‘We have exhausted all leads:’ APD suspends Moffitt Twitter hacking investigat­ion

Claiming that they’ve “exhausted all leads to this point,” the Asheville Police Department has suspended its investigation of the alleged hacking of state Rep. Tim Moffitt’s Twitter account last year. The legislator’s account sent out an offensive message that he implied was an effort by his political opponents to discredit him.

Nonprofit offers reward for informatio­n related to local cold cases

Hoping to find answers instead of more questions, a local nonprofit is offering a monetary reward to people who have information that could turn three unsolved cases from “cold” to “solved.” (Pictured above, the reward post for Zebb Quinn, a young man who went missing 12 years ago. Photo via the Families Pursuing Justice Facebook page)

Knife fight in Pritchard Park sends one to Mission Hospital

Around 4:45 p.m. this afternoon, Asheville Police received a call that two men were fighting in front of the Decko Gecko sculpture in Pritchard Park in downtown Asheville. When officers got to the scene, Lt. Wally Welch explains, they found that one man had been struck in the head with a cane and cut with a knife; the other man had been cut on his cheek. ***WARNING This post contains a graphic image with blood*** (Photo by Max Cooper)

Busted: Inside the Bele Chere Doggie Jail

At last year’s festival, Xpress visited Asheville’s cutest convicts at the Bele Chere Doggie Jail. A far cry (or bark) from Alcatraz, proceeds from this rather posh and comfortable hoosegow go to Animal Compassion Network, a local foster and adoption organization whose many goals include finding “lifelong, stable and loving homes” for animals. For more information about ACN, visit http://www.animalcompassionnetwork.org.