When love truly fills your heart all fear vanishes

In response to Rev. Keith Ogden's March 27 letter regarding the current “dangerous” homosexual legislation, here are some reasons we should oppose Marriage Equality [“What's Next, Polygamy Benefits?” Xpress]. Being gay is not natural. Real Americans reject unnatural things like eyeglasses, polyester, air conditioning and science in general. Gay marriage will encourage people to be […]

A sad day in North Carolina

The people of North Carolina cast a vote for hate on May 8. Their vote for Amendment One gives LGBT people second-class-citizen status. It is also a slap in the face to those citizens who are in a domestic relationship. As a native North Carolinian, I've always been proud of my state. I'm not so […]

Take heart — Amendment One won’t stand

Amendment One's passage in North Carolina and its similar enforcement in the vast majority of the United States will be on the books now. Although disappointed, I do not despair because this issue has been decided by the “X,” “Y” and “Millennial” generations. As they assume positions of power, the states will rescind these laws […]

It’s time for the silent majority to be silent no more

In light of the misrepresentations and downright untruths that are being spread about the events of Nov. 15 in downtown Bakersville, I thought I would share some “truths” about the event. The truth: The N.C. legislature recently voted to allow the voters of the state to amend the state constitution to include a legal definition […]

Welcome to the Smokies

I would like to comment on the July 20 Mountain Xpress article "Gay is the New Local.” Having enrolled in the sixth grade at Swannanoa Elementary in 1961, I consider myself a local, even though I lived in five states and two foreign countries before the age of 12 (Air Force brat). I know the […]