At what price?

A small group of people in the Swannanoa Valley are proposing to form an incorporated township. But after listening to their reasoning, I’ve heard nothing to justify this. I have a personal reason for opposing incorporation. I came to the Swannanoa Valley in 1958 to work at Kearfott in Black Mountain. In 1959, I bought […]

Asheville City Council

Council members air budget gripes Asheville to Raleigh: No annexation moratorium Federal brownfields grants earmarked for River District? It collected only four votes, but that’s all that was needed for Swannanoa’s incorporation bid to advance to the next stage. Supporters and opponents had made their respective cases before the Asheville City Council on several occasions, […]

Leicester incorporat­ion

This January 2008 document explains that a group of Leicester residents have been talking with Asheville City Council about incorporating a town since 2007. To create a town, the group needs City Council’s blessing, then action from state lawmakers. This staff report to City Council outlines the discussion and offers a proposed resolution regarding the […]

Asheville City Council

Durant proposes balanced budget Digital billboards get green light The Oaks residents to get city water Swannanoa’s push to become an incorporated town met another delay when Asheville City Council members postponed a decision on the controversial proposal during their May 13 formal session. ZIP it: City Council prefers a scaled-back western border for a […]

More power to you

Driving out the Leicester Highway from Patton Avenue, it narrows from five lanes to two, and the strip malls and fast-food joints give way to old-school mechanics and busted-up portable signs. Later on, that same highway continues up the mountains and around sharp curves into miles of old farmland that eventually lead up to Sandy […]

Town and country

A push to incorporate Swannanoa has gathered speed—and petition signatures—over the past year, but some community residents aren’t happy about it. A new town: A map of the proposed town limits of Swannanoa. “There’s a sense among a lot of people that yes, this is a good thing,” says Swannanoa native Dave Alexander, one of […]

Asheville City Council

Despite a less-than-encouraging response by the state Department of Transportation, Asheville is continuing to explore a locally developed plan for the I-26 connector. The big idea: This map, prepared by city staff, illustrates just how large an incorporated Leicester would be. Representatives from the DOT, the Federal Highway Administration and several engineering consulting firms weighed […]

The incredible expanding town

The town of Woodfin has been perched on Asheville’s northern border since 1971, when it incorporated to avoid annexation by the city. High on the mountaintop: Reynolds Mountain, which has raised the ire of some activists, as seen from Woodfin. The developer will own and fund much of Woodfin’s new downtown. photos by Jonathan Welch […]