Edgy Mama: Suggestion­s for Facebook’s interface with kids

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I’ve considered deleting my account on several occasions because, believe it or not, I’m a pretty private person. Though I sometimes find it fascinating to see what people I knew 20 years ago are doing now. Oftentimes, they were more interesting in my imagination than they are in reality (I’m not talking about you, of course). That said, now I’m stuck with Facebook as long as my daughter has a Facebook page.

Edgy Mama: inexpensiv­e fun with kids at summer’s end

Another summer’s almost over here in Western North Carolina. Asheville City School students return to school on August 16 — which means it’ll still feel like summer in terms of heat, but it won’t feel like summer for the young ‘uns spending all day sitting in classrooms. But we still have a couple weeks left of sweaty boredom, afternoons at the pool, summer camps, forced summer reading and juggling adult work schedules. Between all that, here are some last minute, inexpensive summer fun activities that you can check out with your kids.

It’s time for Edgy Mama to go

First there was the silly article complaining about a PETA billboard [“Edgy Mama: Feeding Kids Meat Doesn't Equal Child Abuse,”May 25 Xpress]. Subsequently, Stewart David gently corrected her uneducated views on meat, protein and health. I'd like to add that Anne Fitten Glenn intentionally took the alleged billboard's message "feeding kids meat is child abuse," […]

The Edgy Vegan vs. the Protein Myth

In her recent “Edgy Mama” column, Anne Fitten Glenn says of her daughter, “I respect her desire to be a vegetarian — but when she refuses to eat enough soy, vegetable and dairy proteins, I’m going to push a little bit of meat at her.” ["Feeding Kids Meat Does Not Equal Child Abuse," May 25 […]