Shepherd addresses Asheville’s American Meteorolog­ical Society

Given the title of the talk — Zombies, Sports, and Cola: What does it mean for Communicating Weather and Climate? — Shepherd had quite a bit of explaining to do. Remarkably, however, the former NASA scientist managed to demonstrate, with these seemingly disparate subjects, how a significant portion of the public (mis)understands meteorology — and how the problem may be solved.

We do this for the love of life

Let's entertain for a moment the notion that there is nothing strange going on in the atmosphere, and put aside for a moment the very grave implications of climate change as a massive, global governmental hoax [“Global Warming Is a False Belief,” Nov. 14 Xpress]. Is everything peachy now? Does my asthma go away? Does […]

An appeal against deliberate ignorance

It is not necessary to counter Michael Ivey’s Nov. 14 letter, “Global Warming is a False Belief,” with the data and credible evidence and general scientific consensus that human activity does impact our atmosphere that is accumulating more heat (the energy that powers weather). Rather, I wish to call attention to the fallacy of denial […]

Consider the lessons of history

Michael Ivey’s Nov. 14 letter, “Global Warming is a False Belief,” certainly wins the prize for the most “creative” climate-change denial in a long time. In fact, his blaming the entire concept on a conspiracy by an “elitist think-tank” reads like a veritable LSD-induced revelation. As someone who also has been alive since “global warming […]

God bless the farmers

Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn what the World Bank environmental advisors say — or think, for that matter. I would speculate that, before the 16th century, there were more buffalo in America than there are cattle now. I would even go further to speculate that there were many more wild animal farts […]

“Man-made” global warming is a man-made myth

Your latest issue [“Living Green,” Nov. 17 Xpress) makes it abundantly clear that you guys are way behind the info-curve regarding the issue of Man-Made Global Warming (MMGW). Your [feature] story, “Living Green,” while written within the general context of legitimate and noble environmental goals and practices, continually upholds the abject fiction that human activity […]

Hot air

Several years ago, poet/farmer Wendell Berry penned a controversial essay titled “Why I am Not Going to Buy a Computer,” in which he presented a clearheaded rationale for not buying into this form of technological slavery. His critics countered that computers enable them to follow and respond to the numerous environmental issues we face. Berry […]

The Green Scene

Shuler co-sponsors a climate bill Rep. Heath Shuler recently signed on as co-sponsor of a bill to reduce global warming emissions. The Climate Stewardship Act of 2007, also known as H.R. 620 or Gilchrest-Olver after the representatives who introduced it, is one of six bills introduced at the federal level that seek to address climate […]