N.C. Child Care Coalition commends Gov. Perdue

Today, the N.C. Child Care Coalition commends Gov. Perdue for restoring $43 million in funding to early childhood programs: $18.2 million restores 48 percent of the Smart Start budget and $25 million will restore 77 percent of the N.C. pre-K budget. In addition, the governor made no cuts to child-care subsidies, the desperately needed funding […]

Republican voters: buyer’s remorse?

They say elections have consequences. I believe they may be right. Republicans have chosen, locally and nationally, a social agenda, including: a women’s right to choose, voter ID, cutting programs that benefit working and middle-class Americans, cutting education that will set N.C. back years and wanting to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. I could […]

Signed, “An Angry Teacher”

It is only decency that prevents me from using colorful metaphors to describe our state legislature’s assault on education and the environment while having the audacity to give themselves some hefty pay raises! Despite the veto of the recent budget proposal by the governor, the Republican-run legislature (along with some foolish Democrats) has succeeded in […]