Xpress]. In his letter, he says, "time will find Asheville losing its luster under the watch of a panel of progressive eyes constricted […]

Mountain “X” should change its name to Mountain “L”

If history teaches us anything, it’s that homogenous groups inevitably self-destruct. That reality applies to the success of Asheville’s liberal majority in championing a conforming City Council — a triumph likely to be repeated in the upcoming election. So much for a feigned interest in diversity. Power has always been the left’s more authentic mission. […]

Services or taxes – which is it?

Jeff Gerber's July 20 letter, “Study Hard, N.C. Legislature,” perfectly illustrates the conservative mindset about government revenue and spending. He says, "making cuts to the law-enforcement and judicial system is ludicrous," and "conservatives never raise taxes.” Money doesn't grow on trees; it has to come from somewhere. In the case of government-provided services such as […]