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Review: Moscow’s Great Russian Nutcracker performs in Asheville

Getting beyond the sticker shock of $60-80 tickets show tickets, $10 parking and $5 tiny plastic glasses of wine, the Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker offered a grand spectacle. The promise of a spellbinding performance attracted a near-full capacity crowd to the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium on Monday, Dec. 19. Attendees came in classic Asheville mixed […]

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Review of Solo Shots

While I applaud artistic directors Susan and Giles Collard for giving the dancers a crack at creating their own choreography, the results prove something we already knew: that a good dancer does not necessarily a choreographer make. Beautiful movement is not enough. What we hope for is movement that expresses something significant, something urgent — something, moreover, that cannot be expressed any other way.

Too much to do on January 15!

Even with the Abigail Washburn show at the Grey Eagle postponed (she was supposed to play Asheville on Saturday, Jan. 15, but landed a Prairie Home Companion gig instead — can’t begrudge her that!), there’s still too much to do on this particular Saturday. Unless you have super powers you’ll never fit it all in. (Still, it’s worth a try…)