Terry Bellamy will fight for Medicare

I am a resident of North Carolina’s 10th District and will be a new Medicare recipient in May of 2012. That makes me very supportive of the Medicare guarantee. Without it, I’m not sure that I’d be able to afford health care. I am not a wealthy individual; therefore, I need all the help I […]

Project Access is a model program

I wish to express my kudos to the wonderful work Project Access is doing to help people gain access to needed medical care [“Wellness,” Jan. 25 Xpress]. I am currently benefiting from the program as I injured my shoulder last summer and it consequently "froze" up to where I became basically disabled and very challenged […]

Republican voters: buyer’s remorse?

They say elections have consequences. I believe they may be right. Republicans have chosen, locally and nationally, a social agenda, including: a women’s right to choose, voter ID, cutting programs that benefit working and middle-class Americans, cutting education that will set N.C. back years and wanting to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. I could […]