Flier fight: Candidates differ on mailer-attachment0

Flier fight: Candidates differ on mailer

A flier funded by local businessman Chris Peterson and bearing a mocking, photoshopped picture of Asheville City Council member Cecil Bothwell, encouraging voters to back Council member Jan Davis and candidate Mark Cates has led to a condemnation by an advocacy group and public criticism. Davis has released a statement asserting he is unhappy with his inclusion in the flier, noting, “I do not believe in trickery and dirty campaigning.” Cates, meanwhile, has released a statement saying he understands’ Peterson’s view.

Casting my first vote for Mark Cates

I’ve never voted before in my life. I’ve never really even paid that much attention to politics or felt excited about anyone running for office — until now. I met Mark Cates a couple of weeks ago while hanging out with friends at Wedge Brewing Co. After meeting him, I asked why he was running. […]