It’s late, you should eat something. The 51 Grill stays open after after dark.

In-between eats

Eating lunch between the no-man’s hours of 2:30 and 4:30 p.m.? Out on the town until 3 a.m.? Even in a foodtopia like Asheville, your options can be limited. Fortunately, there are some restaurants out there for you late-lunchers and night-owls who would rather not frequent the Waffle House — not that there’s anything wrong […]

Bar Beat: Mo Daddy’s

You have to give Mo Daddy’s credit for going for something different: In a city full of restaurants and bars, they’re going for the feel of an old-school blues joint. Blues night: Regular Mo Daddy’s band The Js during a recent performance at the blues-inspired downtown bar. Photo by Jonathan Welch This is pretty obvious […]