All symbols are not created equal

As we peruse our local grocery store shelves, we can all rest assured that the familiar arrow symbols and numbers displayed on product packages mean the material can be recycled. Right? “This is a common misconception,” says Barry Lawson, president of Curbside Management in Asheville. “The symbol actually tells you what kind of material the […]

Where there’s waste, there’s opportunit­y

I wanted to comment on Karen Hardison’s letter in the Dec. 21 Xpress, “Asheville City Schools Need to Smarten Up on Waste.” I am reminded of a bumper sticker: “critical thinking … the other national deficit.” Our children will tend to emulate adults in thinking and action unless something breaks the thought/action cycle currently in […]

Dear Curbie

Santa, shmanta. Sure, the big guy is great at unloading gifts. But you might also notice that his little “green” elves wrap that stuff in tons of paper, plastic and cardboard. And does he ever come back with his sleigh to recycle all that trash? Not even once. So this year, we decided to spotlight […]

Follow that bottle

Plastic beverage containers — usually made of polyethylene terephthalate, an inexpensive, shatter-resistant and recyclable resin — are ubiquitous. And these days, evolving green initiatives, new laws and changing consumer attitudes are feeding an expanding loop that converts our trash into products you can drink from, wear or even walk on. Last year’s statewide ban on […]