Burning issues

With the Nov. 4 election just around the corner—and early voting available from Oct. 16 to Nov. 1, Xpress hit the street, speaking with randomly selected folks about the issues that are compelling them to vote. Besides the high-profile presidential election, which is expected to boost voter turnout, there are also key state and local […]

Commission­ers delay three key items until Election Day

The Buncombe County Board of Commissioners delayed decisions on three important items — a controversial rezoning, borrowing more than $37 million and appointing new members to the county planning board — at its Oct. 7 meeting. The board also cancelled its Oct. 21 meeting, meaning that the commissioners will take up all the items at their meeting on Nov. 4 — Election Day.

Fool me twice?

John McCain is given a free pass on his political, policy and character issues, while corporate interests scour things like Michelle Obama’s college thesis for any dirt they can find. Can you even begin to imagine what would be said about Obama had he returned from the war, traded in his first wife (disabled from […]

Rounding up the citizens

Recently, community organizing has been in the news because one of the two candidates for president worked as a community organizer. There have been snickers, belittling comments and general disrespect for what a community organizer does. I think those who have that perspective are unaware of what community organizing is all about. When some people […]

Ralph and Hillary, Barack and Sarah

I’m voting for Obama, but I think Nader would be the best president. I trust that Ralph would have a huge effect on the biggest barriers to world peace: uncontrolled capitalism, militarism, ecological devastation, sexism and racism. Though I’m often dismayed by Barack’s views, I do know he’s at least a guaranteed revolution in racism. […]

Not so fast, swift-boaters

Jerome R. Corsi, captain of the “Swift Boat,” has set sail one more time. One of his former shipmates has admitted, finally, part of the game plan. T. Boone Pickens said: “I have a plan, and it starts with air.” Well, this is nothing new from the past eight years of Republican rule. — Bob […]

Let the people decide

Of course, when one lives in the heart of free-for-all country, it is truly demanding not to be reminded of Man’s simple rules of commandment, and how, we the People need to take control of our providence by once again voting for candidates who believe in liberty and righteousness for all. As has always been […]

Judging good judgment

Should we elect the next president of the United States based on years of political experience, or on evidence of good judgment and decision-making? John McCain is much older than Barack Obama and has more years of political experience. But if we are looking for a president who shows good judgment, let’s examine the individuals […]

Campaign calendar

Coming soon—one-stop early voting! Besides voting early, you can register or change your registration on the spot (bring ID). The Buncombe County Board of Elections has announced 15 satellite locations; early voting starts Thursday, Oct. 16, and ends Saturday, Nov. 1 (call 250-4200). To help a close relative who’s housebound or out of town, e-mail: […]