Edgy Mama: Faking it?

So your kid wakes up and says she feels sick. You take her temp. It’s normal. You look for snot and ask if any other unusual body fluids have been released. You examine her for paleness, lethargy and swollen lymph nodes. None of these are present, but she’s still complaining. Do you send her to school or not?

Edgy Mama: Local authors write for kids and parents

You can’t swing a dead opossum in Asheville without hitting a writer. And some of these writers are writing kids books. A few are writing for parents. Now you can take that “buy local” mantra to the next level by purchasing locally written (and a few locally published) books at one of our independent bookstores (gaining complete “put your $ where your heart is” cred).

Edgy Mama: Bus-riding mama

A few months ago, Paul van Heden, marketing coordinator for Asheville’s transportation department, asked if I’d ride the bus for a day—an entire day—with my kids, to prove that a typical mom can accomplish her daily errands on Asheville’s public transit system. I enthusiastically accepted Paul’s challenge. Then I failed.