Congress OKs Local Community Radio Act; WPVM hopes FCC will now lift power restrictio­ns

“This is a day we have dreamed of since 2003 when MAIN launched its low-power FM station for Asheville and Buncombe County,” declared Wally Bowen, executive director of MAIN FM (WPVM), after the passage by Congress this weekend of the Local Community Radio Act, which gives FCC the ability to allow low-power stations such as MAIN’s to broadcast at 100 watts, instead of at its current 2 watt level.

Bowen: MAIN’s future lies in wireless broadband

The future of the Mountain Area Information Network, Asheville’s nonprofit Internet service provider, lies in providing mobile broadband and developing a full-fledged news operation. That’s the vision put forth by Executive Director Wally Bowen in a presentation titled “MAIN 2.0.” MAIN hopes to capture $1.8 million from the $787 billion stimulus package that President Barack […]

WPVM volunteers present management plan

Volunteers at Asheville’s low-power community radio station have proposed a new management structure for the station. The plan was presented during the Feb. 10 meeting of the Mountain Area Information Network’s board; the Asheville-based organization, a nonprofit Internet service provider, holds the station’s broadcast license. MAIN’s board oversees WPVM, which broadcasts at 103.5 FM from […]

National Conference for Media Reform #3

Memphis, Tenn. 8:43 a.m., 1/14/07 WNC is well represented this weekend, with at least 17 participants from multiple media outlets and media activist groups taking part in the conference. These include: Anna Belle Peevey, AGR News/URTV anchor (and former Xpress intern) Wally Bowen, executive director of the Mountain Area Information Network and WPVM. Roger Derrough […]