A question of priorities

“They ought to make the feller sell his horses if he ain’t feeding them,” I said to Jill. Jill is the nurse that administers my chemo every six weeks. She does nursing for a living and farms as a sideline, or maybe it’s the other way around. Once the usual medical questions are out of […]

A question of civility

Once upon a time, we stood before the Rev. Henry L. Johnson in the basement of a county courthouse. It wasn’t what most folks would call a romantic dream wedding, but it did have its charms. We were in the basement because the office used by the clergy who volunteered to marry people at the […]

The writing on the wall

The man came to me, explaining with unassailable logic why, in the face of a tax revaluation that threatened to tear the communities of Jackson County apart, his quiet community by the river would be safe from the proposed 4,000-acre development of golf courses and mountain mansions. “Two percent of the people in this country […]