WNC celebrates American Craft Week

American Craft Week actually spans 10 days — from Friday, Oct. 2, to Sunday, Oct. 11 — with participating organizations in every state. Many states, however, only have an event or two. North Carolina boasts 40 entries on the American Craft Week website, and so many of those (34) are based in Western N.C. that the region is just one of three with its own webpage.

A stellar evening in Madison County

It was a slightly unlikely setting: the cold sanctuary of a former church with light streaming through a round stained-glass, beaming down on the stage on a cold winter’s night in downtown Marshall. But a sweet little crowd of folks clustered together to hear the Madison County Arts Council’s program of the evening, featuring the celestial music of the Asheville-based artist Vincent Wrenn on his self-created Radiasonic, joined by James Owen’s Pythagorean-tuning creations on lap steel.