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Charting the future

Kit Cramer came on board as the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce’s president and CEO last fall. Xpress sat down with her recently along with Ben Teague, the Chamber’s senior vice president for economic development. They discussed the organization’s new long-term strategic plan for business development as well as the controversy over the Asheville group’s […]

CIBO discussion: Property values and the state of the local economy-attachment0

CIBO discussion­: Property values and the state of the local economy

About 50 local business owners gathered over grilled chicken yesterday for a discussion about property values and the state of Asheville’s economy. The monthly “Power Lunch Meeting” was sponsored by the Council of Independent Business Owners and featured a panel of city, county and business leaders, including County Tax Collector Gary Roberts, County Attorney Michael Frue, Asheville City Manager Gary Jackson and the owner of Spake Real Estate, John Spake.

Asheville economic stimulus package wish list

The mayors of North Carolina’s 26 largest cities released a list of “shovel-ready” projects Friday, saying the construction of roads, public buildings and other infrastructure projects would create 100,000 jobs. Asheville’s list of ready-to-go infrastructure ranged from a $4 million Hendersonville Road sidewalk project to $80,000 for bike racks and lockers. Upgrades to city parks […]

Water: wishes and wallets

When the mercury hit 90 in June, my green tin roof popped and pinged. The sound sent me reaching for a glass of ice-cold tea, though if I were more Southern belle and less teetotaler, I might have called for a fan and a mint julep. If I were more hip, I’d demand a mojito, […]

Asheville Metro Economy Outlook July 2008

Two economists delivered an annual assessment of the Asheville metro area’s economy on July 23, 2008. Despite the longest-running financial panic in the U.S. since the Great Depression, Asheville and its strong health-services and tourism sectors continue to see sustained economic growth, two economists said Thursday night. Tom Tveidt, director of the Asheville Metro Business […]