Down and out in aisle one

Last year, we Ashevilleans saw the corporate takeover of our beloved Greenlife. While some seem to not mind the change, many of us disliked the lowered quality and diminished local options and ran away to Earth Fare. Well, now we are facing an even worse corporate takeover of Earth Fare. Talk about dark, deep holes! […]

Marc Hunt has a vision for Asheville

I am writing to endorse Marc Hunt in his bid for Asheville City Council. Marc’s many years of business, nonprofit management and community-service experience will bring much practical value to Council. His deep commitment to his community will bring value to the whole city. Marc has a long and successful record of business and organizational […]

Nice work if you can get it

In response to Robert Thatcher's letter in the May 4 Xpress, “Wholly Satisfied with Whole Foods”: In an economy in which there are far fewer jobs than there are people looking for them, it makes little sense to simply tell such people to "get a living-wage job." You might as well tell them to move […]

Give me liberty? Give me a break

I once thought of myself as having a libertarian streak, but if it means that my views are aligned with those of Robert Thatcher and John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, then I probably do not [“Wholly Satisfied with Whole Foods,” May 4 Xpress]. To say that there is no political consensus on global warming […]

Beyond the Shirley Temple

Sometimes it seems like Asheville’s all about the booze. We’re Beer City, USA, after all. But where to sip something special sans suds? Asheville has a large selection of drinkable treats that are alcohol-free. Buchi Kombucha is a perfect example of how locally focused and healthy Asheville can be as a whole. The fermented-tea drink […]

Wholly satisfied with Whole Foods

I read Lance Hardcastle's attack letter several weeks ago, and I wanted to write in to give my wholehearted support to the new, improved Greenlife [“Whole Foods: The Bigger the Worse?” March 30 Xpress]. Personally, I was very excited when I heard Whole Foods was taking over the Asheville location. They are making some great […]

Whole Foods: The bigger the worse?

Whole Foods Market of Austin,Texas, recently bought Greenlife Grocery’s two stores for about $15 million. When one reads the literature about Whole Foods, it is easy to lose count of the smaller, organic, green local food markets this $8 billion dollar, multinational corporation has bought out. I, for instance, didn't know that the $1 billion, […]

Greenlife responds

Thank you for being a customer of Greenlife Grocery, and thank you for your comments. The first thing I want to assure you is that Greenlife's quality standards in prepared foods remain steadfast: All products in our stores are made without the use of preservatives, chemicals, hydrogenated fats or artificial flavorings, colors or sweeteners. With […]

The Gospel According to Jerry

An expert is a person from more than 50 miles away with a briefcase. Recently the city of Asheville hired a group of experts called Goody Clancy all the way from Boston, Mass., to tell us what we should do with our downtown in order to appease our no-growth activists. It seems like we go […]